HOLMAN BX4 4X Outlet Bluetooth Tap Timer User Guide

BX4 4X Outlet Bluetooth Tap Timer


User Guide

Overview Package Contents and Components BX4 Tap Timer Features
Setup Connecting to iGardener® Renaming your BX4 in iGardener®
Basic Functions Zone Management Manual Operation Sequential Watering
Scheduling 7 Days Watering Interval Days Watering Odd (calendar) Days Watering Even (calendar) Days Watering Cycle Watering Saving Schedules
Support Unpairing your BX4 from iGardener® BX4 Connection Issues
Maintenance Cold Weather Batteries Turning Off all Schedules Connection Issues
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Package Contents and Components



1. ZONE 1 outlet, 20mm BSP


5 5

2. ZONE 2 outlet, 20mm BSP



3. ZONE 3 outlet, 20mm BSP

9. Battery compartment:

8 8

4. ZONE 4 outlet, 20mm BSP

requires 4× AA alkaline batteries only

9 10 12

5. 1× 20/25mm BSP reducing bush and 25mm BSP tap nut inlet

Á Do not mix old and new batteries

12 13 14

6. 4× 12mm snap-on hose fittings





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18 18



8 3 4



9 6

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BX4 Tap Timer Features

1. Automatic watering: Easily done through the iGardener® app

2. Manual watering: Select a ZONE to run on the MAIN DIAL and START/STOP by pressing the TAP TIMER BUTTON

L IP54 dust and water protection rating
L Zones: 4 L No. of starts per program: 3

L Housing: outdoor L Electrician required: no L 50-800 kPa
working pressure

L Watering schedules: 7-day, interval, odd, even, cycle
L Permanent memory: no

L 3°C-50°C ambient working temperature
Á For use with cold water only

L Power source: 4× 1.5v AA alkaline batteries

L Maximum flow rate 25 L/min

Take full control of your garden watering and lighting with a Bluetooth® connection and a tap of your iPhone or Android, with the iGardenerTM smartphone app!
Please read these instructions in full before proceeding with setup. iOS is a trademark of Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google LLC. The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License. All other content is Copyright © Holman Industries 2021
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Connecting to iGardener®
1. Download iGardener® to your mobile device via the apple App Store or google-p Google Play
® Visit our website for more www.holmanindustries.com.au /iGardener/
2. Install 4× 1.5v AA alkaline batteries into the battery compartment [a] of the BX4 Tap Timer, with the contacts pointing towards the front of the tap timer

3. Ensure Bluetooth® is active on your smartphone
® Your BX4 may not be visible as a device in your Bluetooth® list­this is normal
4. Open iGardener® on your mobile device and select BX WATERING [b] from the main menu


® On Android android devices, you may be prompted to allow location access­ this is required for iGardener® to access Bluetooth® functions
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Connecting to iGardener® (continued)
5. Tap ADD DEVICE [c] to add your BX4 to iGardener®




® For security purposes, your BX4 can only connect to one smartphone at a time
6. When your BX4 is found it will appear in your iGardener® device list [d]
® Always ensure the latest version of iGardener® is running to ensure full functionality

7. Battery status Battery- [e] is updated every minute when within 20m Bluetooth® range­after battery replacement, this can take up to a minute to refresh

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Renaming your BX4 in iGardener® ® If you have multiple
iGardener® watering devices added it may be useful to rename your BX4 to distinguish it from the others 1. Ensure your BX4 is selected in the device menu and tap OPTIONS [a]
2. Tap CHANGE DEVICE NAME [b] from the pop up menu
3. Enter your new name and confirm as required [c]

b c
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Basic Functions

Zone Management
a. Support: Access support by tapping question
b. Zone options: Current watering zone selected shown in blue
c. Scheduling options: Currently selected shown in blue
d. Day selection: Use switches to toggle each day ON or OFF
e. Time selection: Schedule up to 3× START TIMES with individual RUN TIMES
f. Starts synced: Shown when SEQUENTIAL WATERING start times have been synced across all zones
g. Manual operation
® This will not override schedules

® If set to CYCLE, RUN TIME will be the cycle duration
h. To disable watering, toggle the START TIME switch to OFF, and manually turn back ON as required a
h f

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Basic Functions

Manual Operation

1. On the ZONE page, tap MANUAL WATER [a]
2. Select from ZONES 1-4 [b] that you want to manually water
3. Set the desired RUN TIME using the time selector [c]
4. Tap START [d] to start watering for the set RUN TIME
5. Tap STOP [e] to finish watering before the RUN TIME has lapsed
® The sprinkler animation [f] will run while MANUAL WATER is running
® To manually water without using iGardener®, turn the MAIN DIAL to the desired ZONE [g] and press the TAP TIMER button [h]
® Schedules will run if the MAIN DIAL is set to RUN [i], ZONE 1 or ZONE 2

c d
g h

b e
a i

Basic Functions

Sequential Watering

® SEQUENTIAL WATERING occurs when 2 or more ZONES are scheduled to run at the same time / have the same DAY SELECTION

® Rather than turning on all of your ZONES at once, the BX4 will automatically run each ZONE one-by-one per your desired RUN TIMES

® Running multiple ZONES at once is not possible as this will result in pressure loss across your irrigation system

1. Follow the instructions

as per the Scheduling

section of this manual to


set your watering routine

® Rather than setting START TIMES for ZONES 1-4, you can hit the SYNC button after DAY SELECTION and RUN TIMES are set
2. Once RUN TIMES are set b for each ZONE, tap ZONE 1 on the ZONES page [a]

3. Next to START 1, tap the STARTS NOT SYNCED icon [b]

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Basic Functions

Sequential Watering (continued)

® This will update to show STARTS SYNCED when the START TIMES have been synced

® This will sync START TIMES across all ZONES for START 1 only

4. Check additional ZONES

to see START TIMES are


automatically set [c]

5. Repeat steps 1-3 to set up SEQUENTIAL WATERING for STARTS 2-3 as desired


Bluetooth Tap Timer

Our single outlet BX1 Bluetooth® Tap Timer is the perfect companion to your garden. Water all around your home with iGardener®.
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7 Days Watering
1. On the ZONE page, 7 DAYS [a] watering will be automatically selected
2. Use day switches to toggle each day ON or OFF as required [b]
3. Set up to 3 START TIMES [c] for your BX4 as required

4. Set a RUN TIME [d] for each of the START TIMES shown
® This example, will water ZONE 1 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 10 minutes at 6am
5. Toggle through ZONES 2-4 [e] and repeat steps 2-4


b c d


Interval Days Watering

1. On the ZONE page, tap



2. Set the day interval

tapping the plus or minus [b] a

3. Set START and


RUN TIMES [c] in the same


4. Toggle through

ZONES 2-4 [d] and

repeat steps 1-3


® This example shown will water ZONE 1 every 2 days for 10 minutes at 6am and 15 minutes at 1pm

Bluetooth® Garden Light Controllers
Light up your garden with our RGB or Warm White Bluetooth® Garden Light Controllers. Complete control all through iGardener®.
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Odd (calendar) Days Watering
1. On the ZONE page, tap ODD DAYS [a]
2. To skip watering on the 31st, toggle EXCL 31 [b] to ON
3. Set START and RUN TIMES [c] in the same way as 7 DAY WATERING
4. Toggle to ZONE 2 [d] and repeat steps 1-3
® This example will water ZONE 1 at 7am for 10 minutes and 4pm for 15 minutes, on every odd day beginning 23 November 2021, excluding the 31st of any month

Even (calendar) Days Watering
1. On the ZONE page, tap EVEN DAYS [a]
2. Set START and RUN TIMES [b] in the same way as 7 DAY WATERING
3. Toggle through to ZONE 2 [c] and repeat steps 1-3
® This example shown will water ZONE 1 at 6:30am for 15 minutes on every even day beginning 22 November 2021

b b



Cycle Watering

This feature allows you to run short burst intervals starting at 5 seconds, suitable to use with a misting system or greenhouse.

1. On the ZONE page, tap CYCLE [a]
® You may need to swipe the scheduling options across to access the CYCLE button
2. Use the day switches to toggle each day ON or OFF as required [b]
3. Set a START TIME [c]
4. Set a STOP TIME [d]
5. Set a RUN TIME [e]
6. Set a DELAY TIME [f]
7. Toggle through ZONES 2-4 [g] and repeat steps 1-6
® Using this feature can drain battery life when RUN and DELAY TIMES are set at a high frequency
® RUN and DELAY TIMES must be set to at least 5 seconds

® This example shown will water ZONE 1 on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, starting the cycle at 9am and finishing at 5pm. Watering will run for 1 minute 15 seconds, with a 30 minute delay in between
b c


Saving Schedules

® After entering any schedule

details, tap DONE [a]


1. To send the new schedule to your BX4, tap UPDATE [b] above the device list

2. A DONE symbol [c] will appear when the new schedule has been synced with your BX4




Unpairing your BX4 from iGardener®

® This may be necessary if


you wish to move your BX4

to a different smartphone

To unpair your BX4 via your smartphone:

® Ensure your BX4 is selected in the device menu and tap DELETE [a]

To unpair your BX4 manually:
® Your BX4 can be unpaired by removing the batteries

® If a schedule is set on your BX4 when it is unpaired, the schedule will continue to run until it is paired with a new smartphone and a new schedule is saved

BX4 Connection Issues
1. Ensure your BX4 is fitted with alkaline batteries correctly as per the instructions
2. Ensure your smartphone is within 20m Bluetooth® range
3. Ensure no other smartphone is currently paired with your BX4 ­this can be resolved by following

the unpairing process
4. Your BX4 is designed to be operated from iGardener® ­ without the app, it cannot be programmed
5. For additional help press question where possible, or visit www.holmanindustries.com.au /BX4 for more information
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Cold Weather
® Your BX4 should be removed from the tap and stored away during winter
Á Keep your tap timer out of freezing conditions as this can damage internal components
® Remove batteries from your BX4 during periods of non-use Á Battery leakage can cause corrosion
and damage to your BX4 Turning Off all Schedules
® Turn the MAIN DIAL to OFF to disable all watering schedules
Connection Issues
® If your BX4 shows as disconnected after replacing the batteries, please wait a few minutes for iGardener® to update your device status
® For additional support with connection issues, please contact our Customer Service team
The Holman website has a host of additional information on features. Head to support.holmanindustries.com.au for more tips, tricks and support content. If you still need help, feel free to email our friendly Customer Service team at [email protected] or call at 08 9416 9999.


2 Year Replacement Guarantee
Holman Industries offers a 2 year replacement guarantee with this product.
In Australia our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
As well as your statutory rights referred to above and any other rights and remedies you have under any other laws relating to your Holman product, we also provide you with a Holman guarantee.
Holman Industries guarantees this product against defects caused by faulty workmanship and materials for 2 years domestic use from the date of purchase. During this guarantee period Holman Industries will replace any defective product. Packaging and instructions may not be replaced unless faulty.
In the event of a product being replaced during the guarantee period, the guarantee on the replacement product will expire 2 years from the purchase date of the original product, not 2 years from the date of replacement.

To the extent permitted by law, this Holman Replacement Guarantee excludes liability for consequential loss or any other loss or damage caused to property of persons arising from any cause whatsoever. It also excludes defects caused by the product not being used in accordance with instructions, accidental damage, misuse, or being tampered with by unauthorised persons, excludes normal wear and tear and does not cover the cost of claiming under the warranty or transporting the goods to and from the place of purchase.
Should you suspect your product may be defective and need some clarification or advice please contact us directly:
1300 716 188 [email protected] 11 Walters Drive, Osborne Park 6017 WA
If you are certain your product is defective and is covered by the terms of this warranty, you will need to present your defective product and your purchase receipt as proof of purchase to the place you purchased it from, where the retailer will replace the product for you on our behalf.

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