INALTO ICI30T.1 30cm Induction Cooktop



  1. ON/OFF control
  2. Power / Timer regulating controls
  3. Heating zone selection controls
  4. Timer control
  5. Lock control


To start cooking:

  • Touch the “ON/OFF” control and all the indicators will show “-”.
  • Make sure the bottom of the pan and the surface of the cooking zone are clean and dry.
    Then place a suitable pan on the cooking zone that you wish to use.
  • Touch the heating zone selection control for your desired zone. The indicator will flash.
  • Select a heat setting by touching the “-” or “+” button controls. The options range from 0–9. You can modify this temperature at any time during cooking. If you don’t choose a heat setting within 1 minute, the induction cooktop will automatically switch off. You will
    need to repeat the previous steps.

To end cooking:

  • Turn the whole cooktop off by pressing the “ON/OFF” button.
  • Alternatively you can select your desired zone and use the “-” or “+” button controls to change the temperature of this zone to zero “0”. After a cooking zone is turned off, the corresponding indicator will show “H” until the zone has cooled to a safe temperature.

Note: For further operation instructions refer to pages 10 – 12 of your user manual.


Dimensions (W, D, H mm): 288 × 520 × 56
Built-in Dimensions (W, D mm): 268 × 500
Warranty: 3 Years (2 + 1 on registration)


Telephone: 1300 11 4357
Email: [email protected]

Documents / Resources

INALTO ICI30T.1 30cm Induction Cooktop [pdf] Instruction Manual
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