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Honeywell MI-D240CMOE Single Relay Module

Honeywell MI-D240CMOE Single Relay Module



Honeywell MI-D240CMOE Single Relay Module 1

This manual is intended as a quick reference installation guide. Please refer to the control panel manufacturers installation manual for detailed system information.
The installation must be carried out by expert personnel, that is, a person with education or experience to identify hazards and take appropriate actions to reduce the risk of injury to themselves and others.


The Morley series of modules are a family of microprocessor controlled interface devices permitting the monitoring and/or control of auxiliary devices. The MI-D240CMOE is an output module, providing 250VAC 5A rated voltage free contacts, both normally open and normally closed.


  • Operating Voltage Range: see S00-7100
  • LED Cutoff Voltage: 16.5 VDC
  • Maximum Standby Current (µA): 75µA – No Communication
  • Fault Current: 5.5 mA (Yellow LED illuminated)
  • Coil Activation/Deactivation Current: 76mA Maximum for 12ms
  • Relay Contact Rating: 5A at 30VDC, 5A at 250VAC
  • Isolator Features: see S00-7100
  • Operating Temperature: 20°C to 60°C
  • -Humidity: 5% to 95% Relative Humidity
  • Maximum Wire Gauge 2.5 mm²

CAUTION: Disconnect loop power before installing modules or sensors. High voltages may be present on terminals 7 to 12.


Note: This module must only be connected to control panels using compatible proprietary analogue addressable communication protocols for monitoring and control.
Morley series modules can be mounted in several ways (See Figure 1):
An M200E-SMB custom low profile surface-mounting box. The SMB

Base is affixed to mounting surface, and then the module and cover are screwed onto the base using the two screws supplied. Box dimensions: 132 mm (H) x 137 mm (W) x 40 mm (D)

The DIN bracket on top allows mounting onto standard 35 mm x 7.5 mm “Top Hat” DIN rail inside a control panel or other suitable enclosure. Install and remove as shown in Figure 1:2. Wiring to all series Morley modules is via plug in type terminals capable of supporting conductors up to 2.5 mm

WARNING: Ensure that the correct terminals are used for the loop and switched voltage as damage may result from incorrect usage.

Honeywell MI-D240CMOE Single Relay Module 2

The module address is selected by means of rotary decade address switches (see figure 3), accessed at the front of the module. A screwdriver should be used to rotate the wheels to select the desired address. (Note: The number of addresses available will be dependent on panel capability, check the panel documentation for information on this).
Short Circuit Isolators All Morley series modules are provided with short circuit monitoring and isolators on the intelligent loop. If required the isolators may be wired out of the loop to facilitate the use of the modules on high current loaded loops, for example if sounders are used. To achieve this, the loop out positive should be wired to terminal 4 rather than terminal 2.

In order to meet the requirements of European Safety Standards, ensure that all cables carrying voltages in excess of 48V are suitably fused.

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Honeywell MI-D240CMOE Single Relay Module [pdf] Installation Guide
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