HOBBYWING Xerun Bandit G2R Motor User Manual
hobbywing xerun bandit g2r motor user manual

Thanks for purchasing Hobbywing Xerun BANDIT G2R Sensored Competition Motor. High power motor can be very dangerous, so please read through this manual carefully. Given that we have no control over the correct use, installation, application, or maintenance of our products, no liability shall be assumed nor accepted for any damages, losses or costs resulting from the use of the product. Any claims arising from the operating, failure or malfunctioning etc. will be denied. We assume no liability for personal injury and/or consequential damages resulting from our product or our workmanship. As far as is legally permitted, the obligation to compensation is limited to the invoice amount of the affected product.


  • Avoid incorrect connections between the electronic speed controller (ESC) and the
  • All wires and connections should be well Short-circuits can possibly damage the products.
  • Never allow this product or other electronic components to come in contact with water, oil, fuel or other electro-conductive If this happens, stop the use of your product immediately and let it dry carefully.
  • Avoid overloading the motor due to wrong or too aggressive gear Different ESCs have different internal timings, follow the ESC instructions.
  • Never apply full throttle if the pinion is not Due to the extremely high RPMs without load, the motor can get damaged.
  • Always wire up all the parts of the equipment If any of the connections come loose as a result of vibration, your model RC may lose control.
  • Avoid soldering longer than 5 seconds at each soldering joint when replacing the power wires to prevent possible damage to the product due to overheating of the components. Use a high power soldering station with at least 60W for soldering.
  • Never allow the motor case to get over 80 degrees Celsius (176 degrees Fareheit) because the magnets maybe demagnetized by high temperature.


  • Improves the G2R motor’s torque by 4.5%, KV value by 6.8% and maximum output power by 6.1% when compared to the Bandit G2 motor.The hgih torque, RPM and power make it a “secret weapon” for the Stock class racing.
  • Designed to withstand extreme levels of use at its highest peak performance
  • Complete new CNC cut motor case with extra front spoke ventilation slots.
  • Works as a sensored unit and also sensorless without the sensor cable attached.
  • Multiple steps of mechanical timing adjustable from 20 degree to 50 degree.
  • Minimal maintenance is required with precise machining technology which ensures a minimum tolerance end play of the rotor shaft. Eliminating the copper shims used in most of today’s motors.
  • 200℃ high temperature tolerance and high purity copper windings maximize conductivity and reliability
  • 200℃ high temperature tolerance sintered NdFeb magnets.
  • Extreme low resistance multi-layered outlet PCB and high RPM NSK bearings.
  • Note: BANDIT G2R motor is compliant with IFMAR rules but not ROAR rules.


PN Model V Without Load (RPM/V) Resistance (Ω) Current Without Load (A) Dia. & Length (mm) Dia. of External Shaft (mm) Pole Stock Rotor


Weight (g) Application


13.5T 3400 KV 0.0193Ω 2.6A Ø=36mm Ø=3.17mm  












79 (6.314oz) 1:10 On-Road, O-Road for STOCK Race
30401855 17.5T 2700 KV 0.0322Ω 2.2A (1.417in) (0.125in) 179 (6.314oz) 1:10 F1
30401856 21.5T 2100 KV






L=52.5mm (2.067in) L=14.3mm (0.563in)     178 (6.279oz)


  • Install the motor in its mount using M3 screws no longer than 8mm.
  • There are 3 power wires coming from the ESC must be soldered to the motor. They are usually color coded as Blue for Wire A, Yellow for Wire B and Orange for Wire C. When connecting the power wires between the ESC and motor, please make sure that you match ESC Wire A to Motor Phase A, ESC Wire B to Motor Phase B and ESC wire C to Motor Phase C (This is VERY important).
  • When using sensored ESC, make sure the sensor cable is clean and reliable. Connect the sensor cable to both ESC and motor in the correct direction.
  • Double check you have all the connections correct before turning on the ESC (See connection diagram as below).



  • To adjust the timing, simply loosen the 1 short screws on the back of the motor and rotate the Sensor Module Cover, noting the white-color lines on the motor and the mark (pointer) on the cover. After the adjustment, please lock the 1 short screws.
  • You can adjust the timing on the motor to change the power-band and characteristics of the motor for best and the most efficient performance. Default timing is 30 degrees, and the motor has 20 degrees timing on minimum setting (fully clockwise) to maximum 50 degrees (fully anti-clockwise).
  • Increasing the timing will increase the RPM of the motor whilst at the same time increasing temperatures and losing efficiency. Higher timing will require a slower gear ratio. We recommend you start with the default timing setting.
  • When setting your motor timing it is important to make sure your ESC is also set correctly. Please follow your ESC instructions on how to do this. To check the motor temperatures during testing, simply drive for 3 laps of the track, stop and use an infrared temperature measuring instrument to make sure the motor is not too hot. If the motor is too hot then allow the motor to cool before trying it again.



The XERUN BANDIT G2R Motor is very strong in construction but also easy to disassemble for maintenance. We recommend periodical checking of the bearings and to clean the motor of dirt. Please follow the steps in below to assemble the motor. When disassembling the motor, the sequences are reversed.
* Please browse Hobbywing web for high-resolution assembly drawings. www.hobbywing.com

  1. Install the rotor
  2. Install the bottom casing
  3. Install the long srews
    diagram, engineering drawing
  4. Install the cover of sensor module
  5. Tighten the screws to lock the cover of sensor module
    text, whiteboard
  6. Motor assembled


Front casing x1

Rotor x1

Bottom casing x1
a close up of a logo
Long screws x3 M2.50 x 45mm

Sensor module cover x1

Short screws x1  M2.50 x 6.0mm


The XERUN BANDIT G2R Motor has the parts as below (Please also check picture 5 for reference).

  1.  Ball bearing x 1 (13.175×9.525×3.967mm)
  2. Rotor x 1
  3. Front casing x 1
  4.  Metal Bottom Case (w/ Sensor Module) x 1
  5. Long screws x 3 (M2.50x45mm)
  6. Cover of sensor module x 1
  7. Short screws 1 (M2.50×6.0mm)
  8. Sensor wires x 2 (80mm, 200mm)


Spare Part PN Description Specification
Ball bearing 30820001 540 MOTOR BEARING-3.175 R2ZZ Ball Bearing, 3.175×9.525×3.967mm
Rotor 30820426 XERUN-BANDIT Rotor-Φ5-11.5*24.3-CES Thick magnet, w/o cooling fan, magnet hole 5, O.D. of the magnet:11.5mm







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