BOULT AUDIO AirBass GearPods True Wireless Earbuds Tus neeg siv phau ntawv

AirBass GearPods True Wireless Earbuds


khoom Introduction

Summary of Button Functions

Pods Charging Pin

Case Charging Pods for Pods Type- C Charging Connector

Charging Pods Indicator

1. Txuas rau Earbuds
First time Setup: Take earbuds out from the case, the earbuds will automatically turn on. Turn your device Bluetooth on. Search for “Boult Audio Gearpods” and select to connect.
Boult Audio Gearpods
Regular use : Once next use, the earbuds will automatically connect with a preconnected device.
2. Pib Mloog
Muab lub pob ntseg tso rau hauv koj lub pob ntseg thiab twist me ntsis kom xis nyob thiab snug t.
Note: Regularly clean the dust mesh after use to avoid the sound being blocked by dirt and debris.

3. Power On & Off
Power-On Y Remove the earbuds from the case, they will automatically turn
ntawm thiab ua ke nrog ib leeg.
Y Long press the touch control area on both earbuds at the same time for 2 seconds, then the earbuds will turn on and pair with each other.
Light status : One side ash red and blue LED light alternatively, another side ash blue LED light quickly.
Power-Off Y Earbuds will automatically turn off and enter charging mode
thaum lawv muab tso rau hauv rooj plaub.
Y Disconnecting the Bluetooth from device and laying the earbuds down for 3 mins will turn them off.
Y Disconnecting the Bluetooth from device, long press the touch control area for 5s and the earbuds will turn off.
4. Pib them
Charging the Earbuds Place the earbuds into the case, once the charging pin connects, the light on the charging case will turn on to display the case battery remains, then the rst and forth light keep white on indicate the earbuds charging, light off means the battery is full.

Them Rooj Plaub Ntug
Plug the charging case into 5V/1A adapter with a Type-C cable (include in the package). The charging light will ash white when charging. When full the white light will stay on and the case should be disconnected from the power source.

5. Specification cation

Bluetooth Standard: Version 5.1 Bluetooth Pro le: HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP
Tso zis Voltage of Base: 3.7V Charging time Earbuds- 1.5H, Charging case- 1H Working distance: 10M Compatible System: Android/IOS/Windows

Music Play/Pause Next Song Previous Song Pick up call End call/Reject call Voice Assistant

Single Click on L or R earbud Double click the R earbud Double click the L earbud Single Click on L or R earbud Double-click on L or R earbud Long press 3 Seconds L or R earbud

6. Clear to pairing
Clear the pairing record of earbuds and mobile phones: Take out the earbuds from the charging case, and touch the left and right earbud 5 times, it will clear the record of the Bluetooth device. Then search for the Bluetooth name ” Boult Audio Gearpods” to pair.
Boult Audio Gearpods
Resume pairing of left and right earbuds: Put earbuds in the charging case and charging, then take earbuds out of the charging case when they charging a few minutes. they will enter into pairing mode automatically.

Teeb meem Shooting
P: The earbuds don’t pair with each other? A: Place the earbuds into case for charging a few seconds. take them out of the case and try to connect again.
P: The earbuds don’t charge when place into the case. A: Check to see if the charging case light will turn on when earbuds are placed inside. If it doesn’t light up charge the case
P: Lub suab tsis sib npaug ntawm sab laug thiab sab xis. A: Thov ntxuav lub pob ntseg mesh tom qab siv.

Cov ntaub ntawv / Cov ntaub ntawv

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