INALTO IDWD60DS 60cm Double Dishwasher 
Drawer User Guide

INALTO IDWD60DS 60cm Double Dishwasher Drawer User Guide


14 Place Settings, 7 Wash Programs,
LED Display with Button Controls, Delay Start Function,
Extra Dry Function, Dry & Fresh Option, Cutlery Basket,
Quiet 47 dBa operation, Child Lock



Congratulations on your new
InAlto 60cm Double Dishwasher Drawer!


INALTO IDWD60DS 60cm Double Dishwasher Drawer - Control Panel

  1. Power
  2. Drawer Selector
  3. Program Selector
  4. Function Selector
  5. Delay Start
    Press this button to add a delay start time in one-hour increments up to 24 hours.
  6. Child Lock
    Pressing this button combination will lock the control panel. Only the Power button will remain active.
  7. Start/Pause
  8. Washing Program Display
  9. Display Screen
    Displays the operating drawer, time remaining, delay time,error code and child lock indication.
  10. Extra Functions Display
  11. Warning Displays


  • Preparing the cavity: The cavity for the dishwasher will need to adhere with the dimensions in the diagram of page 14 of the user manual. Please note that the water supply and power point for the appliance cannot be in the dishwasher cavity.
  • Fit the mounting brackets: Dishwasher Drawers are unstable until they are secured to their surrounding cabinetry.
  • The dishwasher must be level for proper dish rack operation and wash performance. If needed, adjust the feet on each corner to ensure the appliance sits evenly on the floor.
  • For a complete guide, refer to the Installation Instructions in the user manual, pages 14–21.


The filter system at the base of the dishwasher cabinet traps coarse debris from the washing cycle. The debris over time may cause the filters to clog. We recommend that you clean this regularly under running water to ensure optimal performance of your dishwasher wash cycles.

For a more detailed guide and other care tips, refer to the Maintenance & Cleaning section of your user manual, pages 25–26.


Dimensions (W, D, H mm): 595 × 570 × 820 Warranty: 3 Years (2 + 1 on registration)


Telephone: 1300 11 4357
Email: [email protected]

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