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HiB 78781000 Bluetooth LED Bathroom Mirror Instruction Manual

78781000 Bluetooth LED Bathroom Mirror
Instruction Manual

Globe Plus 50: Art No 78781000 / Globe Plus 60: Art No 78722000
Globe Plus 80: Art No 78723000

Thank you for purchasing this HiB product.
Please read through these instructions carefully and refer back to them during installation to ensure that your product is fitted safely and that it retains its high-quality finish.

Electrical Safety Information

HiB recommends that all electrical bathroom products must be installed in accordance with current building and wiring regulations.
If in doubt please contact an electrician.
Before drilling ensure that there are no hidden cables or pipes in the wall.

Warnings for Safe Use

  • This product is intended for Domestic Use only.
  • Please read the instructions and warnings carefully before installing the product and ensure this document is kept with the product for future reference to ensure product longevity and in the interest of safety.
  • If you give the product to another person, please give them this manual as well.
  • If any modification is made it will invalidate the warranty and may render the product unsafe.
  • his product is IP44-rated and suitable for installation in Zones 2 and Outside Zones according to the IEEE regulations.
  • It is not suitable for use in saunas, steam rooms, and shower cubicles.
  • Appropriate circuit protection should be available for the product.
  • When drilling use appropriate eye protection.
  • The use of a Residual Current Device (RCD) is advised for any power tools used during the installation of this product.
  • Take suitable precautions when handling glass.
  • Beware of hidden cables or pipes. Take care if drilling on tiled surfaces in case the drill slips.
  • Always switch off the electrical supply to the product at the mains during installation and maintenance.
  • It is recommended that this product is installed by a person who is able to meet the level of competence required in order to comply with relevant regulations. If in doubt consult a qualified tradesperson.
  • Do not enter the IP44 box unless competent and the item is isolated from the mains.
  • Do not use if the glass is broken or unsafe.
  • Do not use if any electrical wires appear damaged or degraded.
  • Do not overload shelves or units.
  • This product is designed for installation into a brick or masonry block wall, if mounting onto other substrates ensure appropriate fixing and batons (if required) are used and the load bearing of the wall is sufficient.
  • It is recommended that this product is installed by two people.
  • Dispose of packaging in accordance with local authority regulations.
  • At end of life dispose of items according to local authority regulations.

Electrical Information

This product contains a light source of energy efficiency class E

All installations must comply with guidelines that are based on a zonal concept and must be followed to ensure the safe installation of electrical appliances in the bathroom.
These regulations apply to domestic installations only.
Installations must be made in accordance with the current IEE wiring regulations and relevant building regulations.
This product is IP44 rated and is suitable for installation in zones: 2 & Outside Zone

Wiring Diagram

What’s in the Box?

  • Globe Plus Mirror
  • Fittings pack

Tools Required



Before installation, ensure the domestic electrical mains supply to which the cabinet is to be connected is turned off. Before drilling, ensure that there are no hidden cables or pipes in the wall.
NB. Dusk Cabinets must be installed with a minimum distance of 150mm (Reflective surfaces may increase requirement) between the infrared sensor switch and any adjacent wall or object to ensure the correct operation of the sensor.
It is recommended that this product is installed by two people.

  1. Position the cabinet in a suitable location (according to the zonal diagram on page 3, Fig. 1) ensuring that the main supply cable is within reach of the cable connection point of the cabinet.
  2. Carefully mark the desired position of the top of the cabinet on the wall using a soft pencil.
  3. Remove the cabinet from the wall and using a spirit level, mark a horizontal line 35mm below the pencil mark. Hold the mounting bracket in place with the holes corresponding with the marked line. Ensure the bracket is central, and mark the position of the holes, see Fig. 2.
  4. Before drilling, ensure there are no hidden cables or pipes behind the mounting points. Drill the required holes in the marked positions.
    If drilling through tile, use a ceramic drill bit. Insert the wall plugs level with the surface of the wall. If fitting to a tiled surface, wall plugs should be inserted below the tile surface to avoid cracking. NB. For plasterboard walls, specialist fixings should be purchased, available from any DIY or hardware store. Fix the bracket to the wall using the screws provided.
  5. Temporarily hang the cabinet on the top bracket, see Fig. 3, and mark the position of the bottom mounting hole on the wall using a soft pencil, then remove the cabinet from the wall.
  6. Drill a hole in the wall where you have marked with the soft pencil. Insert a wall plug level with the surface of the wall as per step 4.
  7. Ensure the domestic electrical mains supply to which the product is being connected is turned off. Connect the domestic mains supply according to the wiring diagram on page 3.
  8. When the product is wired correctly, hang the cabinet on the top bracket, see Fig. 3, and secure the cabinet with a screw through the bottom mounting hole, see Fig. 4. Take care not to overtighten the screw against the backboard, the screw is not load bearing – it is only intended to prevent the cabinet from moving away from the wall.
  9. When the cabinet is correctly fitted, adjust the shelf support brackets to your desired height ensuring the matching brackets are level. This is done by slightly loosening the screw, do not remove the screw completely, see Fig. 5. Once in position tighten screw to secure the bracket and put the glass shelf into the shelf support bracket.


To switch on/off
Slowly move your hand past the sensor located underneath the cabinet on the right-hand side.

To change the color temperature

  1. To alter the color temperature of the cabinet, hold your hand underneath the sensor, the color temperature will start to change.
  2. Simply move your hand away from the sensor when the desired color temperature has been reached and continue to operate the cabinet as normal – the chosen color temperature will remain even after power is switched off and on again.

Charger socket(s) are suitable for charging and powering electric razors, trimmers, and toothbrushes.
NB. On the first use of the charger socket, inserting the plug may prove to be stiff.
Reasonable force may be required to fully insert the plug. Make sure that the cabinet is held firmly so that it is not pushed off the wall. After a few uses, stiffness will ease and the socket will function as normal.


To preserve the high-quality finish of your HiB product, please ensure you regard the following care and cleaning recommendations:

  • Avoid leaving excessive standing and surface water on the product for prolonged periods of time.
  • Clean the product with water and a soft cloth, a mild detergent may be used if required. Ensure any excess moisture is removed after use.
  • Do not use abrasive sponges or cleaning agents.


In the unlikely event that this product should fail please contact the retailer from which the item was purchased.
WEEE compliance
Must not be mixed with general household waste

T: +44 (0)20 8441 0352 F: +44 (0)20 8441 0219 E:
Building 3, North London Business Park, Oakleigh Road South, New Southgate, London. N11 1GN
©HiB Copyright: No part of this document may be reprinted or duplicated without HiB’s consent. All sizes and measurements are approximate, but we do try
and make sure they are as accurate as possible. In the interest of continuous product development, HiB reserves the right to alter specifications as necessary.
E & OE.

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HiB 78781000 Bluetooth LED Bathroom Mirror [pdf] Instruction Manual
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