Organizing Albums – Huawei Mate 10

Organizing Albums

Adding photos or videos to a new album

1.  Open Open Gallery Gallery.

2.  On the Albums tab, touch  . Enter the album name and touch OK.

3 .  Select the images or videos that you want to add to the new album and touch Tik Mark .

4.  Touch Copy or Move to add selected files to the new album.

IfIf you copy the files to a new album, the original files will be saved. If you move the files to a new album, the original files will be deleted. Moving photos and videos Combine photos and videos from separate albums.

1. OpenOpen Gallery Gallery.

2.  Go to the Albums tab and open the desired photo album. Touch and hold the photo or video that you want to move until Tik Mark appears, and then select the files that you want to move.

3. Touch  Moving Media.

4. Select the destination album.

Files are deleted from their original album after they have been moved.

Your device will select photos and videos from Gallery to create personalized albums, from which slideshows will then be automatically created. Revisiting your fondest moments has never been easier.

If – Enable GPS tag before taking a picture to enable geotagging.

– This feature requires an Internet connection.

–  Highlights are only created when your device is charging and the battery level is at least 10%.

1. Open Open Gallery Gallery.
2. Go to the Discover tab to view your highlights.

– Touch  view slideshowsto view slideshows in HIGHLIGHTS. You can touch the options at the bottom of the screen to personalize the template and background music for your videos, and then save, and share the videos.

–  To rename an album, touch Rename Album and follow the onscreen instructions.

–  To delete an album, touch Delet and follow the onscreen instructions.

–   To share or move an album, touch and hold any photo in the album and follow the onscreen instructions.

Moving albums
De-clutter your photo collection by moving and merging less important albums into one album.

If –   The Camera, Camera videos, and Screenshots albums cannot be moved to Others.

–  Moving an album created by a third-party app to Others will not prevent the app from functioning.

1. Open Open GalleryGallery.

2.  On the Albums tab, touch and hold the target album, and then select the albums to be moved in.

3. Touch  move the selected albumto move the selected album or albums to Others.

In Others, touch and hold an album, and then touch restore the album to restore the album to its original location.

Rearranging albums
Change the order in which albums are displayed so you can always find your favorite photos.

You cannot rearrange Camera or Screenshots.

1.  OpenOpen Gallery Gallery.

2.  Go to the Albums tab, and then touch and hold an album until album until appearsappears on the left of all your albums.

3 Touch and hold album until appearsnext to the album that you want to move, and drag it to the desired position. Exit to save the modifications.

Deleting photos and videos

1.  Open Open Gallery Gallery.
2.  Touch and hold an image or album to open the file selection interface, and then select the files that you want to delete.
3 Touch Delet> Delete.


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Huawei Mate 10 Manual [PDF]

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