IKEA 194.834.42 White Stain Bedroom Furniture Set



Carina Bengs.


Wipe clean with a cloth damped in a mild cleaner. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.


Unanchored furniture can tip over. Some of this furniture shall be anchored to the wall with the enclosed safety fitting to prevent it from tipping over.

Tradition meets function

Want a country-style bedroom? Take a look at the HEMNES series, which has all the furniture you need. Robust with traditional details and a real sense of craftsmanship, but with all those practical functions you need in a modern bedroom. All furniture comes in solid white and black-brown, or white stain – and some pieces in bright colors. There are lots of options to mix and match so that you can furnish with your own personal style.


If your wall material is not listed or if you have questions, consult with a local hardware retailer.

We all want our homes to be a safe place. But in our homes, accidents can put children at risk. Working together, we can help prevent these accidents and make the home a safer place.

  • Secure it! Use the tip-over restraint provided with the product and the right hardware for your wall type. Consult the enclosed guide for help with hardware.
  • Never put a TV or other heavy objects on top of a chest of drawers or any furniture not intended for use with a TV.
  • Place heavy objects in the lowest drawers.
  • Never let children climb or hang on drawers, doors or shelves.

All the products (shown here) may not be available at the store. Please contact the staff or look at www.IKEA.com for more information. For more detailed product information, see the price tag and the Internet. All units require assembly.

  1. Wall Material: Drywall or plaster with available wood stud.
    Anchoring device: Screw inserted directly into stud. For example, a 5 mm wood screw provided with an IKEA FIXA plug and screw set. IKEA-194.834.42-White-Stain-Bedroom-Furniture-Set-FIG-1
  2. Wall Material: Drywall or plaster without available wood stud.
    Anchoring device: Plug with screw. For example, an 8 mm plug is provided with an IKEA FIXA plug and screw set.
  3. Wall Material: Masonry.
    Anchoring device solid wall: plug with a screw. For example, an 8 mm plug is provided with an IKEA FIXA plug and screw set. IKEA-194.834.42-White-Stain-Bedroom-Furniture-Set-FIG-2
  4. Anchoring device hollow wall: Toggle-style.



  • HEMNES bed frame. includes SKORVA mid beam and LURÖY slatted bed base.
    • Standard Single (W104×L201×H112 cm)
      • Black-brown, pine 290.098.25
      • White stain, pine 090.098.26
    • Standard Double (W149×L201×H112 cm)
      • Black-brown, pine 290.069.64
      • White stain, pine 990.069.65
    • Standard King Size (W164×L211×H120 cm)
      • Black-brown, pine 790.069.66
      • White stain, pine 590.069.67
    • Standard Super King-size (W194×L211×H120 cm)
      • Black-brown, pine 290.022.73
      • White stain, pine 790.022.75


  • HEMNES daybed, The daybed must be completed with two mattresses, 80×200 cm. They are placed on top of each other when you use the day-bed as a single bed, and next to each other when you use it as a double bed (L211×W87×H86 cm).
    • White 903.493.26
    • Grey 603.722.76


  • HEMNES bedside table, W46×D35×H70 cm.
    • Black-brown, pine 901.212.34
    • White stain, pine 202.004.56
  • HEMNES chest of 2 drawers, W54×D38×H66 cm.
    • White stain, pine 802.426.27
    • Grey stained, pine 003.924.61
  • HEMNES chest of 3 drawers, W58×D40×H79 cm.
    • White stain, pine 004.847.43
  • HEMNES chest of 3 drawers, W108×D50×H95 cm.*
    • White stain, pine 804.247.45


  • HEMNES chest of 6 drawers, W108×D50×H130 cm.*
    • White stain, pine 602.392.73
    • Grey stained, pine 803.924.62
  • HEMNES chest of 8 drawers, W160×D50×H95 cm.*
    • White stain, pine 102.392.80
    • Grey stained, pine 303.924.69
  • HEMNES glass top, transparent.
    • 54×38 cm 004.300.19
    • 108×50 cm 604.300.21
    • 159×50 cm 504.300.12


  • HEMNES dressing table with mirror, W100×D50×H159 cm.*
    • White 303.744.13
  • HEMNES shoe cabinet, W107×D22×H101 cm.
    • White 601.561.21
  • HEMNES shoe cabinet, 2 comp. W89×D30×H127 cm.
    • White 201.695.59


  • FLISBERGET door for PAX wardrobe.
    • W50×H195 cm
      • Anthracite 791.810.74
      • Light beige 391.810.66
    • W50×H229 cm
      • Anthracite 291.810.76
      • Light beige 991.810.68
        For more information regarding PAX frames and interior organisers, see PAX buying guide.
  • HEMNES hat and coat stand.
    Black 002.468.70

This furniture shall be anchored to the wall with the enclosed safety fitting to prevent it from tipping over.



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