Impact Agency Training Manual

Impact Agency Training

United Way of Greater Stark County

401 Market Ave N Suite 300 Canton, OH 44702

For Support, please contact:

Project Coordinator Jodi Barnard
[email protected]


Accessing e-CImpact

Requirements: All you need to access e-CImpact is a computer with an internet connection and current version of web browser (example: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

To access the e-CImpact website, please go to the Important Documents and Links section of our Funding Applications webpage here:

Or access the Agency e-CImpact site here:
Please bookmark the address to easily access e-CImpact at your convenience.


Agency Login

Now that you have accessed the Agency site, it is time to login.
For New Organizations (those not funded by this United Way in the 2019-2020 cycle):
Create a new username. We recommend using the email address of the agency’s primary contact.
The first time you login, the password will be pwd123. Once logged in you will be automatically prompted to change your password.

For Funded Partners: We uploaded your usernames and agency profiles from Apricot for your convenience. To login for the first time, please enter the username from Apricot. This is generally the email of the agency’s primary contact. If you do not know or remember your username and password, please contact your Project Coordinator Jodi Barnard.
Your password will be pwd123. Once logged in you will be automatically prompted to change your password.

Step 1: Enter your username and password

FIG 1 Enter your username and password

Step 2: Click ‘Sign In to our Secure Server’ or use the enter key.


Forgot Password

Step 1: Click ‘Forgot your password?’ on the agency login page.

FIG 2 Forgot your password

Step 2: Enter your username
Step 3: Select ‘Auto-Generate my Password’

FIG 3 Auto-Generate my Password

Step 4: Check your email, return to the login page and procede to login. If you do not see the email in your inbox, be sure to check the ‘junk’ folder. If the email is not in either, please contact your Project Coordinator Jodi Barnard.


Registering a New Agency

If you are not yet a United Way of Greater Stark County Partner Agency, please proceed with site registration. Registration is required for all non-Funded Partner agencies.

Step 1: From the agency login page select ‘Create new agency account’

FIG 4 Create new agency account

Step 2: Please read all directions carefully, and then click ‘Next’ to continue with your registration process. In this section you will provide your agency’s mission and vision statements, in addition to contact information. Note all fields marked with an asterisk are required fields.

FIG 5 your registration process

Step 3: Please enter all required information regarding your agency. Then proceed to the next page.

*EIN – the system will automatically validate your EIN, confirming you do not already have an e-CImpact account. The system will also automatically enter any information linked to the EIN entered. PLEASE NOTE: Organizations with multiple locations that share an EIN should not attempt to create separate agencies. Instead separate programs under one agency can be created. Alternatively, a single program could apply to provide service at multiple locations. The difference being the level of collaboration in tracking indicators/outcomes for reporting.

FIG 6 proceed to the next page

Step 4: Select a grant application you would like to apply for, and then continue to the next page.

FIG 7 Select a grant application

Step 5: Please answer all qualification questions and proceed to the next page.

If your agency passes the initial qualification questions, you will then move on to confirm your registration. In the event your agency does not qualify, you will be provided information on who to contact should you have any questions.

Funded Partners that completed an Agency Review in 2020 have met the Standards for Membership for this Funding Opportunity and should answer Yes to all twelve questions.

Note: If you do not select a response for each question, you will not be able to proceed.

FIG 8 Please answer all qualification questions

Step 6: Review all agency information entered, and then click ‘Confirm Registration’

FIG 9 Confirm Registration

Once your registration is completed you will be able to print your confirmation page. You will also receive a confirmation email. Click Next to proceed or log out to continue later.

To access additional information about this Funding Opportunity, go to the Resource Center located in the lower left side of the agency homepage.

FIG 10 To access additional information


Read More About This Manual & Download PDF:

Impact Agency Training Manual – Optimized PDF
Impact Agency Training Manual – Original PDF

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