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Norsap is the recognized leader in the design and production of helmsman and operator seats for the maritime market.

This manual will help you make the most out of your Norsap chair.

If you have any questions regarding your Norsap chair, please contact our head office for further assistance.


Be sure to keep hands and fingers out of moving parts areas when operating the chair.


As a natural product, leather is very durable and hardwearing, but all leather products require cleaning and protection. By following these instructions, you will ensure a long and lasting leather quality.
Never place leather furniture closer than 20-30 cm to a radiator or in direct sunlight.

Cleaning removes everyday dirt and stains from your leather. Without proper cleaning the leather will over a period of time leave grease spots or discoloration’s. To avoid this, clean with Soft Cleaner on a regular basis. We advise once a month.

Protect your leather to guarantee that the original quality of the leather will be maintained.
Use Leather Protection Cream, we advise 2-4 times a year. This will protect against spots and preserve the leathers softness.


Regular light vacuuming. Occasional cleaning should be done with a reputable brand of upholstery shampoo following the manufacturer’s instructions


Glide parts of the chair can be lubricated with a silicone-based lubricant. If the chair is on a deck rail, it is important that the deck rails railway is NOT lubricated.


  1. Packing net on backside of chair (This document should be stored here)
  2. Eccentric adjustment of armrest angle (Armrests can be tilted to an upright position)
  3. Back rest adjustment release/tighteners
  4. Seat forward/aft adjustment
  5. Back rest adjustment gas strut release
  6. Column height adjustment gas strut release (Not applicable in all models)
  7. Swivel/turn release of chair top
  8. Seat angle adjustment (Seat can be tilted to an upright position)
  9. Foot rest height adjustment release (Foot rest can be tilted to an upright position)


A strong and level foundation is required to secure the installation of the base.

It may occur that during storage or transport that the telescope column fastens in the lower position.
This can easily be adjusted by fastening the lockable arm for swing, lift up the release handle at the same time pull up the chair.


First make sure to have mounted the deck rail according to its user manual.
The bolts for mounting the chair to the deck rail is already in place on the carrier wagon.

  • If you have an electrical deck rail and the cabling of the switch is done by quick-connections already implemented in the chairs column.
  • If you have a manual deck rail with release from seated position, the mounting of the release lever is shown in the deck rails user manual.
  • If you have a basic deck rail, the wiring and mounting of the release lever is shown in the deck rails user manual.


The chair should be shipped and stored in an upright condition.
No other materials should be shipped or stored on top of a the chair or deck rail.

The chair should be shipped and stored at temperatures between -20°C and +40°C.
The chair should not be operated until its been acclimatized between 0°C and +30°C.
The chair should be kept in a clean, dry environment.

Upon receipt, we recommend that the shipping packaging be immediately examined for damage. Any damage should be noted on the delivery receipt and a request for inspection by the transportation company should be made. The shipping packaging should be opened immediately and the chair or the deck rail examined for concealed shipping damage.

If the chair appears to be damaged, a concealed bad order report should be immediately filed with the transportation company.


The diagram below shows how to cable the wires thru the chair and column.

Receiving the chair prepped for additional equipment in the armrests, the wiring of your equipment should follow these steps.

  1. Release the hand wheel (poz 1) holding the equipment holder in place.
  2. Mount your equipment, making sure the cable is going thru the pipe.
  3. Pull the cables out from underneath the arm rest (poz 2), open the zipper to gain access.
  4. Use a flexible cable channel (poz 3) to secure the cables going from the armrest all the way to the column top. Leave enough play for chair adjustments.
  5. Either use existing holes underneath the square top of the column (poz 6) or drill new holes corresponding with the size of the cables / cable channel (poz 5).
  6. Place the cables thru the column top. Make sure to have enough play of the cables to compensate adjustments of the seat, swivel (see # 10) and height (poz 4).
  7. Find a suitable place to strip tight the cables (poz 8).
  8. The cable is connected to further wiring solutions from under the pedestal. If mounted on a deck rail, please view the deck rails user manual for further info.
  9. If needed, you may drill a hole in the pedestal for extraction of the cable and pull the cables through a designated hole in the lower part of the column. (poz 9)
  10. To avoid breakage of cables/wires within the column, a 360° swivel restriction needs to be applied. Place an B415-M8x16 bolt (poz 10) with a B480-M8 washer.


If your upholstery is damaged or worn, its recommended to replace the whole part.
To re-fit new leather (or other fabric) on existing cushions is not recommended.

If the chair is intended to be used under extreme conditions, an additional seat cover is advised.
This comes in two different materials, water repellent and fabric.

Stavka Ime Stavka br
Norsap 1500 Backrest Cushion PUTE-001
Norsap 1500 Seat Pillow PUTE-002
Seat cover in fabric 6470
Seat cover in water repellent 6451

To replace the back rest cushion, unscrew the 10 marked wood-screws on the illustration below.
Replace the cushion with the new one, re-mount the cushion with the wood-screws.

To replace the seat rest cushion, flip up the seat and unscrew the 4 marked wood-screws on the illustration
below. Replace the cushion with the new one, re-mount the cushion with the wood-screws.

Replacing armrests

To replace the armrest, unzip the arm rest cover and fold it up until you gain access to the two bolts holding the armrest in place. Unscrew the bolts and dismount the old armrest then place the new armrest and tighten the bolts again.

Stavka Ime Stavka br
Norsap 1500 Armrest in black leather Left DEL-128V
Norsap 1500 Armrest in black leather Right DEL-128H
Norsap 1500 Armrest cover in fabric (set) 6472
Norsap 1500 Armrest cover in leather (set) 6473


To secure seat cover, place Velcro tape on the lower back rest and underneath the seat as illustrated below.

Dokumenti / Resursi

NORSAP Norsap 1500 Pilot Chair [pdf] Korisnički priručnik
Norsap 1500, Pilot Chair, Norsap 1500 Pilot Chair, Chair

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