• Driver: 15mm
  • Impedance: 9 OHM
  • Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Bluetooth distance: 10 meters
  • Operating voltage range: 3.0V-4.2V
  • Charging time about 1-2 hours .

How to Use i12 inpods:

1. Tap the charging case power on switch
2. Open the charging case and take off the earbuds
3. The earbuds will auto-power on and enter pairing mode (important reminder: to auto-power-on the earbuds, the switch on the charging case must be turned on)
3. Pair with the device:
3.1 turn on Bluetooth in the device
3.2 search i12 and connect to i12

Product Notes:

  • Talk time is about 2-3 hours (a pair of earphones use together ),music time about 2-3 hours (a pair of earphones use together ) , Charging box can charge for the earphons about 3-5 times.
  • Powerful noise de-noising circuit (active noise reduction)
  • Output power: 40mW;Battery capacity 35MAH , charging box is 300mh .
  • Frequency response: 20-20000Hz
  • Powerful noise de-noising circuit (active noise reduction)

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    1. does it turn off or just turn off the light?
      Because once the headphones pair with each other, one of them keeps flashing until it pairs with another device, but it’s still on.

      ele desliga ou só apaga a luza?
      Porque assim que os fones pareiam entre si, um dele continua com a luz piscando até emparelhar com outro dispositivo, mas continua ligado

  1. it depends on what you are doing if they are Idle for 30 sec with power off as in if you aren’t listening to anything.

  2. Why turn on this case? Even though I knock and cut, nothing turns on.

    Po co włączyć to etui? Mimo tego, że stukam i przytszymuję nic się nie włącza.

  3. Why do you need to turn on this case? What to do if I do not want to turn on even though I click / tap / hold this button?

    Po co trzeba włączać to etui? Co zrobić jeżeli mi nie chce się włączyć mimo tego, że klikam/stukam/przytrzymuję ten guziczek?

  4. Hello, I would like to ask if they are somehow shutting down or should I just leave them in the box and wait for them to shut down on their own?

    Dobrý den, chtěla bych se zeptat jestli se nějak vypínají nebo je mám proste nechat v krabičce a počkat až se vypnou samy?

  5. The left earpiece is not heard, how come

    L’auricolare sx non si sente, come mai

  6. How can I change the language of the iPods from Chinese to English?

    Come posso cambiare la lingua delle inpod dal cinese all’inglese?

    1. before pairing with any device, tap three times on one of the headphones

      antes de emparelhar com algum dispositivo, toque três vezes em algum dos fones

      1. Hello, I charged my inpods it’s been 2 hours but the light is still red, is this normal?
        Bonjour, j’ai charger mon inpods ça fait 2h mais la lumière est toujours rouge, est ce normal ?

  7. I can’t recharge them, in their refill container, is there by any chance an ignition to press?
    Is the charging plug fully sent? Or just the “toothed” part?

    Non riesco a ricaricarli, nel loro contenitore di ricarica, c’è per caso un accensione da premere?
    Lo spinotto di ricarica si invia completamente? O solo la parte “dentata”?

  8. Where is the power switch of the charging box located?

    Dove si trova l’interruttore di accensione della scatolina di ricarica?

  9. Today I unpacked new headphones. It looks like they cannot be charged, no lamps are on, even after 12 hours of charging. What now?
    Dziś rozpakowałem nowe słuchawki. Wygląda na to, że nie można ich naładować, nie palą się żadne lampki, nawet po 12 godzinach ładowania. Co teraz?

  10. hello a question for a hearing aid when I put in the box it turns red and the other blue
    hola una pregunta por un audífono cuando pongo en la caja se pone rojo i el otro azul

  11. What’s the use? nobody answers.
    why don’t you have a manual with normal instructions?
    O que adianta? ninguém responde.
    porque nao tem um manual com instruções normais?

  12. my right inpods turns white while charging and don’t turn on when I take it out… what is the problem and how do I fix it

  13. So I have had my I pods for weeks now and they are good up until now. And I just ran into a problem. So my charging case will charge, but the headphones themselves will not. It won’t flash when I take them out it just stay red what did I do?

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