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Introducing Smoothee IR

Smoothee IR works on the same principle as the Traditional Chinese practise of cupping where a vacuum is created to draw skin up into a smooth cup producing a deep tissue massaging effect. Smoothee IR simplifies this technique by using an electronically controlled pump to create the vacuum and this is enhanced by the addition of gentle infrared (IR) heat. Applying the vacuum and infrared heat to areas of cellulite helps to loosen and disperse the fat deposits within the connective tissue layer and creates a smoother surface appearance. By using the cooling head for a few minutes after each treatment, your skin will also be left feeling beautifully soothed.


HoMEDiCS CELL-600-EU Smoothee IR Deep Tissue Massaging A2

  1. 3 LEDs
  2. Power Button
  3. + / – Buttons
  4. Strap
  5. USB charging socket
  6. Cooling Head
  7. Large Cup
  8. Medium Cup
  9. Small Cup
  10. Massage fingers
  11. Replaceable felt filter
  12. USB cable

  1. Charge your device by connecting to a USB power supply using the `USB to Type C’ lead supplied. The LEDs on the front of the product will light sequentially during charging. When all 3 LEDs are lit continuously the product is fully charged and should be disconnected from the power supply.
  2. A 4-hour charge* will provide up to 3 hours of cordless use.
  3. When switching the device on, all 3 LEDs will blink 5 times if battery is low and needs charging.

HoMEDiCS CELL-600-EU Smoothee IR Deep Tissue Massaging A3HoMEDiCS CELL-600-EU Smoothee IR Deep Tissue Massaging A4

*Based on using a 1A USB power adapter (not supplied)


HoMEDiCS CELL-600-EU Smoothee IR Deep Tissue Massaging A5

  • Switch the device off and unplug the charging lead before cleaning.
  • Remove the cup by twisting counter-clockwise. The cups can be washed in warm soapy water. Dry carefully before storing away.
  • Wipe any residual oil from the device and from the cooling head with a slightly damp cloth and dry immediately.
  • DO NOT wash or immerse the device or the cooling head.
  • After 3-4 weeks of use, gently remove the felt filter with tweezers and replace with a new filter (supplied).
  • Store all parts in their original box for safekeeping.

  • HoMEDiCS CELL-600-EU Smoothee IR Deep Tissue Massaging B1 The cups are designed to be used on lightly oiled skin. We recommend a light application of a simple baby oil, olive oil or liquid coconut oil to the skin before treatment. Please avoid perfumed oils as these can damage/discolour plastic surfaces. Do not use on un-oiled skin.
  • If you know that you are prone to bruising easily, you may wish to carry out a patch test on a small area prior to full treatment to assess the effect on your skin. As with any vacuum cupping treatment, temporary bruising may occur on the treated area, but should resolve within a few days.
  • Attach your chosen cup to the device by locating the lugs and twisting into position. The larger cups are generally suitable for areas such as thighs and buttocks and the smaller cups for areas such as arms and calves.
  • HoMEDiCS CELL-600-EU Smoothee IR Deep Tissue Massaging B2 Slip your hand under the silicon strap and press the power button. This will activate the vacuum suction and IR heat simultaneously. There are 3 levels of continuous suction and one of intermittent suction as indicated by the 3 LEDs. Press the + and ­ buttons to change levels. Intermittent suction is the gentlest setting and is indicated by a single LED pulsing on and off. Note: there is no IR heat on this gentlest setting.
  • HoMEDiCS CELL-600-EU Smoothee IR Deep Tissue Massaging B3We recommend starting with either intermittent or low continuous suction while you get used to the device. Place the device onto the skin and immediately start to move it slowly in a circular or back and forth motion across the area to be treated taking care to maintain contact between the cup and the skin. There is no need to apply pressure, but do keep the device moving at all times. If the suction feels too strong or if it’s hard to keep the device moving, press the power button to release the vacuum. Start again at a lower intensity level and/or with a larger cup. In normal use, you will see and feel the skin being drawn up into the cup and across the massage fingers.
  • To stop the treatment at any time, simply press the power button to release the vacuum.
  • Treatment of each area usually takes around 3-5 minutes. Treat up to 3 times a week for the first week building up to once a day if desired. Skin will typically start to appear smoother after just a few weeks.
  • Never treat areas of irritated or broken skin, or over varicose veins or moles.
  • If bruising occurs it is always recommended to wait for this to fade before re-treating the same area.
  • Remove the cup after use by twisting counter-clockwise.

HoMEDiCS CELL-600-EU Smoothee IR Deep Tissue Massaging B4

  • After removing the cup from the device, attach the cooling head by locating the lugs and twisting into position.
  • Press the power button to activate the cooling. The stainless-steel surface will start to cool down immediately. Use the + and ­ buttons to adjust the cooling temperature as required to what feels comfortable for you. Level 3 (3 LEDs lit) is the coldest.
  • Gently apply the cold surface onto the skin, moving slowly over the whole of the treated area. Continue with this treatment for a few minutes to help soothe and firm the skin. Press the power button to switch off.

PLEASE NOTE: Auto-switch off will occur after 10mins of cooling. If further cooling time is required the unit can be turned back on for another 10 minute session.


  • This appliance can be used by children aged from 14 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision.
  • Do not place or store appliance where it can fall or be pulled into a bath or sink. Do not place in or drop into water or other liquid.
  • DO NOT reach for an appliance that has fallen in water or other liquids. Keep dry ­ DO NOT operate in wet conditions.
  • NEVER insert pins, metallic fasteners or objects into the appliance or any opening.
  • Use this appliance for the intended use as described in this booklet. DO NOT use attachments not recommended by HoMedics.
  • NEVER operate the appliance if it is not working properly, if it has been dropped or damaged, or dropped into water. Return it to the HoMedics Service Centre for examination and repair.
  • DO NOT attempt to repair the appliance. There are no user serviceable parts. All servicing of this appliance must be performed at an authorised HoMedics Service Centre.
  • Please ensure that all hair, clothing and jewellery are kept clear of the product at all times.
  • If you have any concerns regarding your health, consult a doctor before using this appliance.
  • Use of this product should be pleasant and comfortable. Should pain or discomfort result, discontinue use and consult your GP.
  • Pregnant women, diabetics and individuals with pacemakers should consult a doctor before using this appliance. Not recommended for use by individuals with sensory deficiencies including diabetic neuropathy.
  • DO NOT use on an infant, invalid or on a sleeping or unconscious person. DO NOT use on insensitive skin or on a person with poor blood circulation.
  • This appliance should NEVER be used by any individual suffering from any physical ailment that would limit the user’s capacity to operate the controls.
  • NEVER use directly on swollen or inflamed areas or skin eruptions.
  • Do not use on irritated, sunburned, or chapped skin, or on any area with dermatological problems
  • Do not apply over warts, moles, or varicose veins.
  • Do not use for longer than the recommended time.
  • This product contains a rechargeable battery and should not be exposed to excessive heat. Do not leave in direct sun or near a heat source such as a fire. The battery must not be replaced by the user.
  • Failure to follow the above may result in the risk of fire or injury.

FKA Brands Ltd guarantees this product from defect in material and workmanship for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase, except as noted below. This FKA Brands Ltd product guarantee does not cover damage caused by misuse or abuse; accident; the attachment of any unauthorised accessory; alteration to the product; or any other conditions whatsoever that are beyond the control of FKA Brands Ltd. This guarantee is effective only if the product is purchased and operated in the UK / EU. A product that requires modification or adaptation to enable it to operate in any country other than the country for which it was designed, manufactured, approved and / or authorised, or repair of products damaged by these modifications is not covered under this guarantee. FKA Brands Ltd shall not be responsible for any type of incidental, consequential or special damages. To obtain guarantee service on your product, return the product post-paid to your local service centre along with your dated sales receipt (as proof of purchase). Upon receipt, FKA Brands Ltd will repair or replace, as appropriate, your product and return it to you, post-paid. Guarantee is solely through HoMedics Service Centre. Service of this product by anyone other than the HoMedics Service Centre voids the guarantee. This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.

For your local HoMedics Service Centre, go to

Battery replacement
Your product includes a rechargeable battery designed to last the lifetime of the product. In the unlikely event that you should require a replacement battery, please contact Customer Services, who will supply details of the warranty and out-of-warranty replacement battery service.

Battery directive
Disposal B This symbol indicates that batteries must not be disposed of in the domestic waste as they contain substances which can be damaging to the environment and health. Please dispose of batteries in designated collection points.

WEEE explanation
Disposal AThis marking indicates that this product should not be disposed with other household wastes throughout the EU. To prevent possible harm to the environment or human health from uncontrolled waste disposal, recycle it responsibly to promote the sustainable reuse of material resources. To return your used device, please use the return and collection systems or contact the retailer where the product was purchased. They can take this product for environmental safe recycling.

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