Viewing Photos and Videos – Huawei Mate 10

Viewing Photos and Videos

Viewing photos in full screen mode

Open Open Gallery Gallery and touch a photo to view it in full screen. Touch the screen to show or hide the menu.

When viewing photos in full-screen mode, you can:

– Zoom in or out: Spread two fingers apart to zoom in, or pinch two fingers together to zoom out.

– View image details: Touch Blutooth paired deviceto view the image details, such as the ISO, exposure compensation, and resolution.

– Rename photos: Touch wifi activ > Rename. Enter a new name and select OK.

– Set photo as the home screen wallpaper, or assign the photo to a contact: Touch wifi activ> Set as > Wallpaper or Contact photo.

– Enable auto-rotation: In Open Gallery Gallery, touch > Settings > Photo orientation > Always rotate to rotate photos when you change the screen orientation.

Viewing photos and videos in chronological order

Go to the Photos tab. Photos and videos are automatically displayed in chronological order. Touch wifi activ> Settings and switch on Show time to display the date when the photo was taken. In the Photos tab, zoom in or out to switch between month and day view.

Viewing photos and videos by location
If GPS tag is switched on in Camera, you can view photos and videos by location in Gallery.

Go to the Photos tab and touch Geo tag to view your geotagged photos or videos on a map.

Viewing photos and videos by album
Go to the Albums tab. Photos and videos are automatically sorted into default folders. For example, videos that you take with the camera are automatically added to the Camera videos folder, and screenshots are added to the Screenshots folder.

IfTouch wifi activ > Hide albums and turn on the switch next to albums that you want to hide. These albums will not appear in the album list.

Viewing photos as a slideshow
Go to the Photos tab and touch wifi activ> Slideshow. Touch the screen to stop the slideshow.


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Huawei Mate 10 Manual [PDF]

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