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Installation Guide

RealFlight Evolution Flight Simulator Software

RC Flight Simulator Installation/Activation
Installing the Steam® Client (if necessary)
RealFlight Evolution requires the Steam client. If you do not have Steam installed:

  1. In your internet browser, visit: store.steampowered.com/about/
  2. Click the INSTALL STEAM button.
  3. Install Steam using the downloaded file.
  4. Run Steam when prompted.
  5. Log into your Steam account. If you do not have one, click Create a New Account ….

Installing RealFlight Evolution

Verify the Steam client is running and that you are logged into your account.

  1. In the Steam Client, select the Games menu item.
  2. Select Activate a Product on Steam.
  3. When prompted, type your RealFlight Evolution key into the Product Code field, exactly as it appears on the card included in the box. You will receive confirmation that RealFlight Evolution is successfully activated.
  4. Click FINISH.
  5. Steam will prompt you to install the software. Confirm your installation options, and click Next
  6. The installation dialog will close, and the RealFlight Evolution download will begin. Progress displays at the bottom of the Steam Client.

Starting RealFlight Evolution from the Steam Client

  1. With the Steam client running, choose the Library option to view the list of installed games/programs.
  2. Select RealFlight Evolution from the list of available options.
  3. Click Play to start RealFlight Evolution.

Troubleshooting Difficulty With RealFlight

We strongly suggest that you update the drivers for your sound and video cards prior to attempting any further resolutions.
Outdated drivers are a common cause for difficulties, even with a brand new computer. Some manufacturers include older drivers that need to be updated.
For technical support or assistance with the RealFlight Evolution software, please visit: realflight.com/support
You can use the corresponding links to access the Knowledge Base, Glossary, and other helpful information.
We also recommend visiting the RealFlight web forums for additional information and to access the model
Swap Pages: forums.realflight.com
You can contact us directly at: realflight.com/contact.php
Or via email at: [email protected]
You can also use the virtual assistant/live chat on horizonhobby.com

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