Managing Call Logs – Huawei Mate 10

Managing Call Logs

Viewing missed calls

1. Open Dialer Dialer.

2. To display all missed calls, touch the Missed tab and swipe down in the call log.

IfYou can also view missed calls in the All tab. Missed calls are marked in red.

3. Touch Select next to a call log to return the call, send a message, and more.

Managing unknown numbers in the call log

1. Open Dialer Dialer.

2. Touch Unknown.

3. Select a number and touch Select . You can:

– Add the number to your contacts: Touch Add to create a new contact, or touch to Add Contact add the number to an existing contact.
– Add the number to the blacklist: Touch active tool > Add to blacklist.
– Share the number: Touch  active tool> “Send number” to send the number as a text message.

Merging call logs
Merge call logs belonging to the same contact or number to keep your call log organized.

1. Open DialerDialer.

2. Touch active tool> Settings > Merge call log.

3. Touch By contact. Your device will automatically merge call logs belonging to the same contact or number. Touch Select next to a call log to view detailed call log information.

Clearing the call log
Open Dialer Dialer. You can clear the call log in two ways:

– Delete one entry: Touch and hold a log entry, and then touch Delete entry.
– Delete multiple entries: Touch Delet . Select the entries you want to delete, and then touchDelet .

Backing up the call log
1. Open Backup Backup.

2. Touch Backup > SD card or Internal storage to back up the call log to a microSD card or your phone’s internal storage.

3. Select Call log and touch Back up.

4. Follow the onscreen instructions to configure a password.

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Huawei Mate 10 Manual [PDF]

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