2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Speakers


  • 2-way indoor/outdoor multipurpose speakers (2)INSIGNIA NS-IOPS22 2-Way Indoor Outdoor Speakers
  • Adhesive-backed cushioned feet for speakers (8)INSIGNIA NS-IOPS22 2-Way Indoor Outdoor Speakers - fig
  • Wall-mount brackets (2)
  • Adhesive-backed cushions for mounting brackets (4)
  • Screws (4)
  • Knobs (4) (for wall mounting)INSIGNIA NS-IOPS22 2-Way Indoor Outdoor Speakers - fig1
  • Quick Setup Guide


  • Weather resistant for versatile use inside or outside
  • Includes mounting brackets and hardware for easy installation
  • Each speaker features one 4″ polypropylene woofer cone and one 1/2″ Mylar tweeter


INSIGNIA NS-IOPS22 2-Way Indoor Outdoor Speakers - SPEAKERS

Your speakers can be connected to an amplifier, receiver, or similar device. That device can be connected to your source devices, such as a TV or turntable, to produce sound.

INSIGNIA NS-IOPS22 2-Way Indoor Outdoor Speakers - SPEAKERS 1

Note: We recommend using 18-gauge or heavier speaker wire.

  1. Connect the red (+) speaker terminals to the red (+) amplifier terminals.
  2. Connect the black (-) speaker terminals to the black (-) amplifier terminals.

See the documentation that came with your amplifier or home theater system for more information on connecting the cables.
Note: All two-conductor wire is marked with a  colored stripe, raised rib, a different color, or some other indicator to help with making connections. Use the marked wire for the red (+) connections.
You can position your speakers free-standing, or mount them to a wall.


Note: If you are installing your speakers outdoors, select locations facing your listening area that are protected from rain and snow, and are out of direct sunlight.

  1. If not using the wall-mount brackets, attach the adhesive-backed cushioned feet to the base of the speakers.
  2. Locate your speakers with enough distance between them to provide adequate left and right stereo separation (for optimum results, also make sure that the left channel speaker is on the left side and the right channel speaker is on the right).


  1. Screw the wall-mount brackets onto the wall where you want to mount the speakers. If the location is backed by wooden wall studs, you can use wood screws (not included). If the location is backed by only drywall, concrete, or other wall types, use wall anchors (not included).
  2. Attach the adhesive-backed cushions to the brackets.
  3. Slide a speaker into each mounting bracket.
  4. Line up the screw holes (one on top, one on bottom), then screw a knob into each hole to secure the speaker to the bracket. You can loosen the knobs to adjust the direction the speakers are pointing.

INSIGNIA NS-IOPS22 2-Way Indoor Outdoor Speakers - BRACKETS.


No sound or low volume

  • Make sure that all connections are tight and secure.
  • Make sure that your speakers are connected to an amplifier or audio receiver.
  • Make sure that your amplifier or an audio receiver is connected to a source device such as a TV or turntable.
  • Make sure that your sound source device is not muted or turn the volume up.

Sound is distorted

  • Try moving the speakers away from other devices or cables. Sound is coming from one speaker only
  • Adjust the sound balance on your source device.


  •  Never set the volume above the point of audio distortion or you could damage your speakers very quickly.
  • If you hear distortion, immediately turn down the volume.
    If you do not, the resulting damage is not covered by the warranty.


  • Each speaker dimension (H × W × D) (without bracket): 7.4 × 4.7 × 4.1 in. (18.7 × 11.8 × 10.5 cm)
  • Each speaker dimension (H × W × D) (with bracket): 8.3 × 4.7 × 6.1 in. (21 × 11.8 × 15.5 cm)
  • Each speaker’s net weight (without bracket): 2.2 lbs (1 kg)
  • Each speaker’s net weight (with bracket): 2.4 lbs (1.1 kg)
  • 8-ohm nominal impedance
  •  90 Hz – 20 kHz frequency response
  • RMS power: 15 W × 2
  • Peak power: 30 W × 2


  • Peak power refers to manufacturing testing standards and methods.
  • Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Operating temperature range: -40 °F~122 °F (-40 °C~+50 °C)

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