Micron Electronics Prime LS100 LTE Tracker


Prime LS100 is a powerful LTE Tracker which is designed as Emergency call equipment. It works on LTE B4/B13 with superior receiving sensitivity. Its location can be real time or schedule tracked by backend server or specified terminals. Based on the embedded wireless tracking protocol, Prime LS100 can communicate with the backend server through LTE network, and transfer reports of emergency. Service provider is easy to setup their tracking platform based on the functional wireless tracking protocol.
The WIFI function will be activated and report the MAC addresses once the device is in alerting state. The BLE function will be activated and scan the third-party BLE data or Beacon broadcast by custom setting or protocol.
RF 433MHz is used as a supervised short range RF communication link between the unit and the Base Station to determine if they are no longer in range with each other.

Khoom Tshajview


Buttons Interface Description

Button /USB Interface Description


Hauj lwm

Pib dua Ntsiab Power off     the Prime LS100
adapter Connected to a Power supply socket can power on Prime LS100
Tus Yuam Sij Muaj Nuj Nqis SOS hom
Feature Key Play to do list audios.
TEST Key Hom tshuaj ntsuam
Kev piav qhia LED

Daim duab 1-2

There are 3 LED lights in Prime LS100 device, the description as following.

Lub teeb Cov kev tshwm sim State
Function Key LED Function Key pressed Solid when pressed
Feature Key LED Feature Key pressed Solid when pressed
Test Key LED Test Key pressed Solid when pressed
Breath Light Test Key long press Breath effect


qhov chaw Sau

lub npe



Prime LS100 Base Station The LTE Base Station.
Prime LS100 adapter It used to power on the Prime LS100.
Built-in Roj Teeb

The following items are suggestion for built-in battery usage, please pay more attention.

  • The device is Emergency call equipment, which is designed to be used by adapter always plugged.
  • There is a 850mAh Lithium polymer battery integrated in device. The built-in battery will only be used when the adapter unplugged.

Note: If the Prime LS100 device is firstly used, please make sure the adapter of the device is plugged in the power supply socket.

Prime LS100 Adapter

Prime LS100 base station is connected with an AC Adapter.
The adapter is used for device power on, built-in battery charging, which should be plugged in power supply socket at any time ( by end user).

Lub hwj chim rau / Fais fab tua

Daim duab 2-2

Fais fab tuag rau: Plug in the power adapter and power on.
Lub hwj chim tawm: Unplugged the power adapter and press the Reset button.

Nco ntsoov: the user can not power off Prime LS100 if the adapter is plugged.


LTE: Band2/Band4/Band5/Band12/Band13

Trouble shooting and Safety info

Teeb meem tua

Teeb meem

Lub Neej Phem Vim Li Cas


Messages can’t be reported to the backend server by Mobile network. APN is wrong. Some APN can not visit the internet directly. Nug tus neeg ua haujlwm hauv lub network rau APN txoj cai.
IP chaw nyob lossis chaw nres nkoj ntawm backend server tsis raug. Xyuas kom tseeb tias tus IP chaw nyob rau lub backend server yog qhov chaw nyob hauv internet.
Unable to power off Prime LS100. The function of power key was disabled by AT+GTFKS. Enable the function of power key by AT+GTFKS.
Battery can not be charged The battery has not been used for too long time and has been locked. Using a external power source with 3.6V to 4.2V DC power supply to active the battery or apply for after sale help.
Safety info

The following items are suggestion for safety use, please pay more attention. Please do not disassemble the device by yourself. Please do not put the device on the overheating or too humid place, avoid
exposure to direct sunlight. Too high temperature will damage the device or even cause the battery explosion. Please do not use Prime LS100 on the airplane or near medical equipment.

FCC Ceev Faj.

§ 15.19 Labeling Requirements.
Cov cuab yeej siv no ua raws li ntu 15 ntawm FCC Cov Cai. Kev ua haujlwm yog raug rau cov xwm txheej uas cov cuab yeej no tsis ua rau muaj kev cuam tshuam.

15.21 Cov Lus Qhia rau cov neeg siv.
Ib qho Pauv Hloov lossis kev hloov pauv tsis tau pom zoo los ntawm tog neeg lav ris rau kev ua raws yuav ua rau tus neeg siv txoj cai los ua cov cuab yeej.

15.105 Cov ntaub ntawv rau cov neeg siv.
Nco tseg: cov khoom siv no tau sim thiab pom tias ua raws li cov kev txwv rau Chav Kawm B cov cuab yeej digital, ua raws li ntu 15 ntawm FCC Cov Cai. Cov kev txwv no yog tsim los muab kev tiv thaiv tsim nyog tiv thaiv kev cuam tshuam kev cuam tshuam hauv kev teeb tsa thaj chaw nyob. Cov cuab yeej siv no tsim tawm siv thiab tuaj yeem tshaj tawm xov tooj cua ntau lub zog thiab, yog tias tsis ntsia thiab siv ua raws li cov lus qhia, yuav ua rau muaj kev cuam tshuam tsis zoo rau xov tooj cua. Txawm li cas los xij, tsis muaj kev lees paub tias kev cuam tshuam yuav tsis tshwm sim hauv ib qho kev teeb tsa tshwj xeeb. Yog tias cov khoom siv no ua rau muaj kev cuam tshuam tsis zoo rau xov tooj cua lossis TV txais tos, uas tuaj yeem txiav txim siab los ntawm tig cov cuab yeej tawm, thiab cov neeg siv raug txhawb kom sim kho qhov kev cuam tshuam los ntawm ib lossis ntau qhov kev ntsuas hauv qab no:
-Tus neeg lossis tshem tawm cov kav hlau txais xov txais.
-Qhov ntxiv kev sib cais ntawm cov cuab yeej thiab tus txais.
-Txuas txuas cov khoom siv mus rau hauv qhov hluav taws xob ntawm ib qho ntawm Circuit Court sib txawv los ntawm qhov uas tus txais tau txuas.
-Cov txiaj ntsig rau lub chaw muag khoom lossis tus kws tshaj lij xov tooj cua / TV rau kev pab.

This equipment complies with FCC radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment. This equipment should be installed and operated withmin imum distance 20cm between the radiator & your body.

Cov ntaub ntawv / Cov ntaub ntawv

Micron Electronics Prime LS100 LTE Tracker [pdf] Tus neeg siv phau ntawv
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