EASYmaxx 07938 Aerator for Water Fittings Instruction Manual
EASYmaxx 07938 Aerator for Water Fittings

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We are delighted that you have chosen the EASYmaxx flow regulator for tap fittings.
Before using the product for the first time, please read through these operating instructions carefully and keep them for future reference and other users. They form an integral part of the product.
If you have any questions about the product, contact the customer service department via www.ds-group.de/kundenservice


Picture A:
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  • 1 x flow regulator consisting of a nozzle (3) and mouthpiece (2),
  • 1 x sealing ring (1),
  • 1 x kev qhia ua haujlwm


  • The product is intended to be used, after it has been attached to a tap fitting, to reduce the volume of water flowing through it.
  • Cov khoom lag luam yog tsim rau kev siv tus kheej nkaus xwb thiab tsis npaj rau kev siv coj mus muag.
  • Use the product only for the intended purpose and as described in the operating instructions. Any other use is deemed to be improper.



  • All parts should only be tightened hand-tight.
  • Before you fit the product, make sure that both sealing rings are placed on the nozzle of the flow regulator.
  1. Unscrew the flow regulator which is attached to the tap fitting and remove the nozzle (the inner part) from the sleeve (Picture B).
    Cov Lus Qhia Sib Daws
  2. Unscrew the nozzle of the EASYmaxx flow regulator from the mouthpiece and insert it into the sleeve (Picture C).
    Cov Lus Qhia Sib Daws
  3. Place the sealing ring on the nozzle.
  4. Place the mouthpiece under the sleeve and screw it onto the nozzle. If necessary, fix the nozzle in place with a hex key.
  5. Screw the sleeve – with the flow regulator – onto the tap fitting (Picture D)
    Cov Lus Qhia Sib Daws


  • Use the tap fitting in the usual way. Twist the mouthpiece to switch between the two jet types “rinsing mode” and “spray mist”.

If the tap fitting has a long outlet pipe, any water remaining in it may still continue to flow out for a little time after the water is turned off.
If you are washing your hands with a “spray mist”, it may therefore be sufficient to only turn on the tap for a short time. The water will then continue to flow for enough time.


Limescale deposits may impede the flow of water. The product should therefore be cleaned regularly with a standard descaling agent. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when you do this.


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Dispose of the packaging material and product in an environmentally friendly manner so that they can be recycled.


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