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Hardware (Parts are not to scale)

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Ozi dị mkpa dị nchebe

  • Biko gụọ ma ghọta akwụkwọ ntuziaka a niile tupu ịnwa ịchịkọta, rụọ ọrụ ma ọ bụ wụnye ngwaahịa.
  • Gbanyụọ ọkụ eletrik na igbe isi fuse (ma ọ bụ igbe nke sekit) tupu ịmalite nrụnye site na iwepu fuse (ma ọ bụ ịgbanyụ ọkụ sekit).
  • Kpachara anya ka ị ghara imebi ma ọ bụ bepu mkpuchi mkpuchi (mkpuchi) n'oge nrụnye ngwa. Ekwela ka wires kpọtụrụ elu ọ bụla nwere ihu dị nkọ. Ime nke a nwere ike imebi ma ọ bụ bepụ mkpuchi waya, nke nwere ike bute nnukwu mmerụ ahụ ma ọ bụ nwụọ n'ihi ujo eletrik.
  • All electrical connections must be in agreement with local codes, ordinances or the national electric code (NEC). Contact your municipal building department to learn about your local codes, permits and/or inspections. If you do not have electrical wiring experience, refer to a do-it-yourself wiring handbook or have your fixture installed by a qualified licensed electrician.
  • Risk of fire – most dwellings built before 1985 have supply wire rated for 140°F/60°C. Consult a qualified electrician before installation.
  • Agafela wat a tụrụ arotage. Refer to the re-lamping label on the light socket for maximum wattage.
  • Do not replace a bulb when electrical outlet switch is turned to the “ON” position.
  • Do not immerse your lamp in water; doing so will damage the wire.
  • Keep materials that burn easily away from lighted bulbs.


  • Tupu ịmalite mgbakọ, nrụnye ma ọ bụ arụ ọrụ nke ngwaahịa, gbaa mbọ hụ na akụkụ niile dị. Tulee akụkụ nwere ndepụta ọdịnaya ngwugwu na eserese dị na ibe gara aga. Ọ bụrụ na akụkụ ọ bụla na -efu ma ọ bụ mebiri emebi, anwala ịchịkọta, wụnye ma ọ bụ rụọ ngwaahịa a. Kpọtụrụ ọrụ ndị ahịa maka akụkụ nnọchi.
  • Tools required for assembly (not included): flathead screwdriver, phillips screwdriver, pliers, electrical tape, wire cutters, safety glasses, ladder, wire stripper.


  1. Preparing the mounting strip
    Screw the threaded tube (H3) into the mounting strip (H1), and secure it using the lock washer (H5) and hex nut (H4).
    IHE: The threaded tube (H3) should extend long enough to protrude through the canopy, when it is mounted. (Adjust as needed.).lowes 49300325 5 Light Chandelier-fig4
  2. Installing the mounting strip
    Fasten the mounting strip (H1) onto the outlet box using two outlet box screws (H2).lowes 49300325 5 Light Chandelier-fig5
  3. Attaching the canopy to the outlet box
    • Place the canopy (H11) over the threaded tube (H3), and screw the screw collar loop (H8) onto the threaded tube (H3).
    • Secure the canopy (H11) using the ring (H9).lowes 49300325 5 Light Chandelier-fig6
  4. Assembling the loop and the flat tube to the fixture body
    • Pull the fixture wire through the loop (A), and tighten the loop (A) onto the top of the fixture body (B).
    • Unscrew the two screws (H15) from the flat tube of the fixture body (B). Insert the flat tubes (H13) to the flat metal plate of the fixture body and secure with the screws (H15) using Phillips screwdriver (no included) as shown below.lowes 49300325 5 Light Chandelier-fig7
  5. Assembling the shade to the fixture body
    Unscrew the two thumbscrews (H14) from the flat tube (H13). Place the shade (B) over the top of the fixture body (B). Align the two holes of the shade (C) and the flat tube (H13), then tighten the two thumbscrews (H14).
    IHE: Remove the plastic cover from the shade before using.lowes 49300325 5 Light Chandelier-fig8
  6. Attaching the chain
    • Adjust the chain (H12) to the desired height by spreading the end link of the chain (H12) apart. Use a pair of pliers and a screwdriver (not included). Wrap a soft cloth around the pliers to protect the chain’s finish.
    • Open the first quick link (H10), connect chain (H12) to the loop of the loop (A) and close the quick link (H10).
    • Open the second quick link (10), connect other end of chain (H12) to the screw collar loop (H8) and close the quick link (H12).lowes 49300325 5 Light Chandelier-fig9
  7. Weaving the fixture wire
    • Unscrew the ring (H9) from the screw collar loop (H8), and lower the canopy (H11) and ring (H9) over the chain (H12) on the fixture.
    • Weave the fixture wires and bare copper ground wire up through the chain (H12), ring (H9), canopy (H11), screw collar loop (H8), threaded tube (H3), and then into the outlet box.lowes 49300325 5 Light Chandelier-fig10
  8. Ịmepụta njikọ eletrik
    • Strip 3/4 in. of insulation from the wire ends.
    • Connect the glossy live wire from the fixture to the black wire from the outlet box, and the rough neutral wire from the fixture to the white wire from the outlet box.
    • The bare copper ground wire from the fixture must loop one turn under the head of the green ground screw (H6) on the mounting strip (H1) before it is connected to the ground conductor of the supply circuit.
    • Cover the wires with wire connectors (H7). Tape the wire connectors (H7) and wires together, and carefully position all wires inside the outlet box.
      NOTE: The glossy live wire has the text printed on it; the rough neutral wire has the ridge on it.lowes 49300325 5 Light Chandelier-fig11
  9. Installing the canopy to the outlet box
    Raise the canopy (H11) all the way up to the ceiling, and tighten the ring (H9) onto the screw collar loop (H8) until the canopy (H11) is firmly held against the ceiling.lowes 49300325 5 Light Chandelier-fig12
  10. Installing the light bulbs
    Install the light bulbs (not included) into the socket. Use five Max 60W candelabra base (E12) type “B” bulbs (recommended).
    IHE: You can also use five MAX 9W candelabra base (E12) self-ballasted LED bulbs. Do not exceed the recommended wattage.lowes 49300325 5 Light Chandelier-fig13


  • Do not use any cleaners with chemicals, solvents, or harsh abrasives. Use only a dry, soft cloth to dust or wipe carefully.
  • To clean the fixture, disconnect the power by turning off the circuit breaker or by removing the fuse at the fuse box. Use a dry or slightly dampened, clean cloth to wipe the exterior surface of the fixture.


  • Ìhè ahụ anaghị anyụ ma ọlị:
    • Gbaa mbọ hụ na mgba ọkụ mgbidi na ihe mgbawa sekit dị.
    • Gbaa mbọ hụ na wiwi ziri ezi.
  • Fuse blows or circuit trips when light is turned on.
    Check for crossed wires, ensure wiring is correct.

Akwụkwọ / akụrụngwa

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