Making Calls – Huawei Mate 10

Making Calls

Smart dialing

Enter the name, initials, or number of a contact in the dialer. Your device will display matching contacts.

1. Open Dialer Dialer.

2. Enter the name, initials, or number of a contact in the dialer (for example, John Smith or JS). Your device will search your contacts and call log and list the results above the dialer.

Smart dialing

3. Select the contact you want to call from the list. If your device has dual SIM support, touch SIM -1 or SIM -2 to make a call.

IfThe call status will be displayed on the screen (for example, ringing or call forwarding).

4. Touch End Callto end the call.

IfTo end a call using the power button, go to Dialer Dialer, touch active tool > Settings, and then switch on Power button ends call.

Making a call from Contacts

1. Open Contact Contacts.

2. Touch the search bar and enter the name or initials of the person you want to call.

3. Touch the contact number. If your device has dual SIM support, touch SIM-1 DIALER orSIM-2 DIALER to make a call.

Making a call from the call log

1 Open Dialer Dialer.

2 Slide the list up and down to view all calls. Touch the name or number of the person that you want to call. If your device has dual SIM support, touch SIM -1 or SIM -2to make a call.

Calling contacts when the screen is off

Call people when the screen is switched off.

1 OpenDialer Dialer.

2 Touch active tool > Settings > Quick calling and switch on Quick calling.

Press and hold the volume down button for one second when the screen is off. When you hear the alert sound, release the volume down button and say the name of the contact you want to call. The device will dial their number.


Making an emergency call
In the event of an emergency, you can make emergency calls from your device, even without a SIM card. However, you must be in an area with cellular coverage.

1. Open Dialer Dialer.

IfYou can also touch Emergency from the lock screen.

2.  Enter the emergency number for your location in the dialer, and then touch Dialer.

IfIf you are in an area with good cellular reception, your device will automatically obtain your location and display it on the screen.

The ability to make emergency calls depend on local regulations and carriers in your area. Poor network coverage or environmental interference may prevent your call from being connected.

Never rely solely on your device for essential communication during emergencies.


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Huawei Mate 10 Manual [PDF]

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