ieGeek SEZIBA Battery Powered IP Camera


NOTICE Before Starting Using X1

  • When starting to add the camera to the Wi-Fi network, please make sure It’s under a full Wi-Fi signal. (You can test with your smartphone)
  • Make sure to connect the device to your smartphone (successfully monitored on the app) before installing it on the wall.
  • This camera only supports a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router. Please make sure you are a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router (the same as the smartphone).
  • This camera doesn’t support Hidden WIFi, please switch the Wi-Fi to visible mode.
  • Please install the camera under a stable Wi-Fi coverage area. If the Wi-Fi signal is unstable in the place where you install it, Contact us at [email protected] for more advice if necessary.

If you need any help when installing or using the camera, here are the ways to follow

  1. Read our manual.
  2. View the installing video guide at seziba.netvideoguide
  3. Consult our customer service by starting a live chat at (Mon-Fri 8:00 am -5:00 pm pst)
  4. Download the PDF User Manual at
  5. Consult our customer service by emailing us at [email protected] (reply in 12 working hours).

Now Let Start Using the X1

Step1: Download The I think Smart App

  1. Search ‘1Think Smart on Apple Store (Phone) or Google Play (Android phone) to download the app.ieGeek-SEZIBA-Battery-Powered-IP-Camera-fig-1
  2. Use the phone camera to scan the following QR code to download the ‘1Think Smart’ app.”
    Only support iOS &.0 or higher version for IPhone, Android 10.0 or higher version for Android.ieGeek-SEZIBA-Battery-Powered-IP-Camera-fig-2
  3. For new users, please select “agree” to the tips pop-up.
    1. Allow I think Smart to access mobile cellular data and wireless LAN, otherwise, you cannot add a camera.
    2. Allow I think Smart to receive pushed messages, otherwise, the phone will not receive an alarm push message.
    3. Allow I think Smart to use the microphone when you want to use the 2-way audio function.

Step2: Power On The Camera
Push the switch to ON’ to power on. A beep will be heard and the red light will flash. (if it can not power on, please plug in DC5V1 A/2 A phone adapter to charge 15 mins first).ieGeek-SEZIBA-Battery-Powered-IP-Camera-fig-3

Step3: Account Sign Up(On iThink Smart App)

  1. Open the Think Smart app and click Sign up.
  2. Sign up: Select your country to register an account with your email.
  3. Log in: Select your country and enter the existing account and password to log in.

Step4: Add Device

Insert Micro Card(not Included)

Before Adding the Device

  1. Connect your phone to 2. 4G WI-FI (5G is not supported).
  2. Bring the camera and phone to the router within 1 to 3 feet (30 to 100 cm) and connect wif.

Adding the Device

  1. Open ‘Think Smart App.
  2. Click ‘Add Device’ in the middle to add the camera.
  3. Click ‘Security&Video Surveillance-‘Smart Camera(W-Fl”
  4. Follow the instructions on the APP to confirm the camera status and lick ‘Next
  5. Select 2.4GHz2 WiFi network and input the W-Fi password, click ‘Next.
  6. A QR code will show up on the smartphone. Use the camera to scan the QR code.ieGeek-SEZIBA-Battery-Powered-IP-Camera-fig-4
    • Before scanning the OR code, please make sure the indicator light slowly flashing in RED. not, please try to follow
    • Reset Camera: hold the reset button for several seconds, Until you hear Deng “Deng” Deng, it means it has been reset successfully.ieGeek-SEZIBA-Battery-Powered-IP-Camera-fig-5
  7. If the scanning is successful, it will sound prompt, if heard it, then tap “I Heard a Prompt and wait for “Add device.”
  8. After the addition is successful, click “Done” to enter the camera, and the camera indicator turns blue

Now the Camera is Ready!
If you still can’t bind the camera, please contact us at [email protected] for more advice.

Insert Micro Card(not included)

Tip: Video playback function requires a micro SD card inserted

Open the back micro SD Card slot cover. Insert a micro SD card 86, 16G, and 32G micro SD cards the format must be FAT32. 64G, 128G micro SD cards. the format must be the exFAT format.ieGeek-SEZIBA-Battery-Powered-IP-Camera-fig-6

Step5: How To Use The APP
Click the camera on the list page to enter the Live View.ieGeek-SEZIBA-Battery-Powered-IP-Camera-fig-7

  1. Transfer speed
  2. Enable or disable audio
  3. Switch the image quality.
  4. Remaining battery capacity
  5. Record Ilve video
  6. Start communicating
  7. Take a photo of the live view
  8. Zoom in
  9. Floating window
  10. Fullscreen
  11. More quick settingsieGeek-SEZIBA-Battery-Powered-IP-Camera-fig-8

Product Detail

Product IntroductionieGeek-SEZIBA-Battery-Powered-IP-Camera-fig-10

Packing ListieGeek-SEZIBA-Battery-Powered-IP-Camera-fig-11

Function introduction

Main Page

  1. Family Management Name
  2. Quick Settings
  3. Device List
  4. Home
  5. Scene Management
  6. Smart Management
  7. Personal CenterieGeek-SEZIBA-Battery-Powered-IP-Camera-fig-12
Set up page
  1. Name Management
  2. Device Information: List of Camera Information
  3. Scene Management Entry
  4. Basic function settings: Set indicator status, screen flip, etc.
  5. Sounds: Set volume, microphone sensitivity
  6. Working Mode: Power Saving/Continuous
  7. Detection Alarm Settings: Turn on/off, set the opening time
  8. Power Management SettingsieGeek-SEZIBA-Battery-Powered-IP-Camera-fig-13


  1. Storage Settings: Check the micro SD card details, format the micro SD card
  2. Recording Setings: On/off, set recording mode/time
  3. Value-added services: Cloud storage
  4. Offline Notification: On/off
  5. FAQ&Feedback: View problems contact customer service and feedback problems
  6. Share Device: Share the device with family and friends
  7. Add to Home Screen: Add quick access
  8. Device Update: Firmware upgrade/turn on automatic upgrade
  9. Remove Device: Remove the device from the accountieGeek-SEZIBA-Battery-Powered-IP-Camera-fig-14




Q: Failed to add during network configuration?
A: Please make sure your phone is connected to a router in the 2.4GHz band, and make sure that the Wi-Fi password is correct.

Q: After the scan adding is still unsuccessful?
A: Restart the device or turn off the device and then try to add it again.

Q: The device cannot preview normally.
A: Please check if the network signal is too weak, please put the camera close to the router.

Q: After resetting the device, why is the camera still in the device list?
A Resetting the device only to reset the camera’s network configuration, but cannot change the configuration on the APP, to delete the camera, you must log in the APP to delete.

Q: How to switch the camera network to another router?
A: First remove and reset the device on the APP, and then configure the network for the device again through the APP.

Q: Why does the device can not recognize the SD card?
A: Please insert and remove the SD card after power off, please check if the SD card is working normally and whether it is in FAT32 format, when the mobile phone or the device is working in an unstable network, the APP also will prompt that the SD card cannot be recognized.

Customer Service & Technical Support

(No Reason Return for Replacement, No Aditional Fee)

Go to or scan the QR code

You will get

Life Time Replacement Service 7’24 Prioritized Customer Service
Register within 7 days after receiving your item.

Dear Users:
Thank you for purchasing seziba products

In order to protect your rights, please read the following carefully after purchasing:

The following situations do not belong to the scope of free maintenance please note:

  • Disassemble and repair the product without permission.
  • Intentional damage to the product, such as the use of unsuitable adapters Mechanical damage, etc.
  • Product failure or damage caused by force majeure such as earthquake, fire, flood, lightning, etc.

The content in this manual only provides guidance for users. Our company wll update the content of this manual according to the enhancement or change of product functions. And will regularly improve and update the software functions described in this manual, the updated content will be reflected in the new version of the manual without notice.

Technical Support Software Upgrade Service

How to get our technical support

  1. Starting a live chat at (mon-fri 8: 00 am-5: 00 pm pst)
  2. Emailing us at [email protected] (reply In 12 working hours)
  3. Submit an online form at

Documents / Resources

ieGeek SEZIBA Battery Powered IP Camera [pdf] User Manual
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