Honeywell ECS-50WBU Intelligent 50 Watt Power Amplifier


ECS-50WBU Installation Instructions

The ECS-50WBU provides backup capability when operating the ECS-DUAL50W in the 100 watt with backup mode for both single and dual channel setups.


The ECS-50WBU is compatible with the following Honeywell Farenhyt Series FACPs:

  • IFP-2000ECS
  • IFP-2100ECS
  • IFP-1000ECS
  • IFP-300ECS
  • IFP-100ECS

Honeywell-ECS-50WBU-Intelligent-50-Watt-Power-Amplifier-01Figure 1: Mounting Location for the ECS-50WBU

Mounting and Wiring

The ECS-50WBU mounts above the ECS-DUAL50W board on the standoffs provided.

  1. Remove AC power from the ECS-DUAL50W.
  2. Disconnect the backup batteries from the ECS-DUAL50W.
  3. Connect one end of the supplied wiring harness (P/N 50116775-001) from the connector labeled “Backup Amplifier” on the ECS-DUAL50W to the connector on the ECS-50WBU as shown in : Wiring Harness Connection.
  4. Using the 4 supplied screws, mount the ECS-50WBU to the standoff’s as shown in : Wiring Harness Connection.
  5. Restore AC Power.
  6. Reconnect backup batteries.

Honeywell-ECS-50WBU-Intelligent-50-Watt-Power-Amplifier-02Figure 2: Wiring Harness Connection

Farenhyt™ is a trademark, and Honeywell® is a registered trademark of Honeywell International, Inc.

P/N LS10059-001SK-E Rev B ECN: 16-0218

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Honeywell ECS-50WBU Intelligent 50 Watt Power Amplifier [pdf] Instruction Manual
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