iTOUCH Air 3 Smartwatch Fitness Tracker Tus neeg siv phau ntawv
iTouch Air 3 Smartwatch Fitness Tracker

iTouch Air 3 USER GUIDE:
Everything you need to know about the iTouch Air 3 Smartwatch.

Dab tsi nyob rau hauv lub thawv?

Your iTouch Air 3 box includes:

hauv lub thawv

  • iTouch Air 3 Smartwatch (Color and material vary)
  • Sib Nqus Them Cable

The interchangeable straps on the iTouch Air 3 come in a variety of colors and materials, sold separately.

Setting up your iTouch Air 3 Smartwatch

Them koj lub Smartwatch
A fully charged iTouch Air 3 has an extended battery life of up to 30 days (standby time). Battery life and charge cycles vary based on usage, screen
display brightness and etc.

Teeb Meem

  1. Muab lub xov tooj fais fab txuas rau USB chaw nres nkoj ntawm koj lub computer lossis UL-daim ntawv tso cai USB phab ntsa them nyiaj. Peb pom zoo kom siv USB chaw nres nkoj ntawm koj lub computer.
  2. Set your watch on the charging base. The pins on the charging base must lock securely with the smartwatch. A battery icon appears on the screen to indicate your smartwatch is charging.

Nco ntsoov: Take off the plastic protector film from the case-back of your smartwatch before charging. Charging fully takes about 1-2 full hours.

Teeb Nrog Koj Lub Smartphone

The free iTOUCH Wearables app is compatible with most iPhones and Android Phones. A smartphone is required for call, text, and smartphone app notifications.

Yog xav pib: 

iTouch Wearables App
app khw
Google ua si

  1. Nrhiav lub iTOUCH Wearables app hauv ib qho ntawm cov chaw hauv qab no, nyob ntawm koj lub ntaus ntawv ntse
    • Apple App Store rau iPhones
    • Google ua si cia rau hauv Tes
  2. Rub tawm thiab nruab rau iTOUCH Wearables App
    YOUR iTouch Air 3 Smartwatch WILL ONLY WORK WITH THE iTOUCH Wearables APP SHOWN ABOVE.
    icons Lub moos no tsuas ua haujlwm nrog cov app no ​​thiab yuav muaj teeb meem sib txuas yog tias siv tsis raug. Yog xav paub ntxiv thiab txuas rau cov apps, mus rau:
    Lub app yuav nug rau cov kev tso cai ib zaug ntsia. Peb xav kom tus neeg siv tso cai rau tag nrho cov ntawv ceeb toom & ua khub nkag mus rau lawv cov smartphones rau kev ua haujlwm tiav. Rau cov neeg siv hauv Android, koj kuj yuav tsum tso cai rau iTOUCH Wearables app nkag mus ceeb toom hauv koj lub xov tooj ib txwm siv.
  3. Thaum lub app tau teeb tsa, qhib nws los tsim ib qho profile. For accurate results, please enter correct information here. Then, tap the ‘X’ button at the top of the screen to begin setting up your iTouch Air 3 Smartwatch. (We highly encourage the user to allow all notifications & pairing access to their smartphones.)
  4. To connect & sync your smartwatch to your device, tap ADD from the Home page to search for your iTouch Air 3 Smartwatch.
    Teem Sijhawm

icons Koj tuaj yeem txuas & sync koj lub smartwatch los ntawm nplooj ntawv ntaus ntawv hauv koj lub app. Coj mus rhaub cov "Device" icon los ntawm cov navigation bar, ces, coj mus rhaub ADD A Device.

Search and select iTouch Air 3 to pair: From the clock face on your smartwatch, tap and hold the screen for 3 seconds to display the MAC ADDRESS of your iTouch Air 3. When pairing your smartwatch with the app, make sure that the MAC ADDRESS displayed on your smartwatch matches the MAC ADDRESS of the iTouch Air 3 on your app.

Once your iTouch Air 3 Smartwatch is connected, it will say Connected on the top of the device page and display the current battery life of your smartwatch. To ensure complete connectivity, tap and hold the clock face of your smartwatch. You will see a Bluetooth icon on the bottom right-hand side of your iTouch Air Special Edition Smartwatch when it is paired with your smartphone. You can view the battery life of your smartwatch on this screen as well.
Txuas nrog

Please read through the guide to learn more about your new smartwatch and then explore the iTOUCH Wearables app.


Learn how to best navigate your iTouch Air 3 Smartwatch.

Power On/Off Your Smartwatch: From your smartwatch, navigate to the Power icon icons and tap on it to reveal the power menu. Simply tap Power Off option and the device will shut off. (You can also quickly access this screen by using the quick toggle/notification panel found on your device and tapping on the power icon found there – More on this in Navigation Tips)

To turn your device back on, tap and hold the screen of your smartwatch for 3 5 seconds.

icons Tsab ntawv tsa suab taw: Allows you to rotate your wrist to turn on your watch screen. Tap “Device” icon and go to Additional Features to enable the Activate Display After Wrist Rotation function. By clicking on Active Time, you can control the time in which this feature is active throughout the day. If you want this feature to always be on, set the time constraints to be 12:00AM to 12:00AM. Using this feature will consume more battery.

icons brightness: Control the Brightness on your Smartwatch. From the Settings menu on your iTouch Air 3, tap the brightness icon. Then tap again to begin adjusting the brightness by tapping your finger on the screen. Once you have set the brightness the way you like, tap the back button on the top left hand corner to exit and save your changes.

You can also access the brightness section on your watch by utilizing the quick toggles/notification panel found on your device by tapping on the sun icon found there.

Navigation Tips for your iTouch Air 3:


  • Your iTouch Air 3 is full touch, so you can swipe left and right and tap on icons on the screen to interact with them.
  • Your iTouch Air 3 Smartwatch has a quick toggle/ notification panel, to access it, on the main clock face, swipe down from the top of the screen.
    If a feature is colored white that means it’s active/available right now. If an icon is black, it means it isn’t active at the moment. You can tap the toggles you want to interact with (Some toggles are just for display and don’t do anything when tapped on). To hide this panel, simply swipe up on the screen or tap on the small up pointing arrow found on the middle-top of the screen.
  • Swiping up from the bottom of the main clock face screen will allow you to access your messages/notifications quickly.
  • A small back button has been added to nearly every screen on your iTouch Air 3, you can use this button to go back/exit any section you’re in. This button is usually found on the top left hand corner of the
    screen. You can only exit apps you enter by tapping this back button.
  • Swiping right on the main clock face reveals your Activity screens and is used a a quick short cut to access this information.
  • Swiping left on the main clock face reveals your menu area where you can view the apps/functions of the device. You can tap on any of them to open and interact with them.

Hloov Saib Cov Ntsej Muag
Personalize your watch with our built-in watch faces, or explore other watch face designs to showcase your favorite iTouch Air 3 time-keeping features. The iTOUCH Wearables app comes with three interchangeable watch faces: Modern, Analog, and Custom.

Hloov koj lub ntsej muag saib ntawm iTOUCH Wearables app:

  1. With your smartwatch nearby, tap the device icon icons from the navigation bar in the app.
  2. Tap Watch Faces to navigate to a selection of watch faces.
  3. Browse the available styles and select your preferred watch face. Once selected, your smartwatch will automatically update it.
    Changing Instructions

Teem lub ntsej muag Saib Kev Cai: Create your own watch face! You can add your own image, format text, and put your favorite features on display. From the Watch Faces page, tap icons on the Custom watch face panel to begin editing. Hit Save to apply.
Changing Instructions

View Ntau Tus Qauv: Yuav view and download more watch face designs, click on Explore Other Clock Faces at the bottom of the Watch Faces page. Choose your style, and then hit Download to apply the watch face to your device.
Changing Instructions

Change your watch face from the iTouch Air 3 Smartwatch:

  1. Navigate to watch faces icons section from the Settings menu on your iTouch Air 3 and tap on it. (You can also click the watch faces icon on the Notification/ Quick Toggles panel to begin choosing clock faces) icons
  2. Choose from three styles: Modern, Analog, and Custom. Swipe left or right to see the clock faces on your device to see which one fits your style better. Tap on your desired watch face to select it and your done!

Apps thiab Nta

icons Kev Ncua Sij Hawm
Alarms vibrate to alert you at a time you have set. Set up to three alarms to occur once or on multiple days of the week via the iTOUCH Wearables app. Tap the device icon icons and go to Alarms to begin setting alarms. To change the time format on your smartwatch, tap on the device icon icons on your app and go to Additional Features. Tap Time Formats to select between 12 and 24 hour format.

Once you have set the alarms you want in app, you can toggle them on and off via your watch. To do this, navigate to the Clock application on your watch. Tap Alarms to see your current alarms and tap on the toggle slider in this section to turn the selected alarm off/on.
Apps thiab Nta

icons You can time events with the stopwatch found in the Clock app on your iTouch Air 3 device too. Tap the Stopwatch found in the Clock app and then tap the play button to begin. Tap the pause button to pause the stop watch and the lap button icons to better time yourself. While the stopwatch is paused, you will see a red Stop button, tapping on this button will completely stop the stopwatch. To exit the stopwatch function, simply tap the back button found on the tap left hand corner of the device.

icons Kev Ncua Sij Hawm
You can also time events with the countdown timer found in the Clock app on your iTouch Air 3 device. Tap the Countdown timer found in the Clock app. Swipe up and down to see the different countdown times you can choose from. Tap on your desired time frame and then you will be taken to the countdown timer screen, tap the green play  button to begin.
Apps thiab Nta

Unlike the stopwatch function, this feature works whether you’re in the countdown function or not. So you can enjoy your iTouch Air 3 Smartwatch normally while this feature is still working. Once the countdown timer is complete, you will get a notification reminder of this on your watch and the watch will begin to vibrate (similar to if you received an alarm on your device). Tap ‘Stop’ on this notification on your watch to close it.
Apps thiab Nta

icons Cov Ntawv Ceeb Toom & Kev Xa Xov
iTouch Air 3 can display call, text, social media, and app notifications from your smartphone to keep you informed. The smartwatch and phone device must be within Bluetooth range of each other to receive such notifications.

icons Teeb Cov Ntawv Ceeb Toom: Txheeb xyuas tias Bluetooth ntawm koj lub xov tooj tau qhib thiab koj lub xov tooj tuaj yeem tau txais cov ntawv ceeb toom (feem ntau nyob hauv Chaw> Cov Ntawv Ceeb Toom). Tom qab ntawv teeb tsa cov ntawv ceeb toom:

  1. Los ntawm iTOUCH Wearables app navigation bar, coj mus rhaub icons tom qab ntawv, mus rau Cov Ntawv Ceeb Toom.
  2. From Notifications, you may select the notifications you wish to receive on your smartwatch.
    Nco ntsoov: Ceeb toom kev tso cai txawv ntawm iOS thiab Android cov neeg siv. Mus Teeb Nrog koj lub smartphone hauv phau ntawv qhia kom paub cov ntaub ntawv ntau ntxiv.

Viewing Incoming Notifications: When your iTouch Air 3 and smartphone are within range, notifications cause the smartwatch to vibrate. If you don’t read the notification when it arrives, you can check it later by navigating to Messages on your smartwatch.

Yuav view unopened messages and notifications on your iTouch Air 3, swipe to the Messages screen and tap to open. Select any notification you see and then swipe from right to left on your watch to read through the notification. Tap the back button to return to the main messaging screen that shows your 3 most recent notifications.

Shortcut: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen on the main clock face screen to view cov ntawv qhia.

Manage Notifications: iTouch Air 3 stores up to 3 notifications, after which the oldest are replaced as you receive new ones.

icons Xu Cov Ntawv Qhia: Turn off all or certain notifications with the iTOUCH Wearables app from Notifications in the device settings. You can mute all notifications by turning on Do Not Disturb mode. Learn more about the Do Not Disturb function in the Additional Features section of the manual.

*Note for Android Users* The ‘Other’ function was created to help provide support for notifications you want to receive on your watch that support hasn’t built for directly. However, we strongly recommend that Android users keep this setting off. Android devices display nearly everything in their notification section (screen shots, percentage of charge, when a song is changed or etc). Due to this, while other is on, you will get notifications about these aspects as well.

icons Yam Ntxim Saib Ntxim Ua & Pw Tsaug Zog
iTouch Air 3 continuously tracks a variety of stats whenever you wear it. The information is then transferred to the iTOUCH Wearables app every time you sync your smartwatch. We recommend syncing your smartwatch to the app at least once a day.

Saib koj cov stats: Core stats: steps taken, calories burned, distance covered, and active minutes. Find your complete history and other information automatically detected by your smartwatch, such as sleep data, in the iTOUCH Wearables app.

khiav a daily step goal: iTouch Air 3 tracks your progress towards a daily step goal. When you reach your goal, the smartwatch vibrates and shows a celebratory animation.

icons Teeb lub hom phiaj los pab koj pib koj txoj kev noj qab haus huv & kev tawm dag zog. Txhawm rau pib, koj lub hom phiaj pom zoo raug teeb tsa ua 8,000 qib ib hnub. Koj tuaj yeem xaiv pauv koj lub hom phiaj ua haujlwm ntawm iTOUCH Wearables app hauv qab ntawm icons page. Tap Step Goal to begin setting.

On your watch, you can navigate to the ‘Activity’ app to view your current steps, active minutes, miles, calories burned and etc. You can also view a graph in this section showing your average activity for the day including your highest step count for the day and the lowest (based on hours you’re active).

*You can also navigate to the Activity page quickly by swiping right on the main clock face page.

icons Your iTouch Air 3 Smartwatch also calculates your active time while using the device. Active time is defined by any activity that records steps and utilizes the pedometer in some way. To see your active time on your watch, on the main clock face screen, swipe right. This will show your activity metrics such as total steps, calories, miles and etc.

If you swipe to the last page, it will show you your active time for the last three days (if you have data from the past three days, otherwise, it will show only the days you have data for thus far).

Yuav view active minute data and more information in app, tap on the ‘Steps’ section of the dashboard on the main home page of the iTouch Wearables app.

icons Kev Nco Ntsoov: Turn on reminders to move in the app to set a sedentary reminder alert. The sedentary reminder can be enabled in Additional Features. This feature is active during the hours of 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

icons Saib pw: Track Your Sleep: Your iTouch Air 3 will automatically track your time asleep and sleep stages (restful sleep, light sleep and time spent awake). To see your sleep quality score and stats, sync your smartwatch when you wake up and check the app.

Learn about your sleep habits iTouch Air 3 tracks several sleep metrics including the amount of sleep you get and provides you with an overall sleep score number for that night. It will track your wake time and your light sleep time, along with deep sleep.

icons Relaxation Mode: Your iTouch Air 3 allows you to take the edge off on those stressful days by incorporating Relaxation mode into the device. In this mode found on your iTouch Air 3 smartwatch, helps you distress by helping your perform deep breathing exercises.

To begin, navigate to the ‘Relax’ icon icons on your smartwatch and tap on it. Once in relaxation mode, you will see your current heart rate and a play button. Tap on the play button to begin. Once started, the watch will explain when to take a ‘Deep Breath’ and when to exhale. The watch will vibrate when you need to exhale/inhale as well to allow you to perform this mode with your eyes closed. The watch will do this several times before the session ends. To begin again, you will just need to hit the play button in this mode.

icons Hwj chim Txuag Hom: Battery life matters to everyone and getting the most out of your watch is important. This is why your iTouch Air 3 smartwatch is equipped with a Power Saving Mode. To turn this feature on, navigate to the settings option on your device and tap on it. Then tap on Power Saving. From here, you can toggle this feature on and off.

When active, your watch vibrations will be disabled and your brightness will be reduced to the lowest setting. Turning this feature off will return you to your original brightness and vibration settings. You can quickly toggle this feature on/off as well by swiping down from your main clock face to reveal the quick toggles/notification panel and tapping on the battery icon with a thunderbolt in it icons .

*When your watch reaches 25% battery life, your watch will automatically pull up this screen and allow you to turn this function on.

icons 24 Hour Continuous Heart Rate Detection: Once you put your iTouch Air 3 device on, after one minute, the device will begin detecting your heart rate automatically. Your heart rate will be monitored 24/7 as it’s being worn and will be able to be seen at any time right from your wrist.
Apps thiab Nta

Tap ‘Tap to Record’ icons to record the heart rate you’re currently observing on your watch. The watch will vibrate once done and show a message stating ‘Recording Complete’. It will then take you to the second screen within the heart rate application on your watch. This screen shows your three most recently recorded heart rate values and when they were taken.

The last screen in the heart rate app on your watch shows a graph of your average heart rate and will show your highest recorded heart rate value and your lowest recorded value.
Apps thiab Nta

Within the iTouch Wearables app, on the home page (dashboard), you will see a section for the 24/7 heart rate. Clicking on this will reveal your current average heart rate, highest and lowest heart rate records, last 7 day trends for your heart rate and more (Make sure your smartwatch is connected to your device to view this data). While your watch monitors your Heart Rate every second, the app will show you an average heart rate record based on heart rate readings it takes from the watch every 30 minutes as you wear the watch.

You can learn more about heart rate data analysis and what your movement state can tell you about your fitness intensity as well in the iTouch Wearables app. This data will automatically sync with your app when your iTouch Air 3 is within Bluetooth range of your smartphone.

icons Elevated Heart Rate: The iTouch Air 3 supports the ‘Elevated Heart Rate’ feature which can be found and toggled on/off in the Additional Features section within the iTouch Wearables App. When active, you can choose a heart rate value you want to be reminded of. When the watch detects that you have reached this HR value, it will show you a notification on your watch stating that your HR value has been detected to be ‘Elevated’ based on the heart rate value limit you put in the app.

*Elevated Heart Rate, when active, will check your heart rate every minute, so there may be times if your selected heart rate value is 100, that you may not be reminded until your heart rate is at 103. This is due to the watch searching for the heart rate value every minute. **Using this feature will consume more battery.
Apps thiab Nta

icons Lub plawv dhia ntsuas yog tsis yog siv rau kev kho mob. Yog tias koj muaj teeb meem nrog koj lub plawv ntsuas ntsuas, thov sab laj nrog tus kws kho mob tam sim ntawd.

icons Fitness & Exercise (Multi-Sports/Workout Mode): Your iTouch Air 3 Smartwatch is equipped with 4 sports modes and 4 workout modes. Each exercise tracks specific details such as steps, total time, average heart rate, calories and etc.

Sports Modes Included:

icons basketball
icons Baseball
icons football
icons ncaws pob

Workout Modes Included:

icons khiav
icons Elliptical
icons cycling
icons hiking

Once you see a workout/sports mode you like, tap on it. Tap on the GREEN button icons to start that specific mode. Once the mode starts, you’ll have the ability to Pause it or Stop it completely. iconsicons

icons Fitness & Exercise (Multi-Sports/Workout Mode) Important Tips:

  • In order for data to be saved, the workout/sport you do must be done actively for at least 3 minutes.
  • Once you begin a sports mode/workout mode, the exercise on the watch may show two pages appear (you’ll notice this as two small dots will show at the middle-top of the screen), you can swipe left and right to see the data found on these pages.
  • You can perform the sport or workout either near your smartphone or away/not connected to your smartphone. Once the device comes back into Bluetooth Range of your smartphone, it will automatically sync with the app and the mode will appear on your home/dashboard screen in app.
  • Workout/sports modes should be done one at a time and after stopping one mode, ensure that the data is synced to the app first. Then start your second sports/workout mode. Doing multiple modes at once, without syncing to the app will cause data you have acquired to be lost.
  • While your watch shows you some metrics for the mode you’re doing, once the app syncs with the watch, the app will provide you more information that isn’t available on your watch. We recommend that after workout/sport performed, to sync your device with the app. Doing this often will make sure you’re viewing the most up-to-date data.
  • If your activity time is too short, the watch will show you a message about this. Activities not performed for at least 3 minutes will not be saved to the app/watch.

icons Txuas nrog GPS
Txhawm rau ua tiav cov ntaub ntawv teev tseg, rov ua dua, cov ntaub ntawv thiab cov ntaub ntawv nrawm, nco ntsoov siv koj lub smartphone txuas nrog GPS. Review your exercise history via the iTOUCH Wearables app. Note: The Connected GPS feature on the iTouch Air 3 works with the GPS sensors on your nearby smartphone.

To use Connected GPS from the Home page of the app, scroll down and hit Running Mode. A new screen will appear with a start button. Tap Start to begin tracking. Connected GPS mode will be enabled until you pause or completely stop it. This screen will showcase your steps, heart rate and calories burned. You will have an option to toggle between this screen and an actual live map of your route. Once completed, you can view koj nyob deb li cas lawm.

Smartwatch tej thaj chaw deb nta

icons Music Remote: To remotely control music from your smartwatch, navigate to the music feature on the iTouch Air 3. The music remote allows you to play/pause, skip forward, or skip to previous music from your music apps. Your iTouch Air 3 is compatible with various applications such as Apple Music,
Spotify, and Pandora. However, it may not support other third party applications.

icons Lub Koob Yees Duab Chaw Taws Teeb: To snap photos using your iTouch Air 3, navigate to the Camera Remote feature on your smartwatch (If you are using an iOS device, you will also need to open the native camera app on your smartphone). Tap the Camera Remote feature on your smartwatch, or turn on the activate display after wrist rotation feature in the app and rotate your wrist to snap a pic.

Ntxiv nta

Nkag mus rau nplooj ntawv ntaus ntawv hauv koj app. Coj mus rhaub rau Nta Ntxiv rau view nta ntxiv rau koj lub smartwatch. Kawm ntxiv hauv qab no.

icons HUAB CUA: Once your smartwatch is fully paired to the app, the Weather feature will show on your iTouch Air 3. From the Weather feature on your smartwatch, you can tap the screen to view ntau cov ntaub ntawv huab cua. Koj lub smartwatch qhia pom huab cua huab cua rau 5 hnub thiab hloov tshiaburly. To change from Fahrenheit to Celsius, navigate to Additional Features on the iTOUCH Wearables app and go to the Weather section. From there you can input the city you would like to see the weather for.

The weather information is pulled from Yahoo Weather and is updated every two hours. If your device cannot update the weather during this timeframe, it will show no information. This normally will only happen if your phone and device aren’t connected. If you do run into this issue, connecting your device
to your phone again will fix it.

*Note For Android Users* When you fully connect to this device, you may see the weather as incorrect or not matching what you see from the forecast you’re observing. This is due to Android now preventing some information to be sent from your phone to the actual watch. To fix this so the weather shows
correctly, you simply need to navigate to the Additional Features page, go to the weather section and input your location manually there. Once done, your weather will ALWAYS update to the correct information (you only have to do this for the first time you connect your device to the app).

icons NRHIAV NTAUS: Tap Find Device under Additional Features to vibrate your iTouch Air 3 Smartwatch when paired with the app.

icons HYDRATION REMINDER: Tap the toggle near Enable Hydration Reminder to activate this feature. Once active, you will receive reminders to stay hydrated during the day. In app, you can set your start and end times as well as how frequent you would like to be reminded.

icons HYGIENE ASSISTANT: Tap the toggle near Enable Hygiene Assistant to activate this feature. Once active, you will receive reminders to wash your hands during the day. In app, you can set your start and end times as well as how frequent you would like to be reminded.

LUS ASKIV: Tap Language to change the language on your smartwatch. Choose from a variety of languages.

TSIS TXHOB LUAM: Tap Do Not Disturb and set a time period to prevent your smartwatch from receiving all notifications (other than alarms). Once active, it takes 5 minutes to begin working.

TSHIAB FORMAT: Tap Unit Format to change the units of measurement reflected on your smartwatch and in your app. Choose between the metric and imperial systems of measurement.


Update Smartwatch Firmware: If there is a new firmware update available for your iTouch Air 3, you will receive a pop-up notification to download it within the iTOUCH Wearables app. If you do not receive said notification, tap the device icon icons from the navigation bar. Then go to Update Firmware where you will see a red dot on the Update Firmware tab, signifying that an update is available. Tap the Update button to begin updating your iTouch Air 3. Be sure that your smartwatch remains within Bluetooth range of your phone while updating. Once your update is completed, your watch will automatically reset.

Pib dua Koj Smartwatch: If you can’t sync your iTOUCH Sport, or if you have trouble with connect- ed GPS or tracking your stats, you can restart your tracker from your wrist. From your smartwatch, navigate to Power icon, then tap on it. This will reveal the power menu. Simply tap the ‘Restart’ option and your device will automatically restart.

Reset Your Smartwatch: If restarting the smartwatch doesn’t address the issue, tap Reset option found in the power menu to reset your iTouch Air 3 and clear all data on it.


Txhua iTOUCH Cov khoom hnav tau txhais tau tias yuav hnav txhua hnub thiab hmo ntuj, yog li nws yog qhov tseem ceeb kom ua raws li qee qhov kev qhia yooj yim thaum koj hnav thiab saib xyuas koj lub cuab yeej.

Txhawm rau kom koj txoj hlua tu thiab koj cov tawv nqaij zoo siab, peb pom zoo qhia cov lus hauv qab no:

  • So koj txoj hlua caj dab thiab lub dab teg tsis tu ncua - tshwj xeeb yog tom qab ua haujlwm hnyav lossis tawm hws.
  • Siv dej los yaug nws los yog muab cawv kom tsawg. TSIS TXHOB siv tshuaj ntxuav tes, tshuaj ntxuav tais diav, tshuaj ntxuav tes kom huv, tshuaj ntxuav tais diav lossis tshuaj ntxuav tsev neeg, uas tuaj yeem cuam tshuam rau hauv qab txoj hlua khi thiab ua kom tawv nqaij.
  • Nco ntsoov muab txoj phuam qhwv ua ntej muab nws tso rov qab

icons Nco ntsoov: Although the iTouch Air 3 is waterproof, it is not good for your skin to wear a wet band for long periods of time.

Nco ntsoov tias hnav koj cov hlua xoob xoob txaus uas nws tuaj yeem txav rov qab thiab zoo dua ntawm koj lub dab teg. Lub sijhawm ntev los plhws thiab lub siab yuav ua rau tawv nqaij, yog li muab koj lub dab teg so los ntawm kev tshem tawm txoj hlua ntev li ib teev lossis ob teev tom qab kev hnav ntev.

Yog tias koj muaj qhov ua xua, hawb pob, lossis ua pob, koj yuav ua rau tawv nqaij ntau dua los yog ua xua los ntawm cov khoom hnav. Yog tias koj pib hnov ​​mob tawv nqaij lossis tawv nqaij liab rau ntawm koj lub dab teg, tshem koj lub cuab yeej. Hu rau kws kho qhov tawv nqaij yog tias cov tsos mob mob ntev dua 2-3 hnub ntawm kev tsis siv koj lub cuab yeej hnav tau.


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Cov ntaub ntawv / Cov ntaub ntawv

iTouch Air 3 Smartwatch Fitness Tracker [pdf] Tus neeg siv phau ntawv
Air 3, Smartwatch Fitness Tracker

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