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Distance strap
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You must read the user manual for your device prior to usage. Keep this booklet and information handy for future use.


  • WARNING symbol indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in serious injury to the user or damage to property and/or the device itself.HUMAN-CARE-20124-10-Distance-Strap-FIG-2
  • INFORMATION symbol indicates recommendations and information for proper, trouble-free usage.
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY symbol indicates maximum user weight for the product. Do not exceed this weight in any circumstance.HUMAN-CARE-20124-10-Distance-Strap-FIG-3
  • CE MARKING symbol indicates product meets requirements of EU Directive 93/42/EEC (MDD) and/or EU Regulation 2017/745 (MDR).
  • MEDICAL DEVICE symbol indicates that the product is a medical device according to the definition of medical device in EU Directive 93/42/EEC (MDD) and/or EU Regulation 2017/745 (MDR).HUMAN-CARE-20124-10-Distance-Strap-FIG-4
  • RECYCLE according to local regulations.
  • READ INSTRUCTIONS and ensure you fully understand them before using this product.


  • Product modification is not permitted.
  • Before use, always check that the product is not damaged or worn.

Human Care’s products are continuously being developed and updated to provide our customers with the highest quality. We reserve the right to make design changes without prior notice. Always make sure that you have the most recent version of the manual which is available for downloading from our website at Contact your local distributor if you have any questions about the product and its use.
Notice to user/patient in case of serious incident
Any serious incident that has occurred in relation to the product, should be reported to the local contact, who reports to the manufacturer, and the competent authority of the country in which the user/patient is established.

Compliances and Standards

Human Care is an ISO 13485:2016 certified Swedish medical device company. The Quality Management System is in compliance with US 21 CFR part 820.
The product is CE marked in accordance with EU Directive 93/42/EEC (MDD) and/or EU Regulation 2017/745 (MDR), as class I medical device.
The CE mark is on the product. This product has been tested in accordance with ISO 10535.

Intended use

The distance strap is attached to the rail roller in the lift at one end and at the other end is the portable lift. The distance strap brings the portable lift at a reachable height for the care giver to transfer the lift to another room during the room-to-room transfer or when deattaching for transport to another room. Human Care distance straps are compatible with our portable lifts, called Altair and Roomer S.

Technical specifications


Part no. Name Length Hook
20124-10 Distance strap lifts 10cm/3,9” 2 hooks
20124-100 Distance strap lifts 100cm/45,5” 2 hooks
20124-110 Distance strap lifts 110cm/50” 2 hooks
20124-120 Distance strap lifts 120cm/54,5” 2 hooks
20124-140 Distance strap lifts 140cm/63,6” 2 hooks
20124-15 Distance strap lifts 15cm/5,9” 2 hooks
20124-160 Distance strap lifts 160cm/72,7” 2 hooks
20124-185 Distance strap lifts 185cm/84,1” 2 hooks
20124-20 Distance strap lifts 20cm/7,8” 2 hooks
20124-245 Distance strap lifts 245cm/111,4” 2 hooks
20124-25 Distance-strap lifts 25cm/9,8” 2 hooks
20124-30 Distance-strap lifts 30cm/11,8” 2 hooks
20124-35 Distance-strap lifts 35cm/13,8” 2 hooks
20124-40 Distance-strap lifts 40cm/15,7” 2 hooks
20124-45 Distance-strap lifts 45cm/17,7” 2 hooks
Part no. Name Length Hook
20124-50 Distance strap lifts 50cm/19,7” 2 hooks
20124-55 Distance strap lifts 55cm/21,7” 2 hooks
20124-60 Distance strap lifts 60cm/23,6” 2 hooks
20124-65 Distance strap lifts 65cm/25,6” 2 hooks
20124-70 Distance strap lifts 70cm/27,6” 2 hooks
20124-75 Distance strap lifts 75cm/29,6” 2 hooks
20124-80 Distance strap lifts 80cm/31,5” 2 hooks
20124-85 Distance strap lifts 85cm/33,5” 2 hooks
20124-90 Distance strap lifts 90cm/35,4” 2 hooks
20124-95 Distance strap lifts 95cm/37,4” 2 hooks
20124S-15 Distance-strap lifts 15cm/5,9” catch hook
20124S-20 Distance-strap lifts 20cm/7,8” catch hook
20124S-30 Distance-strap lifts 30cm/9,8” catch hook
20124S-50 Distance-strap lifts 50cm/19,7” catch hook
20124S-80 Distance-strap lifts 80cm/31,5” catch hook


  • The distance straps are attached to the rail roller, see pictures with examples.
    The connection should always be a combination of connection between a hook and a loop.
  • Define the right length of the distance strap:
    All rail rollers should be equipped with distance strap (inspected when installed) to come down to a recommended working height from the ceiling.
    If a rail roller with hook (20529) is used, the lift attaches directly to this.

Recommended working height
Recommended hook-up height approx. 1850-1900 mm from Roomer and approx. 1900-1950 mm for Altair.

NB: Shorter distance straps can be used to obtain greater lifting height if required.

  • Distance straps must be chosen to enable safe and comfortable room-to-room transfer. If the ratio of the distance from the rail roller to the lift (A) and the distance between transfer points (B) is to great, it is possible that the unloaded lift belt will not be released (Roomer only).

NB: To ensure comfortable transfers, we recommend a maximum distance of 800-900mm between the transfer points. If a greater distance is required, this should
be tested before putting the system into use.HUMAN-CARE-20124-10-Distance-Strap-FIG-6HUMAN-CARE-20124-10-Distance-Strap-FIG-7HUMAN-CARE-20124-10-Distance-Strap-FIG-8

The diagram shows the minimum permitted distance between the hoist and rail roller (A) at different distances between the transfer points (B).

  • Suspending the liftHUMAN-CARE-20124-10-Distance-Strap-FIG-9Place the lift on a suitable surface and feed out belt by gently pulling out the belt while at the same time pressing the ‘down’ button on either the hand control or secondary panel of the lift. Hook the lift belt onto the distance strap so that it is held firmly in position. The loop of the lift belt is approaching the hook in an angle of 140-160 degrees as shown in the illustration. Ensure the lift belt is firmly in place before use.


  • Annual inspection – The lift and the related components must be inspected at least once per year by a qualified technician certified by Human Care.
  • Monthly Inspection – Check the complete lifting system for damage or wear.
  • Daily Inspection – Always inspect the lift for visible signs of damage before use. Ensure the lift is correctly mounted on the distance strap or rail roller. Always check slings, distance straps and belts for signs of wear before use. Do not use if wear is evident.

Visual inspection:
When lifting the strap in vertical and upwards direction, the connection should stay in place, meaning that the hook is not leaving the loop. The hook and loop are not detached when lowering the lift again. It should only be possible to detach the distance strap by having the metal parts diagonal at a angle of 140-160 degrees.

Yearly inspection by technicianHUMAN-CARE-20124-10-Distance-Strap-FIG-10

  • Measurement:
    The hook should have an opening of 5,1 mm. the acceptable distance is between 4-6 mm.
  • Product lifetime
    The product´s expected lifetime is three (3) years, if the product is used as intended and maintained according to the manufacturer´s instructions, depending on the intensity of use and maximum load applied during use. If the product label is no longer legible, the product should be discarded.

Product label

The product label contains information about the product and is located on the back side of one of the hooks.
HUMAN-CARE-20124-10-Distance-Strap-FIG-11Symbols on the product and the product label:HUMAN-CARE-20124-10-Distance-Strap-FIG-12

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Documents / Resources

HUMAN CARE 20124-10 Distance Strap [pdf] User Manual
20124-10 Distance Strap, Distance Strap, 20124-10 Strap, Strap, 20124-10, 20124-100, 20124-110


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