Wide Aperture Mode – Huawei Mate 10

Wide Aperture Mode

Use wide aperture mode for close-up shots of objects and people. You can adjust the focal point after taking a photo to blur the background and make the subject stand out.

If StatementFor optimal results, ensure that the subject is no more than 2 meters (6 ft) from the camera.

1. Open Camera Camera.
2. Touch to enter the wide aperture mode on the upper screen to enter the wide aperture mode.
If StatementThe wide aperture mode is only available in the Photo mode.
3. Touch the viewfinder to focus on a particular area.
4. Touch to enter the wide aperture mode in the viewfinder and swipe left or right to adjust the aperture.
5. Touch to save the current to take a photo to take a photo.

Adjust the background blur: Open Gallery, and touch a photo with tagged with to enter the wide aperture modeand then touch to adjust the focal point and aperture. Touch  To Save to save the photo.

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Huawei Mate 10 Manual [PDF]

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