Managing Contacts – Huawei Mate 10

Managing Contacts

Editing a contact
After creating a contact, you can edit their contact information at any time. This includes adding or deleting default information such as phone numbers or email addresses. You can also choose a custom ringtone and add a birthday, nickname, or photo.

ifContact photos cannot be added for contacts stored on your SIM card.

1. Open Contact Contacts.
2. Touch and hold the contact you want to edit, and then touch Edit.
3. Touch the contact’s portrait to choose another image. Update the contact’s information, and then touch tik .

ifAdd multiple numbers for one contact: Select a contact from the contact list and touch Edit > Add phone number.

Merging duplicate contacts

When you add contacts to your device from different sources, you may end up with duplicate entries. These duplicate entries can be merged into one to help keep your contacts organized.

1. Open  ContactContacts.
2. Touch  active> Organize contacts > Merge duplicate contacts.
3. Select the contacts you want to merge and touch  tik.

Deleting contacts
1. OpenContact Contacts.
2. Touch active > Organize contacts > Delete contacts by batch.
3. Select the contacts you want to delete, and then touch  tik.
4. Touch Delete Delet.

ifAlternatively, touch and hold a contact until a popup menu appears. From here, select Delete to delete the contact

Deleting contact history
Delete call records and text messages by contact to protect your privacy.

1. Open Contact Contacts.
2.  Select a contact and touch active > Erase traces > Erase.

Your device will delete all call records and text messages for the selected contact.

Adding contacts to the blacklist
1. Open Contact  Contacts.
2. Touch and hold the contact that you want to add to the blacklist, and then touch Add to blacklist.

Your device will automatically block incoming calls and messages from blacklisted contacts.

if    – View blacklisted contacts: Open  Phone ManagerPhone Manager and touch Blocked  harassment filter settings> . Touch Numbers blacklist to view blacklisted contacts.

– Remove contacts from the blacklist: Open ContactContacts. Touch and hold the contact that you want to remove from the blacklist, and then touch Remove from blacklist.

Identifying contacts with incomplete information
1. Open Contact Contacts.
2. Touch  active> Organize contacts > Contacts with incomplete info.
3 .Your device will display a list of You can then choose to add missing information or delete unwanted contacts.


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Huawei Mate 10 Manual [PDF]

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