Configuring the Camera Settings – Huawei Mate 10

Configuring the Camera Settings

Configure the camera settings to suit your needs.

Setting the photo and video resolutions
Increase the resolution for higher quality images and videos. Larger resolution images take up more space on your device. Changing the resolution will also change the image dimensions.

IfSome resolutions may not be supported in certain shooting modes.

Open Camera Camera. Swipe left and touch Resolution to change the resolution.

Configuring the default storage location for photos and videos

IfNot all devices support microSD cards.

Open Camera Camera. Swipe left and switch on Priority save in SD card to change the default storage location to the microSD card.

IfThis option is only available when the device supports microSD card and a microSD card is inserted. If the microSD card is full, photos will be saved to your device’s internal storage.

Adding an overlay
Add a grid or spiral overlay to the viewfinder to help you compose your image.

IfOverlays may not be available in some shooting modes.

Open CameraCamera. Swipe left on the screen, touch Assistive grid, and then select an overlay. To disable the overlay, touch Off.

Configuring the volume button function
By default, the volume button functions as the shutter button. You can change the function of the volume button to adjust the zoom or focus.

Open CameraCamera. Swipe left on the screen. Touch Volume button function and select Shutter, Zoom, or Focus as desired.

Configuring the touch and hold settings for the shutter
By default, touch and hold the shutter to take burst shots. You can change the function of the shutter to lock focal length.

Open CameraCamera. Swipe left on the screen. Touch Touch & hold shutter icon and select Burst shoot or Lock focal length as desired.

Other camera settings
Your camera also comes with a number of other settings to help you shoot high-quality images in a variety of different shooting scenarios.

IfSome settings may not be available in certain shooting modes.

Swipe left on the viewfinder to configure the following settings:

– Touch to capture: Touch the viewfinder to take a photo.

– Capture smiles: The camera will automatically take a photo when it detects a smile.

-Object tracking: Touch the object you want to focus on. The camera will track and focus on the selected object.

-Image adjustment: Adjust saturation, contrast, and brightness.


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Huawei Mate 10 Manual [PDF]

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