i-box DAB and FM Radio Bluetooth Speaker



The i-box Crystal stereo radio is presented in an elegant, minimalist wooden housing designed to produce great sound quality. The DAB/DAB+ and FM tuners offer a wide range of stations to listen to and up to 30 DAB and FM stations can be saved to presets. Music and podcasts can be streamed from a phone or tablet via Bluetooth and additional features include a dual alarm and dedicated remote control.

 Caring for your Radio

  • Do not place naked flame sources, such as lighted candles on or near the Crystal.
  • Keep away from dripping or splashing liquids.
  • The unit should not be exposed to direct sunlight, very high or low temperatures, moisture, strong magnetic fields high frequencies and dusty environments.
  • Always leave sufficient space around the unit for ventilation.
  • Do not use abrasives, thinner or other solvents to clean the unit.
  • To clean, wipe with a clean soft cloth.
  • Never attempt to insert wires, pins or other such objects into the vents or opening of the unit.
  • Do not disassemble or modify the unit, there are no user-serviceable parts.
  • If the radio is damaged or malfunctions do not use. Consult a qualified service engineer.
  • This product’s remote uses batteries, keep away from children. The batteries could be harmful if swallowed. Seek immediate medical advice if you believe a battery has been swallowed.
  • Do not dispose of this product with household waste at the end of its life cycle; take it to a designated collection centre for the recycling of electrical and electronic appliances with batteries. Please check with your Local Authority for recycling advice.

Controls & Features


  1. LCD Display
  2. Remote Control Sensor
  3. VSonoluomzee Dial/ Enter/ Play/
  4. Standby Key
  5. Scan Key
  6. Equalizer Setting Key
  7. Preset Key
  8. Timer Key
  9. Mode Select Key
  10. Menu/Info Key
  11. Tune -/ Previous Key
  12. Tune+/ Next Key
  13. Back Keyi-box-DAB-and-FM-Radio-Bluetooth-Speaker-FIG-2
  14. Headphone Port
  15. AUX In Port
  16. Power Supply Port
  17. Extendable Antenna
    Before getting started
    Before setup or making connections please extend the antenna fully.
    Controls – Remote
  18. Standby
  19. Mute
  20. Menu
  21. Preset
  22. Scan
  23. Equalizer Mode
  24. DAB Mode
  25. FMMode
  26. Bluetooth Mode
  27. Aux In Mode
  28. Bluetooth Pairing Key
  29. Countdown Timer
  30. Up/Next
  31. Play/Pause/ Enter
  32. Tune-
  33. Tune+
  34. Down/ Previous
  35. Volume-
  36. Volume +
  37. Preset 1
  38. Preset 2
  39. Preset 3
  40. Preset4
  41. Preset 5
  42. Preset 6
  43. Preset 7
  44. Presets
  45. Preset 9
  46. Sleep Timer Key
  47. Preset 10
  48. Display Dim Key

Remote Control – Batteries
Insert 2x AAA batteries into the remote observing polarity as shown in the battery compartment.


Powering your Radio
To power the i-box Crystal alarm clock, plug the power adaptor (supplied) into a wall socket and the jack plug into the DC In port on the back of the Crystal (16).

Setting the Clock and Calendar
The first time you power up your i-box Crystal it will start up in Standby Mode and the display will show 00:00, when a signal has been found, the clock and calendar will automatically be set.


Controlling your Crystal Radio
You can control your Crystal using the keys on the remote control 18-47 (shown in Blue) or the controls on the front panel 3-13 (shown in Red).

Standby Mode and Mode Select
In Standby mode Short press the Standby Mode Key(!) (4/18), to switch ON in the last mode played, short press again to go back into Standby Mode.


To select the mode, short press the Mode Select Key (9) and toggle though the modes (DAB / FM / Bluetooth / Aux In or use the mode keys on the remote 24-DAB / 25-FM / 26-Bluetooth / 27-Aux In.

Navigating Menus
Long press MENU/INFOkey(10) or Menu key(20) on the remote then i-box-DAB-and-FM-Radio-Bluetooth-Speaker-FIG-7(11/12 or 30/34) to scroll through menu options.
Press the Volume Dial or Enter (3/31) to select an option or enter a sub menu. Short press the i-box-DAB-and-FM-Radio-Bluetooth-Speaker-FIG-8 key (13) to go back a menu level.

Change the operating language
The default operating language is English, to change enter the System menu using the Menu/Info key or Menu key on the remote (10/20) scroll using i-box-DAB-and-FM-Radio-Bluetooth-Speaker-FIG-7(11/12 or 30/34) to <Language> press Enter (3/31) and choose from <English>
<Deutsch> <Italiano> <Franais>.


DAB Radio Mode
Short press the Mode Select key (9) to enter DAB mode. Or the DAB key (7) on the remote.


DAB Full Scan (Automatic Search)
Searches all DAB frequencies, and saves all available stations to the Station List. Short Press the Scan key (5/22) on radio or the remote.


Manual Tune
If you know the frequency of a station you can search for it using this option. Using i-box-DAB-and-FM-Radio-Bluetooth-Speaker-FIG-7(11/12 or 30/34).


Station List
Use thei-box-DAB-and-FM-Radio-Bluetooth-Speaker-FIG-7(11/12 or 30/34) to browse all the available DAB stations. The selected station will automatically connect and play.


Volume Adjustment
Use the Volume dial (3) to adjust the volume. Or the Volume+ (35) or Volume – (34) keys on the remote.


Storing a Station to Preset
Save your favourite stations to one of the 60 available preset slots, (30 for DAB and 30 for FM).


You can also save a station to one of the first 9 preset slots by using long pressing one of the 1-9 numbered keys (37-45) on the remote.

Recalling a Preset Station
Quickly access your favourite stations saved to a preset slot.


You can also quickly recall a station on one of the first 9 preset slots by using short pressing one of the 1-9 numbered keys (37-45) on the remote.

DAB Menu Options
While in DAB mode, you can access features such as: Full Scan, Manual Tune, DRC (Dynamic Range Control), Prune and System.


Full Scan: See page 7.
Manual Tune: See page 8.

DRC (Dynamic Range Control):
Dynamic Range Control can make quieter sounds easier to hear when your radio is used in a noisy environment. This function is only available for some DAB stations.


DAB system menu settings.


Choose from Time I Language I Back/ight I Factory Reset I SW version I Sleep I Alarms

Time/Date Settings
Set the Time and Date settings for the radio.


Set Ti me/Date:
Manually set the Time and Date settings.


Auto Update:
Choose the source to auto update from. Choose from FM, DAB, Any or No Update


Set 12/24 hour:
Choose between 12 hour or 24 hour clock display.


Set Date Format:
Choose between DD-MM-YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY


To set the menu language, see page 7.

Choose between Timeout, On Level, Dim Level.


Select how long until the radio display enters dim level.


On Level:
Select the brightness of the display when on.


Dim Level:
Select the brightness of the display when dimmed.


Factory Reset
Resets your Airtime radio to factory default settings. This will delete any presets or alarm settings.


Software Version
See the software version.


Sleep Timer
The Sleep timer function lets you set a time period after which your radio will switch off automatically. This is ideal if you want your radio to switch off automatically after you have fallen asleep.
To set the sleep timer, press the Sleep key (45) on the remote, or long press the Menu/Info key (10) on the radio to enter the menus and use thei-box-DAB-and-FM-Radio-Bluetooth-Speaker-FIG-7(11/12 or 30/34) until the Sleep menu is displayed. Press Enter (3/31) to enter the sleep menu.


A small i-box-DAB-and-FM-Radio-Bluetooth-Speaker-FIG-0 icon will appear on the left of the screen when there is an active sleep timer.
To turn off an active sleep timer, press (12 or 30) till OFF is displayed.


The radio allows you to set two independent alarms, to set up an alarm follow the steps below.


Alarm – Set time 


Alarm – Set duration
Choose from 15, 30, 45, 60 and 90 minutes.


Alarm – Set source
Choose from Buzzer, FM or DAB


DAB and FM will use the last played station or one the presets for the source for the alarm sound.

Alarm – Set frequency
Choose from Daily, Once, Weekends or Weekdays.


Alarm – Set volume


Alarm – Set On/Off
Choose whether you want the alarm to be active or deactivated.


When the electronic (Buzzer), DAB or FM radio alarms are activated they will start quietly and gradually increase in volume.


Alarm Snooze/Stop 

i-box-DAB-and-FM-Radio-Bluetooth-Speaker-FIG-42FM Mode
Press the Mode key (9) to enter FM radio mode. Or the FM key (25) on the remote.


Scan setting
By default the FM scan stores all available stations even if the signal is weak and the audio quality poor. To store just the stations with a strong signal, follow the steps below.


Audio setting
By default all stereo stations are reproduced in stereo. For weak signals, this may result in poor quality audio. The audio quality can be improved by using the mono only setting. Follow the steps below.


Automatic Tuning
Long press thei-box-DAB-and-FM-Radio-Bluetooth-Speaker-FIG-7(11/12 or 30/34) to tune to the next available frequency .


Manual Tuning
Short press the i-box-DAB-and-FM-Radio-Bluetooth-Speaker-FIG-7(11/12 or 30/34) to tune manually to a desired frequency.


Preset FM Mode
To save and recall a preset station while in FM Radio mode, follow the steps found in the DAB preset section on page 8.

(FM system settings): Same as the DAB mode system settings.

Wireless Connection Mode
The Crystal radio has a Wireless Connection Mode, press the Mode key (6) to enter Wireless (bt) mode.


Pairing with Bluetooth Enabled Devices

To connect a compatible Bluetooth device, follow the steps below.


When successfully connected to a compatible device, the radio will display ‘Bluetooth Connected’. You don’t need to re-pair. Your radio will automatically reconnect with this device when it is in range and both are turned on.


Bluetooth Playback


The radio or device can also be used to go to the previous or next track by using the i-box-DAB-and-FM-Radio-Bluetooth-Speaker-FIG-7(11/12 or 30/34).
You can also play/pause the audio using the radio by pressing the ►II key (3/31).
Press and hold the ►II key (3/31) to disconnect from the currently connected Bluetooth device.

AUXIN mode

The Crystal has an AUX IN mode, press the Mode key (9) to enter AUX IN mode. Connect the AUX IN cable to the AUX port (15) on the Crystal and to the AUX out port on a compatible device.


Headphone Mode
The Crystal radio also has support for headphone listening, allowing you to play your music without disturbing others.
To use headphones, connect a pair of compatible 3.5mm jack headphones to the headphone port (14) to the back of the radio.

Equaliser Mode
You can choose from a range of Equalizer frequncy settings to enhance the style of music you are playing, options are: <FLAT> <ROCK> <POP> <JAZZ> <CLASSIC>


Countdown Timer Mode
Using your Crystal radio you can set a timer, when the timer has elapsed will emit a sound. Press the Enter key on the remote (31) or the Enter key (3) on the radio to stop the sound.







Updates to Firmware and/or hardware components are made regularly. Therefore some of the instructions, specifications and pictures in this documentation may differ slightly from your particular situation. All items described in this guide are for illustration purposes only and may not apply to your particular situation. No legal right or entitlements may be obtained from the description made in this manual.

Declaration of conformity

Hereby, Philex Electronic Ltd. declares that the radio equipment: model i-box Crystal Radio with Bluetooth Speaker, for wireless reception in domestic premises is in compliance with the Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU. The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at the following internet address: www.philex.com/doc

Technical support

For further help, advice, information or live chat visit www.iboxstyle.com

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i-box DAB and FM Radio Bluetooth Speaker [pdf] User Guide
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