Hoover-LOGO Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner User ManualHoover Spotless Portable Carpet and; Upholstery Cleaner

Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner User Manual


Can you clean an entire (small) room with this (appx 10’x10′)?

Get the upright version, so much easier for actual full room cleaning.

Does it work well in RVs?

It is a corded product and requires 110V. If you have a 110V power source, no reason you couldn’t use it in an RV.

Hose is self cleaning, does it come off to rine and store? Last machine supposed to store hose wrapped around machine developed crack?

The hose is self cleaning, but it cannot be taken off.

I have a Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner (Model No. FH50150) and I need to replace the hose. Where can I find a replacement hose?

You can find a replacement hose on the Hoover Parts website.

which cleaner can I use on upholstery that has a “S” cleaning code?

Not sure about that the one I have I use it in my truck seats and floor my boat cabin floor works great
Not sure about the S

Do you have 220volt version of this?

Commercial machines only

How much dirty and clean solutions do the two canisters each hold?

1.5 to almost 2 liters

What is the depth dimension including the equipment on the back?

no idea what is wanted here. you want the measurement of the width. 4 3/4″

Instructions for Hoover spotless carpet cleaner

The instructions are limited and not very helpful. They claim to offer assistance but don’t answer or respond.

Does it come with the hose and all parts needed?

Correct, this will come with the hose and all necessary attachments.

can we clean or kill bed bugs with this?

Had this problem a few years back. Best way…get a shark steamer. Kills them fast and sanitizes at the same time.

Does the product contain harmful substances?


Can this be used to clean tiles in the bathroom?

The Hoover Spotless is designed for use on carpets and upholstery. We do not recommend using this product on tile.

How many amps is it?

the motor is 3.5 amps and 420 watts

What are the dimensions of the box that the machine is packaged in?

15.5” wide, 10” deep, 17” tall

Why doesn’t it spray out the liquid

You have to press the trigger to get the liquid to come out. If you press the trigger and nothing comes out, something is wrong or broken.

Does it work on 220V and how many watts does it require?

110 only, 220 has a completely different plug and uses

Can it clean old pet stains and odor?

Yes it can but it takes a couple of treatments with drying time in between otherwise your carpet can get to wet. 


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