SOMOGYI KID 311 LED Window Ornament

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  • Tsis txhob khiav cov khoom hauv nws lub ntim.
  • Do not connect this light stJip electrically to another one.
  • The light chain is not suitable loopingan installation.
  • Be careful not lead the product immediately next to flammable materials when operating.
  • The light sources in the product are not replaceable. At the end of the light sources lifetime, the entire product msut be replaced.
  • Lub roj teeb yuav tsum tau hloov los ntawm cov neeg laus xwb.
  • Ntxig lub roj teeb saib lub polarity.
  • Do not use different ktnds of batteries and/or used and new batteries together.
  • Tom qab hloov cov roj teeb kom ceev lub roj teeb lub hau lub hau.
  • Tshem lub roj teeb yog tias koj tsis npaj yuav siv cov khoom rau lub sijhawm ntev.
  • If there is any liquid flown out from the battery, wear protective gloves and clean the battery compartment with a dry doth.
  • Tam sim ntawd tshem tawm cov roj teeb uas ploj lawm.
  • Ceeb toom! Risk of explosion in case of incorrect battery replacement! It can be replaced only with the same or a replacement type. Do not expose the batteries to direct heal radiation and sunshine. II is forbidden to open them up, to throw them into fire or to short-circuit them. Non-rechargeable batteries must not be charged. Risk of explosion! Do not insert an accumulator instead of the battery, because it provides significanly lower voltage thiab efficiency.
  • Do not weld or solder direcly to the battery.
  • Khaws cov roj teeb uas tsis siv rau hauv lawv cov ntim khoom qub, kom deb ntawm cov khoom siv hlau. Tsis txhob sib tov cov roj teeb uas twb tau ntim lawm.
  • Cov khoom tsis yog khoom ua si. Khaws kom deb ntawm cov menyuam yaus.
  • Tsuas yog siv rau sab hauv tsev, hauv qhov chaw qhuav.


Waste equipment must be collected and disposed separately from household waste because it may contain components A hazardous to the environment or health. Used or waste equipment may be dropped off free of charge at the point of sale, or at any distributor which sells equipment of identical nature and function. Dispose of the product at a facility specializing in the – collection of electronic waste. By doing so, you will protect the enronment as well as the health of others and yourself. If you have any questions, contact the local waste management organization. We shall undertake the tasks pertinent to the manufacturer as prescribed in the relevant regulations and shall bear any associated costs arising.

Kev tshem tawm cov roj alkaline thiab cov roj teeb rov qab

Cov roj teeb, txawm tias alkaline lossis rechargeable, yuav tsum tsis txhob ua ke nrog cov khib nyiab hauv tsev. Nws yog lub luag haujlwm raws cai ntawm tus neeg siv khoom kom pov tseg cov roj teeb ntawm lub chaw khaws khoom nyob ze lossis ntawm lub khw muag khoom. Qhov no ua kom ntseeg tau tias cov roj teeb thaum kawg tau nruab nrab hauv ib puag ncig zoo.

tsim kom muaj:

Cov ntaub ntawv / Cov ntaub ntawv

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