Accessibility Features – Huawei Mate 10

Accessibility Features

Enabling TalkBack
TalkBack provides audible prompts and captions to help visually impaired users. When TalkBack is enabled, your device will issue audible prompts for all content that you touch, select, or enable.

ifAudible prompts are not available for all languages. If your language is not available, you can download a third-party speech synthesis engine. For more information, see Text To Speech (TTS) output.

1. Open  SettingSettings.
2. Touch Advanced settings > Accessibility > TalkBack.
3. Switch on TalkBack and touch OK.

ifA tutorial will be played when you enable TalkBack for the first time. To replay the tutorial, touch settings to access TalkBack Settings, and then select the tutorial.

4.  Touch  settingsand switch on Explore by touch.

ifWhen Explore by touch is enabled, your device will issue audible prompts for content that you touch.

Disable TalkBack: Press the power button until your device vibrates, and then touch and hold the screen with two fingers for more than 3 seconds.

Using TalkBack to control your device

After you have enabled TalkBack, use gestures to:
Browse the screen: Swipe up or down with two fingers to scroll through menu lists. Swipe left or right to move between screens.

control your device -1

control your device-2

Select an item: Touch an item with one finger to select it (it will not open). Your device will read out the content of the selected item.
Select an item

Open an item: Double touch any part of the screen using one finger to confirm your selection from the previous step.

Open an item
For example, if you want to open Settings, touch the Settings icon once using one finger, and then touch twice on any part of the screen.

Configuring the TalkBack settings

1. Open SettingSettings.
2. Touch Advanced settings > Accessibility > TalkBack > settings .
3. Follow the onscreen instructions to adjust the feedback volume, audible feedback settings, control gestures, and more.

Text To Speech (TTS) output
This feature converts text into speech for visually impaired users. Text To Speech (TTS) output requires TalkBack to be enabled.

1. Open Setting  Settings.
2. Touch Advanced settings > Accessibility. Switch on Text-to-speech output, and then select the desired speech synthesis engine and voice speed.

Color correction
Color correction mode adjusts colors to make it easier for color vision impaired users to distinguish between different parts of the screen.

ifEnable this mode with caution, as it may affect your device’s performance.

1. Open  SettingSettings.
2. Touch Advanced settings > Accessibility > Color correction, and switch on Color correction.
3. Touch Correction mode, and select the desired color correction mode.

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