INALTO 20L Microwave IOMW20B 
User Guide

INALTO 20L Microwave IOMW20B User Guide



20L Capacity, Internal White Cavity, Red LED Display, Membrane Controls, 6 Auto Menu 11 Power Levels, 99 Minute Timer, 1–6 Minutes Express Cooking, Defrost by Weight & Time, Child Lock

Congratulations on your new InAlto 20L Microwave!


  • Leave a minimum clearance of 30cm above the microwave, a minimum clearance of 20cm is required between the microwave and any adjacent walls.
  • For a complete guide, refer to the Installation instructions in the user manual on pages 8.


  • Press “CLOCK”, “00:00” will display.
  • Press the number keys and enter the current time.
    For example, if the time is 12:10, press “1”, “2” ,”1”, “0” in turn.
  • Press “CLOCK” to finish clock setting. “:” will flash and the clock will be set.
  • If the number inputs are not within the range of 0:00–23:59, the setting will be invalid until valid numbers are used.


  • To enable child lock, from standby mode, press and hold the “STOP/CANCEL” button for 3 seconds. A long beep alert will sound as the unit enters Child Lock mode.
    The screen will display “ INALTO 20L Microwave IOMW20B - CHILD LOCK FUNCTION
  • Repeat the above to disable Child Lock.


Dimensions (W, D, H mm): 440 × 328 × 259
Warranty: 12 Months


  • You can use the Express Cooking function to cook at 100% microwave power level between 1 to 6 minutes with a few simple button presses.
  • From standby mode, any press number between 1 to 6 for the amount of minutes desired.
  • You can also cook at 100% microwave power level for 30 second by pressing the “START/+30” from standby mode. Each press of “START/+30” will increase the cooking time by 30 second increments.
  • For a complete guide on Operating Instructions, refer to the Using Your Microwave section of the user manual, pages 10–14.


Your microwave includes 6 Auto Cooking menu functions: Popcorn, Potato, Pizza, Frozen Veg, Warm Drink and Warm Plate.

For a more detailed guide on how to use these functions, refer to the relevant heading within the Using Your Microwave section of the user manual, pages 12–13. Please also refer to the Auto Cooking Table on page 14 for recommended weights for your function.


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