imperii Wireless Car Charger and Automatic Induction


Thanks for choosing and using our Wireless Car Charger & Automatic Induction.
Please carefully read the instruction manual and precautions before use.

Mount Devices


Product function-instruction

  1. Automatic induction gesture recognition, no need to manually switch the phone holder, Easy to operate by one hand;
  2. Built-in wireless charging transmitter module for mobile phone to do wireless charging;
  3. Equipped with USB charging port;

Product function parameters

  1. Input: DC5V/2A 9V/1.67A
  2. Working frequency: 110-205KHZ
  3. Operating temperature: -10 to 60 degrees
  4. Charging power: l0W
  5. Charging efficiency: 60% to 75%
  6. Charging distance: 3- -8mm
  7. Standby power consumption: the average power consumption of the whole machine is less than 50mW
  8. Over current protection: when charging, the input current is greater than 2A, automatically stop charging, to prevent damage to charger
  9. Over voltage protection: If the input voltage is greater than 5V±5% ( or9V±5%) when charging ,it will automatically stop charging.
  10. Charging indicator: When the auto sensor sense the mobile phone, the LED indicator lights out 2 seconds , and then to lights up , the wireless charger is working
  11. Executive standard: implement Qi wireless charging standard
  12. Support WPC (10W) Qi wireless charging protocol

Product use guide

  1. When using this product, please confirm that the product is connected to the power.
  2. When the USB connection is successful, The LED will light up
  3. LED will light up when excessive flow or foreign matters etc. errors happen, and it will not allow to charge. When trouble occurs, don’t insert the charging line into the USB.
  4. When the handset needs to be clamped, please move the mobile phone to the 10-25mm above the mount. The mount automatically opens the clip, and the mobile phone is easily put into the mount. The clip automatically retracts the handset. If you need to take your handset, touch the on-off switch on left side of the mount, The clip is opened automatically and handset can be taken out.
  5. This product isn’t equipped with a wireless charging (QI standard) receiver, and if the handset does not have wireless receive function, please buy Android or apple wireless receiver to use together


  • Please carefully handle your charger and accessories, the following recommendations will help you effectively use the warranty service.
  • Please keep the equipment dry. Rain, moisture and various water may contain minerals that will corrode the circuit. If the equipment is wet, please dry the product as soon as possible or use a clean soft cloth to wipe.
  • When charging, please select the regular production QC2.0 or QC3.0 charger .Improper use of charger or incompatible charger may present risk of unstability.
  • Please do not attempt to charge the battery of exposed equipment or broken battery case. and do not charge the equipment which is not compatible with this product.
  • Do not store the equipment in a cold place. Otherwise, when the equipment temperature rises to normal temperature, moisture will be formed inside it and damage the electric appliance.
  • Do not attempt to open the equipment, unauthorized disassembly or modification will damage equipment and wireless charging equipment related regulations.
  • Do not throw, tap or shock the equipment; rough handling of the equipment will damage the internal circuit board and the mechanical structure.
  • Use the clean and moist soft cloth to clean the surface of the equipment. Do not use or store the equipment in dusty or dirty places.
  • Some components of this product are magnetic and metal materials may be adsorbed onto this product. Please do not use bank cards, credit cards or other items with magnetic media near the product so as to avoid losing its stored data due to degaussing.

imperii Wireless Car Charger and Automatic Induction Instruction Manual – Download [optimized]
imperii Wireless Car Charger and Automatic Induction Instruction Manual – Download
imperii Wireless Car Charger and Automatic Induction Instruction Manual – OCR PDF

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