Inland 87078 3.5mm Earbuds Black-Instruction Manual

Inland 87078 3.5mm Earbuds Black


  • Brand INLAND
  • Color Black
  • Form Factor In Ear
  • Connectivity Technology Wired
  • Special Feature Sports-and-exercise
  • Product Dimensions 28 x 6.3 x 1.38 inches
  • Item Weight 04 ounces
  • Model 87078

What’s In the Box

  • 5mm Earbuds

Product Description

Earbuds Headphones 3.5″mm Stereo Plug for Ear bud. Perfect choice for Ipod,MP3,MP4 Convenient to carry with when traveling.

How to use

You can use the earphones by following the given steps

  • Plug the 3.5mm plug into the port of the phone.
  • Now put the earphones ON.
  • Now play music from your phone.
  • You will start hearing it from earphones.

Care and Maintenance

  1. Wipe after every use. …
  2. Do not let others use your earphones. …
  3. Lightly brush earwax or debris off the driver unit. …
  4. Don’t forget the jack. …
  5. Don’t put them directly in your pocket. …
  6. Don’t dangle the wires. …
  7. Keep your wires untangled. …
  8. Don’t roll your cables in tight loops.


  • Rolling Over the Cord.
  • Letting the Cord Dangle.
  • Forgetting They’re on Your Head.
  • Winding the Cord Into Knots.
  • Traveling Without a Case.
  • Pulling the Cord, Not the Plug.
  • Exposure to Sweat and Moisture.


  • Perfect choice for Ipod,MP3,MP4
  • Convenient to carry with when traveling
  • Package Dimension: centimeters L x 8.2 centimeters W x 14.7 centimeters H
  • Country of Origin: CHINA

Note: Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.


How do you wear earbuds correctly?

Put the earbud tips in your ear canal and twist the headphones into position to wear them. To do this, gently pull up on the top of your ears. Making ensuring the headphones are positioned correctly and firmly in the ear canal is made simple by doing this.

Why do Inland wired earphones break so easily?

If you listen to loud music with your earphones frequently, their intricate internal parts will quickly deteriorate. Soon you’ll hear noises that are hazy, scratchy, or crackly, which may indicate that the headphones’ speakers are already worn out.

What size are the ear cuffs inside?

I will admit that your best bet is to get an another set because mine are broken for reasons I cannot explain.

How durable are Inland wired earphones?

The lifespan of wired headphones, which is normally two years, can be extended by taking good care of the wires. In general, wired headphones are more durable than Bluetooth headphones because they can last up to 7-8 years if you handle them correctly.

How should Inland stereo headphones be worn?

After making sure you are oriented correctly, put the in-ear headphones on. Put the tip of each ear on its respective side of your head. Pull your earlobe gently back with the aid of the other hand so that the ear tip can be inserted into your ear canal. Depending on your preference, place the wire either in front of or behind you.

How can I avoid having my Inland wired earbuds break?

Jack must continue to be unplugged. Use the Correct Cable Length. By no means pull the cable. Avoid sitting with your headphones in. Shrink wrap can be used as additional support.

Are you able to fix Inland headphones wire?

To patch and repair headphone wires and cables, you’ll need an army knife, a lighter, and heat-shrinking tubing. To complete the repair, you must first strip the cable, take off the wire wrapping, rejoin the wires, and then use heat-shrinking tape or electric tape.

Why don’t Inland earbuds last a long time?

Even while earbuds are built to last a long time, their silicone, foam, or rubber housings will ultimately break down. This might result in a decline in the earphones’ capacity to cancel out background noise, which would worsen the sound quality overall.

How should Inland earbuds be used safely?

The maximum volume on your device shouldn’t be set to anything louder than 70% of that. Don’t focus too intently. Utilize the 60/60 rule, which recommends listening at 60% volume for 60 minutes before taking a break for at least 30 minutes to allow your ears to rest.

What causes Inland earbuds to irritate my ears?

The pressure could cause the fragile cartilage of the pinna to be excessively squeezed, which would hurt. When the headphones are worn too tightly or for a long time, the skin may chafe, which can cause itching, bleeding, and general discomfort.

What kind of wire do Inland headphones use?

The wires and jacks for headphones can be made of a variety of materials, including copper, silver, gold, or rhodium. Connectors can be solid (completely formed of the same material) or plated over less expensive metals like brass. Additionally, silver-plated copper wires are replacing solid silver wire as a less expensive alternative.

How are Inland headphones thermally shrunk?

supplies. Headphones. a blowtorch. Second, apply Heat Shrink. Use the smallest piece of heat shrink tape that will fit over the headphone plug to attach it to the headphone cord. A fantastic time. Let the heat shrink cool while utilising your new headphones.

Which is worse for your health, headphones or earbuds?

In principle, earbuds and headphones are both safe, but how you use them can affect how safe they are. If you listen to loud music for an extended period of time, your ears may suffer harm. This group includes both headphones and earbuds.

Are Inland headphones repairable?

Several audio and electronics stores provide headphone repairs. Consider shipping your headphones to the manufacturer or another repair facility for a fix if you can’t find a nearby repair shop. Depending on the problem, your headphones can possibly be covered by a warranty.

How do Inland wired earbuds function?

In essence, an earphone is basically a wire loop with current running through it. The permanent magnet and electric current in the loop interact to push the air and produce music.


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