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DMM IMB-S Impact Blocks

DMM IMB-S Impact Blocks


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  1. Direction of lockDMM IMB-S Impact Blocks-11
  2. Max hauling loop strength

Loading the Impact Block


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PRIOR TO USE THE USER IS OBLIGED TO COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION – User’s Name: Place of Purchase: Date of Purchase: Date First Used.

  • Dat Enspekte
  • INSPECTION FORM Comments/Actions
  • OK? (Yes/No)
  • Siyati

Do not use cable or chain.

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Inspect for defects before and after every use.

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Prevent contact with chemical reagents.

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Do not mark or alter.

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Avètisman! Working at height, rock climbing, mountaineering and related activities are inherently dangerous. It is the responsibility of any person using this equipment to learn and practice the proper techniques for use of the equipment for its designated purposes safely and to foresee and take appropriate action in situations where rescue may be required.
Even the correct use of equipment and techniques may result in fatal consequences. Medical conditions can affect the safety of the equipment user in normal and emergency use. Any person using this equipment assumes all risks and full responsibility for all damages or injury which may result from the use of it. It is impossible to cover all methods of use.

The following instructions and pictograms show some of the common correct and incorrect methods of use; it is impossible to predict them all.
There is no substitute for instruction by a trained and competent person.


ENPÒTAN: Please read and understand this information before use, and retain this information for future reference.

jeneral enfòmasyon

  1. These instructions cover the use of DMM Impact Blocks, conforming to one or more international standards. If in doubt please contact your supplier or DMM.
  2. This product may be used in conjunction with any appropriate item of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) relevant to European Union Directive89/686/EEC / PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425. It may be acceptable for use in  other applications, please consult your supplier. RISK: This PPE is designed to protect against falls from height.
  3. Immediately before use, visually/functionally inspect to ensure that this product is in a serviceable condition and operates correctly. This inspection should be recorded on the inspection form supplied. We recommend a thorough inspection at least once every 6 months by a competent person (this may be the manufacturer).
  4. Personal Issue: this product may be issued for personal use, and may be used either separately or as part of a system.
  5. Lives depend on your equipment. The user should be aware of its history (use, storage, inspection etc.). If this equipment is not for personal use (e.g.used in mountaineering centres), we strongly recommend a systematic approach to record keeping. This should always be carried out by a competent person.
  6. WARNING: if you are in any doubt about the safe condition of this product, replace it immediately.
  7. WARNING: If the product has been used to arrest a fall, a thorough examination should be made by a competent person to ascertain its suitability for continued use. If in doubt it should immediately be withdrawn from use, destroyed and replaced.
  8. Ensure that the instructions for other components used in conjunction with this product are complied with. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that he/she understands the correct and safe use of this product.
  9. This product is designed for use in normal climatic conditions (-40°C  +50°C). It may be suitable for other conditions, please consult your supplier.
  10. No responsibility will be accepted by DMM for damage, injury or death resulting from misuse. If in doubt contact your supplier or DMM.
  11. No special transportation precautions are necessary; however, avoid all contact with chemical reagents or other corrosive substances.
  12. Care must be taken to avoid loading this product over edges and other obstructions. Check the anticipated orientation during loading before use.
  13. Lank.
    1. The anchorage point of the fall arrest system should be above the position of the user and conform to EN795:2012 and have a minimum strength of 12kN.
    2. Positioning of the anchorage point is crucial for safe fall arrest and this must take into account the anticipated fall distance including rope stretch,the deployment of the shock absorption system (where used) and the length of the connector so that obstructions (such as the ground) may be safely avoided.
    3. Mountaineering: the user is advised that the security of any rock, snow or ice (or any combination of them) anchorage point (belay) natural or unnatural cannot be guaranteed as safe and therefore good judgment by the user is a necessity in order to obtain adequate protection.
  14. Antretyen ak antretyen
    This product must not be marked, modified or repaired by the user unless authorised by DMM.
    Remak: this product is not user maintainable with the exception of the following:
    1. Disinfection: disinfect using a disinfectant containing quaternary ammonium compounds reinforced with chlorohexidine (e.g. Savlon) in sufficient quantities to be effective. Soak the product for 1 hour at dilutions recommended for general use using clean water as per (14.2) not exceeding 25°C then rinse thoroughly as per (14.2).
    2. Cleaning: if soiled rinse in clean warm water of domestic supply quality (maximum temperature 25°C) with mild detergent at appropriate dilution (pH range 5.5 – 8.5). Thoroughly rinse and dry naturally in a warm ventilated room away from direct heat. Important: Cleaning is recommended after every use in a marine environment.
    3. Lubrication: Lubricate the mechanism with a suitable lubricating oil.
      This should be carried out after cleaning. Cleaning and lubrication may cure a defective mechanism, if it does not, replace the product immediately.
      Lubrication is recommended after every use in a marine environment.
    4. Storage: after any necessary cleaning store unpacked in a cool, dry, dark place in a chemically neutral environment away from excessive heat or heat sources, high humidity, sharp edges, corrosives or other possible causes of damage. Do not store wet.
  15. Lifespan and Obsolescence.
    1. Lifespan: this is the maximum life of the product, subject to detailed conditions, that the Manufacturer recommends that the product should remain in service.
      Maximum Lifespan: Textile & Plastic Products – 10 years from date of manufacture. Metal Products – no time limit.
      Remak: This may be as little as one use, or even earlier if damaged (e.g. in transit or storage) prior to first use. For the product to remain in service it must pass a visual and tactile inspection when considering the following criteria: fall arrest, general wear, chemical contamination, corrosion, mechanical malfunction/ deformation, cracks, loose rivets, loose strand of wire, frayed and/or bent wire, heat contamination (over normal climatic conditions), cut stitching, frayed tape, degradation of tape and/or thread,loose threads in tape, prolonged exposure to U.V., clear and readable marking (e.g. marking, batch reference, individual serial numbers etc).
      Where such products are permanently attached to other products in a system, please refer to the manufacturer recommendations of the complete system.
    2. Obsolescence: a product may become obsolete before the end of its lifespan. Reasons for this may include changes in applicable standards,regulations, legislation, development of new techniques, incompatibility with other equipment etc.
  16. European Union Type Examination:
    Notified Body for EU Type Examination. Examination of conformity was carried out by the following notified body: No. 0598: SGS Fimko Ltd,Takomotie 8, FI-00380 Helsinki, Finland.
    Notified body for Production Process: No. 0598: SGS Fimko Ltd, Takomotie 8,FI-00380 Helsinki, Finland.
  17. Eksplikasyon Mak yo
    DMM Wales UK- name of manufacturer and country of origin.
    IMB-XS, IMB-S, IMB-L – Product codes
    MBS xxkN – Minimum breaking strength.
    WLL xxkN – Working load limit.
    MAXIMUM ROPE DIAMETER xxmm – Maximum rope diameter.
    EN12278:2007 -European Standard to which the device conforms.
    CExxxx – CE mark (notified body number and CE mark).
    YRDAYXXXX# – Year/Day of manufacture and individual serial number.
    Book Pictogram – reminder that the end user should read & understand these Instructions, and those supplied with other items of PPE which may be used in conjunction with this item.
  18. CE/EU Declaration of Conformity:

Garanti: DMM guarantees this product for 3 years against any defects in materials or manufacture. The guarantee does not cover this product fo normal wear through usage, incorrect storage, poor maintenance, accidental damage, negligence, any modifications or alterations, corrosion, or for any usage for which the product was not designed.

Dokiman / Resous

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