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Quick Start Guide

Please read this manual carefully and keep it properly before  using our network camera products.

Related tools and documents of products, please download  from http://www.herospeed.net.


  • This manual is applicable to network series products.
  • This manual may contain information that is technically  inaccurate, inconsistent in the product’s function and operation,  or in a typographical error. Our company will update the context  in the manual according to the enhancement of product  features. Updated content will be added in the new version of  this manual without further notice. 
  • If there is manual description of the product does not match  with the physical, in order to prevail in kind.

Safety Precautions

  • Please avoid installing the product in a vibration or shock  environment, and keep the product away from electromagnetic interference (ignoring this may damage the product).
  • In order to avoid heat accumulation, please keep good ventilation around the device, and do not block the vent of the  device.
  • Do not install indoor products in an environment that may be  exposed to water or other liquids.
  • Do not use the product in extremely hot, cold, dusty, or high  humidity environments.
  • This equipment must be stored in a dry and non-corrosive gas  environment, and avoid direct sunlight.
  • Please avoid pointing the lens at strong light (such as lighting,  sunlight or laser beam, etc.), otherwise it will damage the sensor.
  • Power must be under safety certification, Its output voltage,  current, voltage polarity and operating temperature must  comply with the power requirements of this equipment.
  • When using this equipment in thunder and lightning conditions,  please pay attention to install lightning protection device or cut  off the power.
  • In order to get high quality video and pictures, make sure your  internet connection is stable and smooth.
  • When the device is connected to the Internet, it may face  network security issues. Please strengthen the protection of  personal information and data security.
  • Please understand that you are responsible for properly  configuring all passwords and other related product security  settings, and keeping your user name and password properly.

1. Network Setting

The default IP of all cameras is The IPv4 address  of the computer must be in the same network segment as the IP  address of the IP camera. To enable the camera to access the  network smoothly, plan the available IP network segments based  on the actual network environment.

Prepare the network configuration:

(1) Add the same network segment IP as (camera  factory default IP) in the computer, such as

Steps to add an IP address to the Windows system:

Step 1: Click [ ]Start → [Control Panel] → [Network and  Sharing Center] → [Local Network] → [Properties] → [Internet  Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)] → [Advanced] to enter the  advanced TCP/IP setting interface. 

Step 2: Click [Add] in the IP address (R) position, enter the IP  address as and the subnet mask,  and click [Add] → [OK] → [OK] → [OK].

(2) Connect camera and PC by network cable in the same LAN,  power on. Connecting as following (PoE switch, camera, PC  connection photo).

connection photo

The network configuration steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open [ Search Tool] (Version and above,  please install Search Tool from http://www.herospeed.net).
Step 2: Check

Step 3: Modify the relevant network parameters such as IP on the  right side of the interface
Step 4: Enter the user name (default is admin) and password  (default is admin) of the device.
Step 5: Click [Modify] → [Confirm].

Step 6: Click [Refresh] to find the IP address that has been  modified, which means that the network configuration is success ful.

 NOTE: When configuring network parameters, ensure that  the IPC address and the computer’s IPv4 address are on the same  network segment.

2. Modify password

Step 1: Open the IE browser, enter the IP address of IP Camera (if  the IP has not been modified, please enter the default address, and press [Enter].

Step 2: Enter the user name (default is admin) and password  (default is admin) of the device, and click [Login].


Step 3: Click[Modify], enter the password, confirm the password,  and set the security question, click [Key Export] → [Save].


3. Real-time Preview

Step 1: Click [Please download the browser plugin here, please  close the browser when the download is complete], download the  plug-in, close the browser, and follow the prompts to install the  plug-in.


Step 2: Open the browser and log in to the IPC WEB interface  again to preview the real-time video.

 NOTE: If the browser you use is not IE, you can directly enter  the preview video interface without installing a plug-in.


4. Parameter Configuration

Click [Configure] can enter the device configuration interface,  there are local configuration, system, local network, video, image,  event and other functional configurations. Users can set these  functions according to the actual situation of the application  scenario to achieve the best monitoring effect.


5. Smart Event
5.1. Smart Event Configuration

Click [Configuration]→[Events]→[Smart Event]to enter the Smart  Event configuration interface, Smart IPC supports Face Recogni tion, Intrusion Detection, Line Cross Detection, Loiter Detection, and  People Gather Detection.

Face Recognition: In the Smart event interface, click [Face  Recognition] → [Enable] to set the recognition area, parameters,  arming schedule and linkage method.

Intrusion Detection: In the Smart event interface, click [Intrusion  Detection] → [Enable], select the Warn Region, draw the intrusion  area, time threshold, sensitivity, arming schedule and linkage method.

Line Cross Detection : In the Smart event interface, click [Line  Cross Detection] → [Enable], select the Warn Region, and draw the  line cross area, set the direction, sensitivity, arming schedule and  linkage method.

Loiter Detection : In the Smart event interface, click [Loiter  Detection] → [Enable], select the Warn Region, and draw the loiter  area, set the time threshold, sensitivity, arming schedule and linkage  method.

People Gather Detection : In the Smart event interface, click  [People Gather Detection] → [Enable], select the Warn Region, and  draw the people gather area, set the proportion, arming schedule  and linkage method.

Gather Detection

5.2. Face Database Management

Add the face database: In the Smart event interface, click  [Face database management] → [Face database management] → [Add], enter the base library properties and face contrast recognition threshold, set the base library properties, and click [OK].

Face database Import: In the Smart event interface, click  [Face database management] → [Face database Import], select  the import method and base library, click [Browse], select the folder where the face image is uploaded, click [OK] → [Import File],  and wait for the system to finish uploading the image.


  1. Face database adapts JPG files only.
  2. Images must not exceed the limit of 100k.
  3. The image name is preferably the person name.
  4. Each base library supports up to 5000 pictures.

6. NVR adds IPC

Before adding devices, please make sure that the IP addresses of  NVR and IPC are on the same network segment and do not conflict.  Click [Channel] → [Camera] → [Search] under the NVR main menu,  check the devices to be added, and click [Add].

NOTE: In the main menu of NVR, you can also perform operations  such as video settings, video playback, motion detection, and  encoding parameter settings.

7. iVMS320 Client Access

Step 1: Open your browser and visit http://www.herospeed.net/.

Step 2: Click [PC Client] → [iVMS320 (Windows)] or [iVMS320  (Mac)] to download the latest version of the video management  system [iVMS320].

Step 3: Follow the prompts to install and add devices to view and  manage the devices.

8. Mobile App Access

Scan the QR code below to download and install the iVMS350  App.
After registering and logging in, you can add the device, and  remotely view and manage the device on the mobile phone.


The following exemptions or limitations of liability, please pay  special attention to:

As a result of the following reasons, if the product interrupts or  terminates the service for any of the following reasons, the  company shall not be liable for personal injury or property  damage to you or a third party. Failure to install or use properly  as required; for the sake of national or public interest; force  majeure; your own or third-party reasons (including but not  limited to the use of third-party products, software or  components, etc.

The company has not expressed or implied that this product is  applicable to special purpose. This product may not be used in  medical / safety equipment or other applications where there is  a breakdown of the product that could result in life-threatening  or personal injury, as well as hazardous or non-humanitarian  hazards such as weapons of mass destruction, biological and  chemical weapons, nuclear explosions or any unsafe use of  nuclear energy use. Any loss or liability arising out of the above  use will be at your own risk.

This product, when properly installed and used, can detect  unauthorized intrusion during a particular delight but can not  avoid accidents or personal injury or property damage. In your  daily life, you should be vigilant and strengthen your safety  awareness.

The Company is not responsible for any indirect, incidental,  special punitive damages, claims, loss of property or loss of any  data or documents. To the maximum extent permitted by law,  the liability for compensation of company is not exceed than the  amount you paid for this product.

Documents / Resources

Herospeed Smart IP Camera [pdf] User Guide
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Herospeed Smart IP Camera [pdf] User Guide
Herospeed, Smart, IP Camera

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