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Replacing the filter

The Smart Air Purifier automatically detects when the filter needs to be replaced. The power indicator will flash red. Follow these steps to replace the filter with a new unit.

Follow these steps to install a new filter

hombli HEPA 13 XL Filter Smart Air Purifier

  1. Make sure the air purifier is unplugged before installing a new filter
  2. Rotate the base anti-clockwise to open
  3. Take out the filter that is already in the device
  4. Remove all packaging from the new filter
  5. Put the new filter into the device
  6. Reattach the base and rotate clockwise to close
  7. Press the On / Off button to power on the air purifier


Do you have questions about the Hombli Smart Air Purifier? Find answers to frequently asked questions in our online FAQ or contact our customer support at www.hombli.com/support or send an email to [email protected]


The Humble Smart Air Purifier complies with all applicable CE marking standards and regulations regarding health, safety, and environmental standards within the European Union.

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