SIMOLIO JH-762S Vintage Korisnički priručnik za radio Bluetooth zvučnik

Learn how to use the JH-762S Vintage Radio Bluetooth Speaker with this comprehensive user manual. Discover its features, such as the function selection knob and LED indicator, and how to charge it using the included micro USB cable. Follow instructions on using it as a Bluetooth speaker or FM radio, and find assistance through our customer support team if needed.

atomi LED Patio Umbrella Light plus Speaker User Manual

Learn how to use the Atomi LED Patio Umbrella Light + Speaker (model AT1894) with this comprehensive user manual. It provides step-by-step instructions for charging, attaching, and controlling the device, offering a versatile outdoor experience. Enhance your patio ambiance with LED lighting, music playback, and USB charging capabilities.

TCI T-206F Coaxial Ceiling Speaker Owner’s Manual

Discover the T-206F Coaxial Ceiling Speaker, a compact and stylish speaker with a rimless design. This versatile speaker features a coaxial sound system, 6.5" woofer driver, and 1" tweeter driver for exceptional audio. With a 100V step-up transformer and 5W/10W RMS output power, it suits any decor with its attractive ABS resin finish and white grille. Explore its specifications and user instructions in this comprehensive manual.