imperii RR FIERRO SmartWatch Shofter Instruction Manual
imperii RR FIERRO SmartWatch Shofter Instruction Manual


Product Details

imperii RR FIERRO SmartWatch Shofter Overview

Quick product Information
  • Power key:
    On/ Off, On/ Off screen, Return to main screen.
  • use: Charge and Data.
  • Touch Screen:
    Each function (main menu) will be displayed on the capacities touch screen. You can enter the main screen by giving the power button. Pressing it twice will enter the clock mode, you can select different interfaces by holding down the center of the screen.
    Scrolling up and down in the main screen will enter the settings interface of the functions, and set up Bluetooth music, Airplane mode or brightness. You can enter the main menu and display the function icons when you slide left and right on the screen.
    SmartWatch Shofter Main Screen
    SmartWatch Shofter Menu Interface
  • Clock Display Settings
    How to change the clock interface: press and hold the clock display and you can choose different interfaces.




Screen 1.2 inch round

Display Type:

Touchscreen with 240 x 240 resolution




GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz


32MB + 32MB




BT 3.0



Sleep Monitor:


Quick start of the product

Download the software

Download the Fun Run App by scanning the lower QR code using QQ or any other third party software in the Android market or search the “FunRun” app directly in the market.
qr code
Warning: This App only serves to synchronize the watch with the phone. If you have previously downloaded this software, check the version and use the latest version available.

Installing the App

Installing the Android App
FunRun App Logo After installing the App you will find the liil FunRun icon on your mobile.
Installing the App
Enter the App, choose “Bluetooth Service” and check that all the notifications of the App are activated. Choose and click “FunRun” to use the additional functions.

Warning: Please do not tum off Bluetooth notifications when you close the application or leave it running in the background. This would affect the synchronization function between the clock and the phone.

Bluetooth connectivity and synchronization function

From Phone to Clock
Condition: Make sure Bluetooth is on and locatable.
Connectivity from phone to watch
Enter the Phone Settings, activate the Bluetooth device search, choose the name of the Bluetooth watch and click to pair it.

Connectivity from clock to phone
Enter the Clock settings, activate the Bluetooth device search, choose the name of the phone and click to link it.
With satisfactory connectivity between the phone and the clock you can find each other (you can find the phone with the anti-loss function and find It successfully).

Basic Functions

  1. Scoreboard
    Enter the number you want to dial from your watch.
  2. Messages
    Synchronize your phone’s messages with your watch.
  3. Call log
    You can check your call log once you connect via Bluetooth. Show all records, including missed, dialed and received calls.
  4. Contacts
    Synchronize your phone’s contacts on the watch.
  5. Bluetooth
    Turn Bluetooth power on and off,and search for Bluetooth devices. You can check the name and address of the device.
  6. BT Scoreboard
    On linked devices from the clock.
  7. Remote notifications
    When you enter an SMS or QQ message or other applications on the linked phone, the watch will prompt you to read them.
  8. Remote camera
    Use the camera of the mobile to take pictures; But to control it remotely from the clock you will need to activate the camera on your mobile first.
  9. Music player
    Control your phone’s music from the watch via Bluetooth.
  10. Anti-loss
    Look for the phone from the clock. or watch from the phone.
  11. Settings
    In Clock settings you can set the time, subject, language, gestures, and reset the factory data.
  12. Pedometer
    It can be used as a tool to avoid insufficient or excessive exercise by measuring the calories consumed based on the data collected, such as the number of steps, distance, speed or time used. Even to control exercise.
    Note: If you want to return to the main menu but keep the pedometer active during exercise, please do not touch Pause or Reset, just press the power button.
  13. Sleep monitor
    It shows the quality of your rest based on the time of sleep, you must take the clock put to go to sleep and click on “Start”.
    Note: If you want to return to the main menu but keep the sleep monitor active, please do not touch Pause or Reset, just press the power button.
  14. Alarms of sedentarism
    You can set the time when you want to be notified to exercise, we suggest a maximum of one hour.
    important: The Pedometer, Sleep Monitor and Sedentary Alarm can not function at the same time. You should close the other two functions in order to use the third one.
  15. Cardiogram
    It can measure and display the dynamic changes of your heart rate. Please make sure the watch is securely attached to your wrist. The indicator light will come on when you are measuring.
  16. QR Code
    Download the Fundo App in a third-party market, or scan the QR code using QQ.
  17. Alarm
  18. Calendar
  19. Stopwatch
  20. calculator
  21. Engine
  22. Theme
  23. Recorder
  24. World time
  25. Power Saving Mode
  26. Profiles
  27. File Manager


  1. Charge the watch completely before the first use, charging time is between 1 and 2 hours.
  2. Use the clock charge cables, or those of your Android phone.
  3. Bluetooth will be disconnected when the distance between devices exceeds the limit. After activating the anti-lost function, the smart search function can not be used until Bluetooth is reconnected.
  4. Please reconnect with Bluetooth if it is disconnected occasionally (restart if after 5 minutes it has not yet been connected).
    Authorize the synchronization of the phonebook, or else you will not be able to access it from the clock.
  5. When playing music, some author or song names will not be displayed. This is normal due to differences between Android phones.

Solving Common Problems

Please check this section if you have any problems with the watch. If the problem remains unresolved, contact your dealer or distributor.

The watch does not turn on

  • You are pressing the power button too short, please keep it pressed for more than 3 seconds.
  • If there is a low battery, charge it.

The clock goes off by itself

  • There is low battery, charge the watch.

The watch lasts very little time on

  • The battery is not full, please be sure to fully charge it (full charge requires around 2 hours).
  • If you use a SIM card, the battery will wear out quickly if the signal quality is weak.

The clock does not load

  • Battery life is reduced after a few years, please check that it is still operational.
  • Replace the charger if the original is damaged.
  • Also check that the cable is securely attached to the USB slot, and then try again.

The caller’s name is not visible when receiving an incoming call

  • Forgot to select the phonebook synchronization when connected via Bluetooth, or has disabled. Get it on .
  • Forgot to synchronize the calendar when reconnecting, please pair both devices and connect them via Bluetooth again.

Poor audio quality during calls

  • The clock and the phone are too far, please approach them.



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imperii RR FIERRO SmartWatch Shofter Instruction Manual – Download
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