imperii FIERRO Smart Quartz Watch CWQI Instruction Manual
imperii FIERRO Smart Quartz Watch CWQI


Name: Smart Watch
Model: Watch001
Features: Smart Watch = Quartz watches + Pod6meter + Call reminder.

System requirements

Android 4.3 and above, IOS 7.0, support for Bluetooth 4.0 phone.

Basic parameters
  • Weight: 57g Battery Type Handwheels Watch: 2030
  • Type of battery bluetooth function: 2032
  • Battery Capacity: 230mAh
  • Synchronization: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Working temperature: -10 °Ca 50 °C
  • Waterproof grade: IP68
  • Case material: alloy case back: stainless steel.
Main features
  • Pedometer calorie calculation and analysis.
  • Sleep calls SMS alert.
  • Smart alarm intelligent anti lost.
  • Smart unlock camera shake.
  • Find a bracelet health data sharing.
  • SUOTA online upgrade.

Functional Operation

Installation bracelet every day on the phone APP.

Scan the following two-dimensional code, or enter major application market to download and install “Day day band”.
QR Code
QR Code

Bracelt with a phone connection

Start every day bracelet APP, click on the Setting button in the main interface in the settings menu, click My device my device screen, click the search to begin to connect bracelet name bracelet, according to the connection interface prompt or bracelet intermediate blue lights flashing, you can determine the connection status.

Start using wristband

After the bracelet with the phone connection is successful is immediately started to record and analyze your exercise and sleep, and statical analysis based on relevant data icon. To activate the bluetooth have to remove the inner cover and remove the protective plastic of the battery.

Replace the battery

When the bracelet three lights have been flashing low battery alarm or APP prompt, it indicates the battery is low, please replace the battery in time to watch.

Other issues

  1. Q: Watch vibration stop this situation how to do?
    A: The time to replace the battery can be ruled out.
  2. Q: You can not use the watch when APP control after connecting the how to do?
    A: The need to wait some time before they let APP watch synchronization control.
  1. This product uses 5 degrees waterproof, ii is possible to bring the swimming pool. And that the product can be used in normal temperatures must be noted, the water circle.
  2. The battery model is a 2030 button cell for clock handsets and 2032 for bluetooth function. Do not use other models instead.
  3. Given the limited memory, the watch can save 7 days data, make sure to connect the phone once a month, so that you can synchronize the data transmitted through the data phone. Mobile data retention period and Mobile. Thank you for purchasing our development, design, production of the seris, we hope our products can bring you joy and everlasting memories of life.

Technical Service

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imperii FIERRO Smart Quartz Watch CWQI Instruction Manual – Download [optimized]
imperii FIERRO Smart Quartz Watch CWQI Instruction Manual – Download
imperii FIERRO Smart Quartz Watch CWQI Instruction Manual – OCR PDF

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