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UMOVAL YCC365 Smart Wi-Fi PTZ Camera 1

UMOVAL YCC365 Smart Wi-Fi PTZ Camera 2

Thanks for purchasing UMOVAL Wi-Fi Security IP Cameras! Please read the instructions carefully before using the device and keep it for later reference.

Hom Wi-nkaus

Qauv #

Daim Ntawv Thov Cheeb Tsam

2.4GHz Wi-nkaus

5GHz Wi-nkaus


Nyob sab hauv tsev Kev Pab

Kev Pab


Nyob sab hauv tsev Kev Pab

Kev Pab


Sab nraum zoov Kev Pab Tsis Txhawb
UM25-2MP-12 Sab nraum zoov Kev Pab

Tsis Txhawb

Thov nco ntsoov: The indoor PTZ IP Cameras support dual band Wi-Fi both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. But the outdoor PTZ IP cameras only supports Wi-Fi 2.4GHz router. Please make sure that your router is compatible with the camera device and your phone is connected to Wi-Fi router before connecting the device.

1. How to Download APP?

Kauj ruam 1: Search the keyword “YCC365 Plus” in Apple Store or Android APP Store to download APP.
Kauj ruam 2: Or scan the QR code to download APP.

YCC365 - QR Code

2. How to Add Your Device on APP & Connect the Camera?
2.1 Register a New Account

Kauj ruam 1: If it is the first time for you to use the APP, you need to register a new account by your email. Please click “Sign Up” and register an account according to the procedure, or Log in with your mobile phone number.
Kauj ruam 2: Yog tias koj tsis nco qab koj tus password, koj tuaj yeem rov pib dua koj tus password, cia li nyem "Tsis nco qab lo lus zais" rau ntawm nplooj ntawv nkag mus.
Nco ntsoov: Password should be at least 6 characters and no more than 26 characters. It should be av combination of letters and numbers. Only support mobile phone number registration in some regions. Otherwise please use email address to register in other regions.

2.2 Txuas lub koob yees duab

2.2.1 Scan QR Code to Connect
Kauj ruam 1: Please make sure that your phone has been connected to Wi-Fi router.
Kauj ruam 2: Select your own Wi-Fi router and enter the router password.
Kauj ruam 3: Scan QR code on the APP interface by the camera lens toward it (Please keep QR code and camera lens in a straight line at a distance of 10-20cm).
Kauj ruam 4: Click the button “You hear a tone or the indicator light” after you hearing the voice of beep. Then please wait for the connecting, and the connection process will take around 1 or 2 minutes. Please wait for a moment. The connection will be done successfully when you hear a voice “Welcome to use the device!”
Lus Cim Tseem Ceeb: It will pop up and display a short message “You may choose 5G Wi-Fi, please confirm whether the camera supports the 5G frequency band, otherwise the addition will fail”. Please click the button “Support 5G” no matter you Wi-Fi router is 2.4GHz or 5GHz in order to proceed.

YCC365 - Connect the camera 1YCC365 - Connect the camera 2YCC365 - Connect the camera 3YCC365 - Connect the camera 4

YCC365 - Connect the camera 5YCC365 - Connect the camera 6YCC365 - Connect the camera 7YCC365 - Connect the camera 8

2.2.2 Connection by Network Cable
Thov nco ntsoov: Only Support LAN Port Device, such as Outdoor PTZ IP Cameras, not Indoor PTZ IP Cameras.
Kauj ruam 1: Click the button + in the upper right comer on the APP interface.
Kauj ruam 2: Choose the device type “Intelligent camera”, and then choose “Addition by connecting to network cable”.
Kauj ruam 3: Plug in the power adapter to the camera, and make sure the device LAN port is connected to network cable. And then scan QR code displayed on the upper side of device body.
Kauj ruam 4: Please wait for a moment. The connection will be done successfully in around 1 minute when you hear a voice “Welcome to use the device!”

YCC365 - Connection by network cable 1YCC365 - Connection by network cable 2YCC365 - Connection by network cable 3

YCC365 - Connection by network cable 4YCC365 - Connection by network cable 5YCC365 - Connection by network cable 6

2.2.3 Connection by AP Hotspot
Kauj ruam 1: Click the button + in the upper right corner on the APP interface.
Kauj ruam 2: Choose the device type “Intelligent camera”, and then choose “Addition of AP hotspot”.
Kauj ruam 3: Plug in the power adapter to the camera, and then wait patiently for the device to operate by itself and you will hear a tone “Please connect your device by AP hotspot or scanning code”. Now it is time for you to click the button of Next to proceed.
Thov nco ntsoov: If you don’t see any tips, your camera may be connected by other ways, such as Connect by Scanning QR Code or by Network Cable. Please delete the current collection on your APP interface.
Kauj ruam 4: Please go to the Wi-Fi list and find the name “CLOUDCAM_XXXX”. Click it to go ahead and your mobile device will connect with the camera hotspot successfully soon and display in blue. Then please click the button < in the upper left corner to return to APP interface after hotspot connection.
Kauj ruam 5: Please click the button of Next on the returned interface and come to the interface of “Connect to Wi Fi”. Then choose your Wi-Fi router and input correct Wi-Fi password. At last, click the button of Confirm, which will take around 1 minute to finish AP hotspot connection finally.

YCC365 - Connection by AP Hotspot 1YCC365 - Connection by AP Hotspot 2YCC365 - Connection by AP Hotspot 3

YCC365 - Connection by AP Hotspot 4YCC365 - Connection by AP Hotspot 5YCC365 - Connection by AP Hotspot 6

YCC365 - Connection by AP Hotspot 7YCC365 - Connection by AP Hotspot 8YCC365 - Connection by AP Hotspot 9

3. How to Use the Camera for More Functions?
3.1 Live Preview Interface & Diagram

YCC365 - Live preview 1YCC365 - Live preview 2

A: Menu B: HD/SD
C: Sound D: Snapshot
E: Hold to Talk F: Record Video to Your Phone or Tablet
G: Full Screen H: Cloud Storage
I: Start Alarm Recording J: Cloud Album
K: Control Panel L: Video Playback

YCC365 - Live preview 3

3.2 PTZ/Preset PTZ

You can control the camera’s rotation angle by clicking the upper or bottom, left or right side on the steering wheel.

(1) Turn Off.
(2) PTZ Reset.
(3) Presets: Click the Presets icon to enter the preset management interface.
(4) Floodlight.
(5) Share.
(6) Notice: Preset notice on Motion Detection, Sound Detection and Notification Frequency.

Nco ntsoov: The actual display interface may prevail since different camera models have different functions.

3.3 Video Rov Ua Si

Kauj ruam 1: Click the button of “Playback” at the right bottom corner on the live interface to view the playback videos.
Kauj ruam 2: Then please switch playback path to view Cloud Playback or Memory Card Playback.
Kauj ruam 3: The video playback will perform by itself. But you can adjust the target time to view cov vis dis aus tso tawm.
Nco ntsoov: No playback videos if no memory card inserted into the camera or your cloud storage service is over 1-month free service period.

YCC365 - Video playback 1YCC365 - Video playback 2YCC365 - Video playback 3

3.4 How to Add Family Members and Authorize More Users?

Kauj ruam 1: Click the symbol YCC365 - Symbol menu on the right bottom of connected camera interface. And a new interface will pop up on the bottom of the APP total interface.
Kauj ruam 2: Then click the symbol of Settings to open another interface to find the choice of “Sharing equipment”.
Kauj ruam 3: Click the button of “Sharing equipment >” to open a new interface and add family members & authorize more users.

YCC365 - Add member 1YCC365 - Add member 2YCC365 - Add member 3

YCC365 - Add member 4


4. Preference Settings

Click the button of Settings in the live viewing interface to check the menu of Preference Settings. And please do the settings according to your preferences.

5. Split Screen to View Different Live Videos

The split-screen mode is only for multiple cameras operating at a same APP account.
Click the split-screen button to realize simultaneous view of multiple cameras.

YCC365 - Split screen 1YCC365 - Split screen 2

Nco ntsoov: The split-screen mode will be working for more than two cameras.

6. How to Use a Camera on a Computer?

Kauj ruam 1: Nkag mus rau hauv webqhov chaw
Kauj ruam 2: Enter your account number and password, click to Login go ahead.
Nco ntsoov: Please create your own account by clicking Sign Up if you don’t have an account.

YCC365 - On Computer

7. Learn More about the Device

Qauv #



UM-LAMP-CAM -02 UM20-2MP-16



Tsis yog

Tsis yog Yog


Infrared Night


Yog Yog



Tsis yog

Yog Yog


Two-way Suab


Yog Yog


Chaw Taws Teeb Nyob View


Yog Yog


PTZ Rotation


Yog Yog


Tsab Ntawv Tshaj Tawm


Yog Yog


Kev Pib Txuas


Yog Yog




Yog Yog




Yog Yog


LAN Chaw nres nkoj

Tsis yog

Tsis yog Yog


Fais Adapter


E27/Inside AC / DC


daim ntawv sau npe

Nyob sab hauv tsev

Nyob sab hauv tsev Sab nraum zoov

Sab nraum zoov

8. What’s included in the Package?

Different models will have different items in the package. Please check them after your opening the package box.

8.1 What’s included in the Package Box of Model # UM-DOG-CAM 01?

1 x Indoor WiFi PTZ Camera
1 x USB Fais Fab Adapter
1 x USB Electric Data Cable
3 x Screws & Plastic Stopper
1 x Users Manual

8.2 What’s included in the Package Box of Model # UM-LAMP-CAM -02?

1 x Indoor E27 WIFi PTZ Camera
1 x E27 Socket
2 x Screws & Plastic Stopper
1 x Tus Los Ntawm Txhais Tes

8.3 What’s included in the Package Box of Model # UM20-2MP-16 & UM25-2MP-12?

1 x Outdoor WiFi PTZ Camera
1 x AC/DC Power Adapter
4 x Screws & Plastic Stopper
1 x Waterproof Rubber Ring & Plastic Set
1 x Screwdriver Tool for Installation
1 x Tus Los Ntawm Txhais Tes

9. How to Install the Camera Correctly?

The camera can be installed by DIY. But the electrical wire installation is suggested to be done by professional electrician. There are installation differences between indoor and outdoor PTZ cameras. And as for indoor PTZ IP cameras and E27 lamp IP cameras, the installation will also be different. Please install E27 lamp IP cameras directly by screwing it into E27 socket. The details on how to install outdoor PTZ cameras are as below:
Kauj ruam 1: Locate the position where the camera will be installed. And please make sure the Wi-Fi signal is strong by checking your mobile phone Wi-Fi signal status over there.
Kauj ruam 2: Mark holes on the wall before drill holes.
Kauj ruam 3: Drill holes with an electric drill tools and insert the plastic stopper into the holes.
Kauj ruam 4: Keep the camera in the correct position and tighten the screws to fix the camera.
Lus Cim Tseem Ceeb: As for the outdoor PTZ cameras with LAN port, please cover the LAN port with waterproof rubber & plastic ring for IP67 protection. Or please seal the LAN port with glues on the LAN port if the outdoor PTZ cameras are connected by wireless Wi-Fi router.

YCC365 - Install camera

10. How to Reset the Camera?

Kauj ruam 1: Thov view the displayed picture as below to find the Reset button.
Kauj ruam 2: The button of Reset is located inside the end of one of the three lines.
Kauj ruam 3: Please open the plastic over and you will find a Round Black Button. Here is the Reset Button.
Kauj ruam 4: Please press the Round Black Button to reset your camera to be the original settings in the factory.

YCC365 - Reset camera

11. FAQ/Frequently Asked Questions

Lo lus nug 1: Cannot connect the camera?
Qhov laj thawj 1: Please make sure the camera has been reset. Please disconnect the power adapter and insert it again. Or press the Reset button to set it again. The camera has been reset successfully if you hear a prompt tone.
Qhov laj thawj 2: Some cameras only support Wi-Fi 2.4GHz router. Please check your Wi-Fi router for more information. If your Wi-Fi router is 5GHz, please check whether it supports 2.4/5GHz dual modes.
Qhov laj thawj 3: Please confirm that the camera hasn’t been bound by other accounts.

Lo lus nug 2: How many different prompt tones?
There are totally four prompt tones during the configuring progress.
Prompt Tone 1: “Please configure camera by AP hotspot or scanning code”.
Prompt Tone 2: Select your Wi-Fi and login with your password, after the device makes a prompt tone like “beep” you will hear the prompt tone “Please wait for Wi-Fi connecting”.
Prompt Tone 3: “Please wait for internet connecting” after getting the Internet IP address.
Prompt Tone 4: “Internet connected. Welcome to use cloud camera”.
Solutions 1: If cannot hear the Prompt Tone 1 in 10 minutes, the camera may be out of work. Please contact the seller or UMOVAL service team for customer support.
Solutions 2: If cannot hear the Prompt Tone 2 in 5 minutes, please check whether your Wi-Fi channel has been hidden and the Wi-Fi router is far from the camera. If not resolved by this way, please scan the QR code to connect the camera.
Solutions 3: If cannot hear the Prompt Tone 3 in 5 minutes, please reduce the quantity of Wi-Fi users, and delete the special characters of your Wi-Fi password.
Solutions 4: If cannot hear the Prompt Tone 4 in 5 minutes, please try again. If it still doesn’t work, please contact the seller for customer supports.

Question 3: Why is the video recording intermittent?
Cov lus teb: The cloud service may be trial order. And the alarm recording mode and the TF card event recording mode will only record when an abnormality is detected. That’s why the recording may not be continuous.

Question 4: Why is the camera disconnected?
Cov lus teb: Please check whether the Wi-Fi router or the power adapter is disconnected? If they are connected correctly, please restart camera or delete the camera on APP and try to reconnect the camera.

Question 5: How to add family members as authorized users?
Cov lus teb: Go to APP homepage, and Click the button of Settings to choose Sharing Equipment, then add family members according to the procedures step by step.

Question 6: How many users can access an account at the same time?
Cov lus teb: Totally 10 users can access an account at the same time. But a same APP account can support 3 users to view live videos at the same time.

Question 7: Why can’t my Micro SD card be recognized?
Cov lus teb: Please check whether the TF card meet the quality requirements or not. And brand Micro SD card is recommended to you for local storage. In addition, Wi-Fi signal may be so poor that Micro SD card cannot be read. Please adjust your Wi-R router or camera’s position to get strong Wi-Fi signal.

Question 8: The recording timeline is blank because the cloud service expires.
Cov Kev Ntsig: The video cannot be replayed if the cloud service has been expired. And the video cannot be recorded if there is no TF card inserted into the camera.
If the TF card can work correctly, but the video recording file disappeared, please check the Micro SD card status by clicking the button “Memory card management”.
If the memory card is working normally in the application but no video has been recorded, please format the TF card. If it still cannot be used, please replace it with a new TF card and try again.
Nco ntsoov: The free cloud storage service period is only one month. Please use Micro SD card for local video storage or buy cloud storage service in one month if you’d like to use video playback.

Question 9: Why cannot read the wireless network name after connecting to iOS and Android devices?
Cov Kev Ntsig: Connect iOS or Android devices to Wi-Fi network through configuration, and then add the camera, which can help to read the network name automatically.

YCC365 - Devices 1  YCC365 - Devices 2a  YCC365 - Devices 2   YCC365 - Devices 2a  YCC365 - Devices 3

iPhone                        Android                 iOS/Android Tablet

Question 10: Why can’t I switch to another account to configure the camera Wi-Fi?
Cov Kev Ntsig: The camera can only be bound to one main user’s account, and other accounts can only be viewed through the sharing mechanism. Please delete the camera on APP interface at first if other accounts need to reconfigure the camera as the main user.

Question 11: How to connect my camera to other Wi-Fi router?
There are two ways connect your camera to other Wi-Fi router as follows:
Txoj kev 1: Setting >> Network information >> Select a New Wi-Fi.
Txoj kev 2: Please try to reset your device in the APP interface when the camera is removed to another location and it display “Offline”. Click “Troubleshooting” and reset the camera, and then add Wi-Fi again.

12. Precautions & Customer Supports

Precautions 1: The User’s Manual is only for reference. And please adhere to your actual product while using it.
Precautions 2: If there are any software or APP upgrades without notice, please do it according to updated instructions.
Precautions 3: If you have any problems when using the camera, please contact the seller or UMOVAL customer service team for supports.
Precautions 4: We have tried our best to ensure the completeness and accuracy of contents in the instructions. However, there may be some data without being listed. Please refer to UMOVAL customer supports if there is any deviation or questions from you.

YCC365 - Guide vedio


Starter Guide Video

There is a Guide Video displayed on the APP interface if your camera has not been connected Please click the Starter Guide Video to learn more on how to use your device correctly.

Customer Supports:

UMOVAL is a trustable company and we will sincerely do customer supports for all of customers if there are any quality issues during the usages of the camera within the limited warranty period in 12 months since your order date.

Our customer support email address is as below:

Welcome to contact us by email if there are any issues or inquiries!

YCC365 - guarantee

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