HUWAI-F Mini Projector for iPhone USER GUIDE

HUWAI-F Mini Projector for iPhone

Thank you for choosing this wireless LED Pico Projector. This projector offers 100 ansi lumens with built-in battery and has Android built in and screen mirroring. With its unique periscope feature you can pivot your projector easily 90 degrees from the wall to the ceiling in one simple motion.
The projector offers simple & easy wireless mirroring with most devices including Apple, Android and Windows laptops, games consoles and other devices.

Safety Instructions
  1. Do not look at the lens when the projector is running as the light glare may damage your eyes.
  2. The voltage for this product is only in the range of 1 OOV-240 V and cannot be adjusted exceed this range.
  3. The battery for this product is only internal and must not be tampered with.
  4. Do not use your projector in areas with static electricity or where they may come into contact with moisture as it may cause malfunction and damage to the projector. Should keep it away from liquid.
  5. Do not block the vents while the projector is turned on especially the vents at the bottom of the device as it may cause overheating, damage or fire.
  6. Please store this device at the optimum temperature of Oto 35 ·c or a working temperature of -1 Oto 35 ·c .If you do not intend to use the product for a long time please store it fully charged, and discharge it at least once every 3 months to prevent any reduction in the battery performance.


CPU ARM cortex-a?
ROM 8G or 16G
Wifi 2.4G/5G
Display Technology OLP Technology
Lens High lens head
LED light RGB
Physical Resolution WVGA ( 854×480)
Projection Image Size 12-200 Inch
Wireless Mirroring For IOS /Android/ Windows PC/ Mac
Adjustment Function Keystone Correction / Manual Focus
System Android 7.1
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 (speaker connection only)
Remote control Infrared remote control
Speaker Stereo Speaker, 4O3W
Power AC100~240V, Input 50/60Hz, Output DC5V /3A
Ports HDMI/USB 2.0/TF Card/3.5mm Earphone Jack/DC in
Dimensions 192*50*50mm

Projector Settings

To adjust the focus turn the focus wheel left or right until your image is in focus.
Indicator Status:

  • Red: Charging
  • Blue:On
  • Green:Charged
    (Dual coloured lights may appear at same time)

Remote Control

When enter into youtube,Netflix etc video apps, you need switch to the cursor module.


  1. Select Settings – Network Settings – WIFI, press the right button of the remote control or move the mouse to the OFF/ON button to turn off/on WIFI
  2. After turning on WIFI, select the wireless network and enter the password to connect.


Select Settings – bluetooth, then turn one “BT”, click “Projector”and press”OK” on device to rename the BT. Select”Available equipment”and choose available device to connect

Portable Wi-Fi hotspot

  1. Select “Settings” -Convenient hot spot, click “OFF”turn on Easy WI-Fl hotspot, then reset Nerwork SSID, password,the way off security and AP band.Click “Save” to save the message.
  2. Use smart phone to select this hotspot, and enter.


There is no cable socket on projector, it needs external cable USB to connect (RJ45 interface needs IC drive RTL8152 or LAN9500 to support only).


The projector with HDMI input function is mainly used to input information of other device into the projector. Once you connect your laptop or gaming device, select HDMI.
Connect with computer

Connect the device with PC via USB cable, select “Setting”. Click “USB”and there will be a word “On” after “USB”,then it supports to copy files from PC to projector(Please note that this is not the function of a mirroring screen.)
{ } Developer Options

Factory data reset

Select “Settings”, click “Factory data reset” , click “OK”then reset and delete all data.

APK installation and unloading

  1. select”APK lnstaller”in Smart Apps,select”APP lnstall”.lt supports to install APP from SD card,USB drive or APP store in device.
  2. select”APK lnstaller”in Smart Apps,select”APP Manage”, select any APP which needs to unload and then click”uninstall”.

USB driver, HOD, SD card and WORD,EXCEL, PPT

Built-in screen sharing function(Android)

  1. Android smartphone and projector should connect with same WIFI (if no network is available,open the WIFI function, no need to connect with network).
  2. Find the screen sharing function in the settings, then open it.
  3. Open the projector, find wifi display or Miracast in Smart Apps.
  4. Click “search”, it will search for a smartphone and click “agree” in the pop-up.

E-share Instruction for Android

  1. Install EShare App on ! an Android Device
  2. Please make sure that the Android device and projector are connecting with the same network.
  3. run ” EShareServer” on the projector side and operate according to the tips on the screen. Scanning the QR code or visiting a download website with an Android smartphone, downloading and installing “EShare for Android”.
    • Connect your cellphone to the network “same network connected to the projector”
    • visit the “EShare download link” in explorer or scan the QR code
    • 0pen EShare, then click “Device name”.
  4. Connect Projector with Android Device
    When EShare installation is finished, run “EShare” on the smartphone side, then EShare will search for the projector which shares the same network with it automatically, click the device list on the top to search again and check the device. Click the objective device name on the device list and the connection will be built. The projector will connect with the device automatically when there is only one device available on EShare side.
  5. Wireless File Transfer
    You can transfer selected files including music, video, pictures, office documents, PDFs, e-books or APKs from your Android devices to Projector by clicking “Storage”.
  6. Wireless Control!
    Click this icon in the EShare, then the smartphone can be used as the mouse, remote controller, keyboard or fly mouse of the projector .
  7. TV Mirror
    Click this icon in the EShare, you can transmit pictures from projector to smartphone in real-time.
  8. Mirroring
    Click this icon on the smartphone, you can transmit the screen of the Android device to the projector screen.
  9. Camera
    Click this icon in the EShare, pictures and sound of the smartphone camera can be transmitted to the projector in real time.

EShare iPhone instruction

  1. SlideSiPhone screen from bottom to top, click AirPlay mirror,the chosen device in the list to achieve sharing screen with iPhone.
    • Install EShare App on lOS Device (Open App Store on iPhone or iPad;
    • Search “EShare” and install” EShare for iPhone/iPad”.
  2. Connect Projector with Android Device
    • Connect your cellphone to the network “same network connected to the projector”
    • Visit the ” Eshare download link” in explorer or scan the QR code with a cellphone to download and install the app.

EShare Instruction for Windows

EShare Windows instruction

  1. install EShare App on Windows Device
  2. Please make sure that the Windows device and projector are connected to the same network.
  3. Run the “EShare Server” on the projector and operate following the tips on the screen. Input the download address in Explorer address bar, download, and install “EShare for Windows”.
  • Connect your cellphone to the network “same network connected to the projector”
  • Visit the ” EShare download link” in explorer or scan the QR code with a cellphone to download and install the app.
  • 0pen EShare, then click “Device name”.

Connect with Projector
Run the “EShare” app, then share will search for the projector which shares the same network with ii automatically. When EShare find the device, click projector name on the device list to build the connection.

iPhone line synchronization with the projector

Connect the projector with iOS or iPad data lines, point out “Trust This computer,choose “Trust”, wait some seconds, phone screen will synchronize to projector.

Upgrade online

System Apps -All Apps – Wireless Upgrade – Operate according to the lips on the screen.

Use U-disk/TF card to root

After projector is fully charged, rename the file from after-sale to “ “and copy it to the root directory of U-disk or TF card. Insert U-disk or TF card to any USB port of projector, open projector then select setting- local upgrade . Click it to upgrade.

PC upgrade instruction

  1. Please download the driver tool (, install the driver open diver setup file to install until finished (for win? system.install with Administrator identity. For one PC, on the condition that tools and driver setup path keep unchanged , the driver installation only need once).
  2. Prepare the upgrade tool, firmware (the suffix should be .img), power adapter , machine that needs to be upgraded and corresponding USB cable.
  3. Upgrade Preparation: Operate device in upgrade mode and connect with PC.
  4. Operate device in upgrade mode
    • Connect with computer: use the USB cable to connect machine USB upgrade port and PC.
    • The machine will enter root mode.
  5. Our company will provide unzip the firmware and save as .img format. Open tool and click firmware, find the place of firmware for storage and load it.

What’s in the box

The box contents include a remote control, a bag, a Power Supply Unit (PSU), HDMI, a user manual and the projector.


The pictures, functions described in this user manual may be different from actual presetting of the machine, specific please in kind prevail. Our company is devoting to perfect product. performance and intensify product function, we reserve the right to modify product function and interface described in this manual without prior notice. Please in kind prevail.
Please keep your device properly. The company is not responsible fo any loss caused by the wrong operation of software/hardware or repairing or any other reasons. The company also has no responsibility for any loss of any third-party.
This manual has been carefully reviewed by a professional engineer but there are inevitab some omissions. Thanks for your understanding.
Attention: when projector is working, please do not look directly into the lens, the strong light will flash your eyes and cause slight pain if your eyes are close to the lens. Children should use the projector under the supervision of adults.

Warranty Card

Problems occurred:
Customer’s Info:


What apps can’t you get on Huawei?

Due to the company’s ongoing difficulties with the US government, Huawei phones do not use Google services. That means no Google Play Store for apps and no support for services such as Gmail, YouTube, Maps or the Chrome browser.

How does my Huawei Watch know when I’m asleep?

After HUAWEI TruSleep™ is enabled, the green indicator on the rear of the watch will be on. The watch records activity data using the accelerometer and uses the motion recognition and sleep algorithms to obtain your sleep status.

Does Huawei Watch Fit have oxygen sensor?

Open the Huawei Health app, touch Devices and then your device name, touch Health monitoring, and enable Automatic SpO2 measurement. The device will then automatically measure and record your SpO2 when it detects that you are still.

Can Huawei Watch take pictures?

After your device is connected to the Huawei Health app, touch Remote shutter ( ) in the app list on the device to enable the camera on your phone, and then you can touch on the device screen to take a photo. Touch to switch between a 2-second and 5-second timer.

Can Huawei Watch Fit install apps?

Open the Huawei Health app, enter the device details screen, and then touch AppGallery. Select the app you want to use from the Apps list and touch Install.

Can you sleep with HUAWEI WATCH FIT?

Wear your watch to sleep and your watch will identify different sleep stages including the time you fall asleep, wake up, and enter or exit deep sleep, and sync the corresponding data to the HUAWEI Health app.

Can you text on HUAWEI WATCH FIT?

HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 Series: When receiving an SMS message on your device, you can swipe up on the screen and select a quick reply.

Can you answer calls on Huawei fit?

Your watch will display caller information whenever there is an incoming call on your phone, and you can answer or reject the call directly using your watch. Now you don’t have to worry about missing any calls even when you aren’t by your phone.

Can Huawei watch fit make calls?

You can’t initiate or answer calls, listen to music without your phone connected, there’s no voice assistance of any sort, you can’t connect headphones directly to the watch.

Does HUAWEI WATCH FIT have always on display?

To enable this feature, perform the following: On the home screen of the device, press the side button, go to Settings > Display > Always on display, swipe left or right on the screen to preview the watch face, and then touch or the selected watch face to complete the settings.

Is Huawei fit mini waterproof?

Supports slide and touch gestures. *Devices complying with the 5ATM-rated water have a water resistance rating of 50 meters under ISO standard 22810:2010. This means that they may be used for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean.

Is HUAWEI WATCH FIT good for iPhone?

It displays notifications from a paired smartphone and has standard features such as an alarm, flashlight and weather information. There are music control abilities with the smartwatch. However, these are not currently compatible with iOS devices.

Can a smartwatch WhatsApp?

On WhatsApp beta for Android 2.22. 19.11 or newer, you will automatically get incoming call notifications from the app on your Galaxy Watch. You can even pick up the call and talk to the other person right from your wrist.

Can we video call in smartwatch?

The same type of kids smartwatch can become friends through “Make friends” to chat with each other. [4G face to face video chat]: 2-way video calling, video call with your child anytime anywhere. The 1.44″ HD screen will show you a fluent interface. The smartwatch can voice chat and also send pictures.

Does Huawei Watch have alarm?

You can set the smart alarm and event alarms in the Huawei Health app. The smart alarm will only wake you up in advance based on the preset time when you are not in deep sleep. Event alarms will go off at the time you set.

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