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User′s ManualHITWAY BK5 Electrically Assisted Folding Bicycle


Battery And Charging:
Charge of Oc-45°C, discharge at -20°C-60°C. keep the battery dry. Do not put the battery in an acidic or alkaline liquid. Avoid rain and keep away from fire, heat, and high-temperature environments. It is strictly forbidden to connect the positive and negative poles of the battery reversely. It is strictly forbidden to damage, insert the battery or cause short-circuit. Please use the specific original charger for charging, with a charging time of no more than 6 hours and the charging current no larger than 2 A. When not in use for a long time, please store the battery in a cool and dry place, and charge the battery for five hours every month. The user must follow the instructions for use when charging, otherwise, the consequences will be at his own risk. Pay attention to the battery type and applicable voltage that the charger can charge, and it is strictly forbidden to mix usage. When charging, it should be placed in a ventilated environment. It is strictly forbidden to charge in residential buildings, confined spaces, or in the hot sun and high-temperature environments. When charging, plug in the battery first, then connect to the power supply socket; after charging enough, cut off the mains first, and then unplug the battery. When the green light is on, the power supply should be cut off in time, and it is forbidden to connect the charger to the AC power supply without loading for a long time without charging. During the charging process, if the indicator light is abnormal, there is a peculiar smell or the charger casing is overheated, stop charging immediately, and repair or replace the charger. During the use and storage of the charger, pay attention to avoid foreign objects entering, especially avoid entering water or other liquids, so as not to cause a short circuit inside the charger. The charger should not be carried with the car as much as possible. If it is necessary to carry it, it should be placed in the toolbox after the shock absorption treatment is done. Do not disassemble or replace the accessories in the charger by yourself.

Do not use it until you read the instructions carefully and understand the performance of the product; do not lend it to people who can’t manipulate the product for riding. Before riding the bicycle, check whether the brakes are working. When you brake, please activate the rear brake firsfly, and then the front brake. Pay attention to the brake tightness. If the brake is too loose, use an Allen key to tighten it. Pay attention to increasing the braking distance when riding in rain or snow. Suitable age: Riding between 16 and 65 years old. Please be sure to wear a safety helmet when riding a bicycle, follow the traffic rules, and do not drive on motorized lanes and roads with many pedestrians. Please check the tire pressure before riding. The recommended tire pressure is 35—42 PSI. When riding on downhill and non-paved roads, make sure the speed do not exceed 15 KM/h. When using the motor, please be careful not to hit it vigorously and keep the rotating shaft lubricated. It is not allowed to ride with more than the maximum load of the body (the maximum load is 120 KG) After use, the car can not be parked in the building hall, evacuation stairs, safety exits, and must be parked correctly in accordance with the safety rules.
One-handed riding is prohibited!

Liability Statement :
After riding, please store the bike in a place without sunlight and rain, not in a residential building; Regularly check the motor and brake;
Regularly check the various screws of the car and the places that need to be tightened, and tighten them regularly. Recommended torque: (unit: kg. cm) horizontal screws 60-80, stem screws 175 -200, seat cushion screws 175 – 200, wheel screws 320 – 450;
The front and rear wheels of the vehicle should be located in the center of the front fork or frame; Always check the rotation for scratches, cracks, or excessive wear. The inner tube and valve should be perpendicular to the wheel hub and not crooked. Damaged or excessive; worn tires need to be replaced immediately, please find a professional technician to replace your tires, if your tires accidentally puncture and leak, please contact a professional technician for repair or replacement.


The product models, specifications, or related information mentioned in this manual are reserved by the company with the right to modify and final interpretation; the functions of a specific model mentioned in this manual are only applicable to that specific model;
The product models, specifications, or related information mentioned in this manual are subject to any modification or change without notice;
Without the prior written permission of the company, it is not allowed to copy, modify, reprint, disseminate or publish the contents of the user manual in any form. Please read this user manual carefully before using the product, and operate in accordance with the manual, otherwise, the product may be caused by improper use or error, and Our company is not liable for damages or personal or property losses.

HITWAY BK5 Electrically Assisted Folding Bicycle - FIG 1

1. Display
2. Handlebar
3. Brake lever
4. Front reflector
5. Vertical pipe adjustment quick release
6. Stem
7. Stem folding quick release
8. Headlight
9. Front fender
10. Front fork
11. Tire
12. Disc brake pad
13. Wheel hub
14. Wheel reflector
15. Disc brake
16. Frame folding quick release
17. Sprocket 18.Battery
19. Folding pedal
20. Chain
21. Motor
22. Rear fender
23. Carrier
24. Rear reflector
25. Rear seat panel
26. Charging hole
27. Seat tube adjustment quick release
28. Seat tube
29. Saddle

Function Introduction:

  1. Charging: Open the plastic cover of the charging hole on the left side of the frame and connect the charger to start charging. When the battery is full and the charger indicator turns from red to yellow-green, it means it is fully charged.
  2. Turn on: Refer to Figure 2. Press the “Power ” key to turn on/off the power.
  3. Power display: The dashboard lights up after power on, and displays power. The power is displayed in four grids, corresponding to high, medium, and low power.
  4. Front light: Refer to Figure 2, Double-click the “M” button to turn on/off the front light
  5. Start mode: power-assisted riding, step on the sprocket of the car, and automatically start electric power after a certain speed. If you don’t need assistance, you can turn off the power or turn off the battery.

HITWAY BK5 Electrically Assisted Folding Bicycle - FIG 2

Folding Operation Diagram:

  1. Unscrew the safety buckle on the vertical tube folding quick release, and then loosen the quick release, the vertical tube can be folded;HITWAY BK5 Electrically Assisted Folding Bicycle - FIG 3
  2. Loosen the seat tube up and down to adjust the quick release, adjust the seat tube to the lowest position;HITWAY BK5 Electrically Assisted Folding Bicycle - FIG 4
  3. Loosen the vertical pipe up and down to adjust the quick release;HITWAY BK5 Electrically Assisted Folding Bicycle - FIG 5
  4. Pull outwards quick-release trigger, then bike frame can be folded.HITWAY BK5 Electrically Assisted Folding Bicycle - FIG 6
  5. Press the pedal inward with your hand, and then flip it up to fold the pedal ;HITWAY BK5 Electrically Assisted Folding Bicycle - FIG 7
  6. Frame folded state.HITWAY BK5 Electrically Assisted Folding Bicycle - FIG 8

Install And Remove Battery Diagram:

  1. Turn the key left firstly, then hold it to push inwards and turn left continually. After this, the lock is opened.HITWAY BK5 Electrically Assisted Folding Bicycle - FIG 9
  2. After unlocking, press and hold the seat buckle, turn the seat to the front, and pull up the battery handle to take out the battery.HITWAY BK5 Electrically Assisted Folding Bicycle - FIG 10
  3. Have the slot on the battery pack aligned with slideway, then put the battery into the frame. It will be locked after the key is turned right two times continuously.HITWAY BK5 Electrically Assisted Folding Bicycle - FIG 11

Charging Diagram:

  1. The charging port is on the right side of the battery. Except for the charging time, please cover the charging port with a protective cover.HITWAY BK5 Electrically Assisted Folding Bicycle - FIG 12
  2. Remove the protective cover, connect the charger and start charging.HITWAY BK5 Electrically Assisted Folding Bicycle - FIG 13
  3. When the charger’s indicator turns from red to green, the battery has been charged fully. Have the button pressed down and hold, the battery power capacity will be shown on the LCD.HITWAY BK5 Electrically Assisted Folding Bicycle - FIG 14





BODY MATERIAL Q195 carbon structural steel
FOLDED SIZE 750*390*690mm
EXPANDED SIZE  1280*530*1000mm
WHEEL SIZE 16 inches
PACKING SIZE 780*370*625mm


BODY WEIGHT  G.W.:26.5kgs N.W.:24kgs
REAR SHELF LOAD less than 15kg (can’t carry people)
MAX SPEED 25km/h


BATTERY TYPE 18650 lithium-ion power battery
MOTOR DRIVE MODE Manpower Assist


INSTRUMENT DISPLAY Multi-function LCD screen
BRAKING METHOD Front and rear double disc brakes
TIRE STYLE Pneumatic tire

Remarks: The factors, including Battery power capacity, load, tire pressure, road environment, chain and wheel axle lubrication, etc., will affect the maximum speed; the cruising distance indicated in this manual file is the test result from the riding test conducted uninterruptedly with a load of 60kg, at the speed of 15-25km/h, and on the flat and hardened road surface, from full charge to full power consumption.; Driving habits, temperature, load, tire pressure, road environment, and other factors will affect the actual cruising distance.


HITWAY BK5 Electrically Assisted Folding Bicycle - FIG 15

Technical Parameters:

  • Rated working voltage: 36V/48V
  • Rated current: 20 mA
  • Rated working temperature:
  • 20°C- 60°C -Speed display accuracy: 5%
  • Battery voltage display accuracy: +/-0.3V
  • Protocol: UART communication

Display Interface

HITWAY BK5 Electrically Assisted Folding Bicycle - FIG 16


Press the power button to turn on and off the machine, press the button, the locked position is the power on state, press again, and the button bounces Out position is off.
-Switch gears
Short press (<1 second) the function button to switch the speed gears. There are 3 gears (MODE 1:1, MODE 2:2, MODE 3: 3 gears)
– Turn on / off the headlight
Press the M button two times to turn on/off the headlight,
-Switch the display content of the mileage area
The single mileage is displayed by default after power-on. Long press (>3 seconds) the function button to cycle through the display content of the mileage area. Single mileage (TRIP) -> accumulated mileage (ODO) -> fault code (ERR) -> battery voltage (UXX.X)
Note: Each time you turn off the machine and turn it on again, the single mileage will be reset to zero, and the accumulated mileage will continue to accumulate
-Fault code display
When a fault is detected, the “ERR” icon will be displayed. At this time, press and hold the function button (>3 seconds) to switch the check Look at the current fault code, please refer to the attached table for the meaning of the fault code
-Battery under-voltage
When the battery under-voltage is detected, the under-voltage (charging) sign will be displayed on the screen, and the car can still ride for a certain distance.
Away, but it is recommended to charge immediately.

List of fault codes:

Cod Meaning
0 Normal
2 Brake Lever Failure
6 Battery Under-voltage
7 Motor Failure
8 Handlebar Failure
9 Controller Failure
10 Instrument Communication/Receiving failure
11 Controller communication/ receiving failure


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