IBEX Z10005006 Crash Bar Kit

IBEX Z10005006 Crash Bar Kit


For your own safty we recommend having installation and/ or servicing carried out by a specialist workshop. We assumes no liability for damage caused by improper installation and/ or maintenance work.

No torque specifications: Use the torque defined by vehicle manufacturer! The standard torque in this table can be used as long as it is within the vehicle manufacturer´s specifications.

Thank you for choosing this quality product from IBEX!
The assembly and/or maintenance of this product requires a good technical understanding. For your own safety, we recommend that the assembly and/or maintenance is carried out by a specialist workshop. Our company assumes no liability for any damage caused by improper assembly or maintenance. Be sure to keep in mind all the notes provided in the assembly instructions. Please also note all the instructions relevant to the assembly in the vehicle manual. Nonobservance can cause damage to the vehicle or danger to the driver! Please keep the assembly instructions as a reference.

General Notes:
Observe any country-specific regulations by the legislature or homologation regulations.

Read the assembly instructions carefully and make sure all parts of the list are available. Make sure that your vehicle stands safely and can´t fall over. Turn off the engine and pull the ignition key. If necessary, allow the engine/exhaust to cool down. When working on the electrics disconnect the vehicle battery. Be sure to use only suitable tools. If necessary get help with the assembly work by a second person.


According to vehicle manufacturers specification all demounted parts and connections must be reassembled or replaced by the parts and connections supplied by our company. If not stated different secure all threads with a medium-strong liquid screw protection. If not stated different by the vehicle manufacturer or our company, all bolts and nuts must be tightened according to A4/ISO. After assembly, make sure that all previously demounted parts and connections have been properly remounted.

Funktion Check:
After assembly, pay attention to the absolute freedom of movement and proper function of all vehicle parts. Cables, trains and hoses must not scrub or be clamped. Do a comprehensive functional check before the start of your journey. After 100 km please check the proper tightness of all parts and connections demounted during assembly.

crashbar kit

IBEX Z10005006 Crash Bar Kit 1

IBEX Z10005006 Crash Bar Kit 2

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IBEX Z10005006 Crash Bar Kit [pdf] Instruction Manual
Z10005006, Crash Bar Kit, Z10005006 Crash Bar Kit

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