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infineon Supplier Registration Training Guide

infineon Supplier Registration Training Guide

What you need to know

Dear supplier,
This guide serves the purpose of helping you perform a successful registration.
It provides basic instructions about the information you need to complete on each section of the registration form.
In case of questions regarding the platform usage, please contact the helpdesk by email via

Supplier Registration

Dear supplier, as soon as you received this E-mail you are invited as a potential supplier by our Procurement Department to start the Infinen registration process.

infineon Supplier Registration Training Guide-1

  • Please click on the link and use the“login” name as username
  • The one time login password will be sent in a separate E mail
  • Your password can be reset at any time by clicking on the “Forgot password” option

Supplier Registration Page


infineon Supplier Registration Training Guide-2

  • Dear supplier, enter the credentials you received via email here
  • In case you forgot or lost the password, you can retrieve it by clicking the link Forgot Password or Login?

Supplier Registration Change Password after First Login

infineon Supplier Registration Training Guide-3

The system will then ask you to change the password. Please save your new password.

Start the Registration

In order to “SAVE” and jump to each section you always need to click “

infineon Supplier Registration Training Guide-4

Section: Company Information

infineon Supplier Registration Training Guide-5

  • In the tab “Company address” you key in the address of your office location
  • Please provide the relevant tax information of your company for the invoicing process
  • If any field does not apply to your company information, please key in “N/A”.
  • “Email address” please key in the email address of the person responsible who will fill out or update the registration form. Any communication after the release of the registration form is sent to this email address.

Supplier Registration Supplier Business Contacts

infineon Supplier Registration Training Guide-6

  • You are invited to add as many contacts as needed to maintain the updated information on our Synertrade tool.
  • Infineon kindly asks that this field be maintained as updated as possible, not only during registration.
  • Note that it´s not possible to delete business contacts but only to disable them. This option can be found in the respective existing contact  action needed: click „disable“

Supplier Registration Order and Invoices Addresses

infineon Supplier Registration Training Guide-7

  • The maintenance of “Order & Invoice address” is mandatory.
  • If you have more than one ordering address for different Infineon Sites please add all the ordering addresses which apply for each Infineon Site, under “Ordering” address type.
  • If the delivery is provided from a different company/third party or a different division of your company, please add the delivery company/division name and its address and select “Delivery” as the Address Type.
  • If the invoice address is different from the ordering address, please add the invoice address and select “Invoice” as the Address Type.

Supplier Registration Company Bank Accounts

infineon Supplier Registration Training Guide-8

Click on the button “New”. Maintain the mandatory information marked with a red underscore and click “APPLY”.
Pay attention not to click outside of the data line while creating it.

  • You can enter more than one bank accounts for more than one currency.
  • Please key in “N/A” if a specific field does not apply to your company.
  • “Beneficiary Name” = only in case the Beneficiary owner is natural person who owns 25% or more of shares or votes within the company (if it does not apply please key in “N/A”).
  • Please be informed that the Bank Holder name should be the Name of the Company. Otherwise in case a third party bank account is involved in the payment transaction.
  • “Managing directors” = CEO or Managing Director of the company.

Supplier Registration Bank Accounts Attachment

infineon Supplier Registration Training Guide-9

  • Whenever a bank account is added to our system, we need a Bank Letterhead attached for compliance and security reasons.
  • This step is mandatory for creation and modification of new bank accounts. Once a new bank account is entered on our Synertrade tool, upload the Bank Letterhead in the „ATTACHMENT“ field as shown above, in the „Company Bank Accounts“ Tab.
Supplier Registration Certificates

infineon Supplier Registration Training Guide-10

  • With the button “NEW” you can add more than one certificate.
  • In the drop down list you can find the ISO Code Certificates required by Infineon.
  • Please do not forget to write the exact validation date. The system will generate an automatic email reminder whenever the validation date is close to expire and after it expires.
  • Infineon will send you an email to update or add certain certificates if it is required.

Supplier Registratione Questionnaires

infineon Supplier Registration Training Guide-11

  • Specific questionnaires are mandatory and need to be answered depending on what type of goods/materials/services you deliver and to which Infineon site.
  • Please be aware: any input of yours will be analyzed and evaluated by the IFX Supplier Registration team

Questionnaires required by IFX to be answered:

  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Compliance Environment, Safety & Health
  • Export Control
  • Information Security / Data Protection
  • Quality Management
  • Logistics
  • Conflict Minerals
  • Site specific data
  • Supply Chain Security

Supplier Registration Finalization

infineon Supplier Registration Training Guide-12

  • Please be aware that as soon as you click the button ” Finish “, you cannot update anymore the registration form as long as this is not released by Infineon.
  • The registration form can be rejected and sent back to you if additional information is needed or is missing.
  • You will be notified via email once the registration form is released and approved successfully by our supplier registration team.

How to update your registration form your entry page

infineon Supplier Registration Training Guide-13

  • After your registration form is released and approved by Infineon Procurement department, you can update your registration form at any time. Please log in with your username and password. If necessary, you can use the “Forgot password” option to retrieve a new one.
  • Infineon will ask for specific updates: update certificates, update questionnaires or reply to new questionnaires.
  • Any change done will be transmitted to the Infineon Procurement Team after the “Send changes to Infineon” button is used.

How to send the changes to Infineon

infineon Supplier Registration Training Guide-14

Part of your life. Part of tomorrow.

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