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IMFsoft IMF-EV03 Charging Cable User Manual

IMFsoft IMF-EV03 Charging Cable


IMF – EV03 (A/T) IMF – EV04 (A/T) IMF – EV0S (A/T)
EV plug Type 2 (IEC 62196) Type 2 (IEC 62196) Type 2 (IEC 62196)
Grid plug Schuko E/F (3p) CEE 3x32A (5p) CEE 3x32A (5p)
Rated voltage 230V (1F) 230V (1F) 400V (3F)
Current option 6-8-10-13-16 A 6-8-10-13-16-20-25-32 A 6-8-10-13-16 A
Power 3.7 kW 7.4 kW 11 kW
Cable length 5 m [3, 5, 7]* 5 m [3, 5, 7]* 5 m [3, 5, 7]*
Variant A (Basic)/T (Tesla)* A (Basic)/T (Tesla)* A (Basic)/T (Tesla)*
Circuit breaker Typ A (AC), 30mA Typ B (AC/DC), 30mA Typ B (AC/DC) , 30mA
Voltage range 90-270V[5 -60Hz] 90-270V[50-60Hz] 160-470V[50-60Hz]
Temper. range -30 to +50°C -30 to +50°C -30 to +50°C
IP cover IP 54 IP 54 I 54
UV resistance YES YES YES
Weight 1.6 kg/ 5 m 2.3 kg/ 5 m 1.9 kg/ 5 m
  • In stock is a cable length of 5 m, other variants are to order within 14 days.
  • The T-Tesla variant includes a remote control for the charging socket cover.

IMF charging cables EV03, EV04 and EV05 are designed for charging electric vehicles equipped with Mennekes Type 2 connectors from a standard Schuko or CEE 3x32A socket.

The key advantage of this design is the integration of the control and monitoring elements directly into the connectors, so there is no longer a large and heavy housing on the cable. Easy handling, small dimensions, and low weight allow the cable to be used not only at home, in a company or in a hotel car park, but also on the road. The investment in an expensive Wallbox device is thus completely unnecessary.




Plug in the cable into an electrical plug.

II. When inserted into an electrical plug, the blue LED will inform you of the value of the set current according to the number of flashes.

A steady blue LED indicates readiness for charging.

III. By the button, it is possible to change the charging current.

Immediately after pressing the button, the blue LED goes out and after 5 s it will gradually inform you about the new value of the charging current. The button is not released until the desired current value is displayed and stored in memory.


After connecting to the car, the blue LED flashes to indicate that charging is in progress.

A steady blue LED indicates that the vehicle battery is fully charged.

X. The charging cable is equipped with an integrated RCD.

The protector is used to protect people and equipment when an electrical circuit is disconnected when a power leak is detected.

The red LED indicates that charging has been disconnected to detect a leakage current through the RCD.

Charging Options

Charging option

Current [A]

Power [kW]

LED Current 1F 2F 3F
1 6 A 1.4 kW 2.8 kW 4.1 kW
2 8 A 1.8 kW 3.7 kW 5.5 kW
3 10 A 2.3 kW 4.6 kW 6.9 kW
4 13 A 3.0 kW 6.0 kW 9.0 kW
S 16 A 3.7 kW 7.4 kW 11.0 kW
6 20 A 4.6 kW 9.2 kW 13.8 kW
7 25 A 5.8 kW 11.5 kW 17.3 kW
8 32 A 7.4 kW 14.7 kW 22.0 kW


Warranty valid for 24 months The Warranty does not cover mechanical damage, unauthorized modifications, improper use, flooding, lightning or other natural phenomena.
+420 596 611 977.

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