Hero Band III Fitness Watch User Manual
Hero Band III Fitness Watch

Appearance Explain

Appearance Explain
Appearance Explain

Charging diagram

Strictly follow the operation show in the figure below :

  1. Please align the magnetic charger to the contact on the back of the device for charging.
  2. Plug the USB tap into USB adapter (excluding in the packing)

 Function Introduction

Bracelet Time Main Page
Show Bracelet Tame, date. calories, etc.

graphical user interfaceSports Information:
the bracelet shows the most recent moment information  such as motion mode. time heart rate, etc.

Weather information:
the weather page will display current weather, air quality information, and conditions for tomorrow This function works must connect to the APP, and the phone must open GPS positioning, and allow the APP to have access to the phone’s location. If you disconnect or turn off your phone’s GPS for a long time the weather Information will not be updated.

graphical user interface, website Steps: record the current number of steps of the bracelet Calories and distance

graphical user interface, application Sleep : the bracelet records and shows the total sleep time you had last night, as well as deep sleep time, light sleep time . More detailed information analysis and data record can be viewed in the APP synchronously.

graphical user interface, application Message notification : 
the bracelet can receive phone calls. text messages. We Chat. QQ and other notifications and alerts on the phone, and the corresponding push project switch can be opened on the APP.This page can store the last 3 message records.Note that this function should be connected to the bracelet in the APP and the Settings should be completed according to the prompts. Apple’s phone, when connected have to select match in a pop-up match request.

graphical user interface, application Blood oxygen : Click the fun icon Icon to enter the function  and start the measure ment automatically, and the measurement result will be prompted after vibration, mo re detailed information analyse is and data recording can be measured in the APP to view the record analysis

graphical user interface Heart rate:Click the function icon to enter the function an cl start measurement automatically and the measurement result will be prompted aft er vibration; more detailed in formation analysis and data recording can be measured in the APP to view the record analysis or open heart rate monitoring in other settings.

graphical user interface Settings : on this page. long press to select other function settings, including stopwatch /mute  brightness adjustment/restore factory Settings /shutdown

graphical user interface, application Camera control :  After connecting to the APP. click the camera function on the APP device page. The bracelet can be used as the remote control of the mobile phone camera and can be shaken to take pictures.

graphical user interface, applicationExercise : long press in the exercise page the Corresponding sports mode can be selected for measurement This product supports 8 sports modes such as walking, running, cycling and jumping rope.The last exercise information can be displayed on the exercise page.

blood pressure:Dc k the function icon to enter the function a nd start the measurement automatically and the measurement result mg be prompted aft er vibration: more detailed info formation analysis and data fettering can be measured in the A PP to view the record analysis

graphical user interface, application Stopwatch : the clock can be started with a long press on the stopwatch peg e .L on g press again to end the time.

Music control : after connecting to the APP, the bracelet can control the play! pauserptay of music player on the mobile phone. This function must open the mobile phone player before you can control on the smart bracelet.

Bracket APP Installation

This product ts a Bluetooth product, and many functions need to be connected to the matching APP before they can be used. or After connecting the bracelet in the APP, you can use other functions, such as: bracelet tune synchronization, call reminder Wake up. message content push. weather display, remote control camera, music control, etc. (Android & IOS Please do not directly correct and pair with the bracelet in the Bluetooth the mobile phone) Scan the following OR code to donrioad APP to connect. For Phone. Search for hero band III in APP Stroe. Download.
qr code

Connecting smart bracelet explain

Connecting smart bracelet explain

Note:When the phone is connected to the bracelet needs to keep the Bluetooth of the phone open.and there is no other matching device in the Bluetooth of the phone.don’t connect your android phone directly to your mobile phone in Bluetooth.

APP operation instructions

  1. Enter the APP movement page and press your phone screen to pull down and refresh the bracelet data.
    APP operation instructions
  2. Click the stops, sleep and other blocks, and enter the analysis of the daily or recent exercise and sleep data.
    APP operation instructions
  3. Click the exercise heart rate/blood pressure blocks to enter the data of the day or recent. or click the APP to measure the heart rate and blood pressure.The test data will be automatically saved to the phone.
    APP operation instructions


  1. Do not charge in condition of water stains.
  2. This product is an electronic monitoring product, which Is not used as medical treatment. The data is for reference only.
  3. Don’t wear this device when bathing or swimming for a long time.
  4. Use the matching charging cable for charging.

Frequently Question And Answers

  1. The bracelet cannot receive the reminder Android phone Settings
    • Make sure the APP has an alert switch on.
    • Confirm whether the message can be displayed normally on the notification bar and the notification push of the bracelet can be read Mobile phone notification message; If there is no message in the notification bar, the bracelet will not receive the push. (need find notification and status bar in mobile phone settings. and open WeChat. QQ, phone. SMS. Do Fit switch) C: open the APP– click other Settings — click auxiliary function — open the Do Fit switch.
      Apple system phone settings.:
    • Make sure to select the allowed pairing when connecting the bracelet. can be checked in the phone Settings – Bluetooth, if there is one at the bracelet of the connected device  . indicating that a pairing has been made.If there is no in the backend  . there is no pairing. reconnecting after unbind
    • Open the phone settings — click on the notification — click WeChat, 00. SMS, phone — open the permission notice. Displayed in the ‘notification center.
  2. Android phones don’t connect the bracelet. For android phones, please do not connect with the bracelet directly in the Bluetooth of the phone. Please download the APP firstly. And go to the APP to search the device and connect Restart your phone’s Bluetooth and bracelet if necessary.


Documents / Resources

Hero Band III Fitness Watch [pdf] User Manual
Band III, Band 3, Hero, P22-V1.2

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  1. The watch is not recording my sleep accurately. It only starts recording sleep at 01.00hrs even though I have been asleep from 23.00hrs and does not record deep sleep.

    1. Mine won’t do sleep correctly either – it starts at the same time each night (10:20) no matter what time I go to sleep!

  2. By pressing the options for heart rate measurement, blood pressure etc. does not give any measurement and comes out “not used”, which may be the reason
    Al pulsar las opciones de medicion de pulsaciones,presion sanguinea etc. no da ninguna medicion y sale ” no usado ” , cual puede ser el motivo

  3. Once again on android you have to be connected for them to pump your information, otherwise the application does not recognize your watch
    Une fois de plus sur android il faut être connecté pour qu’ils pompent vos informations, sinon l’application ne reconnaît pas votre montre

  4. I have to admit , this is a great product!! Works as advertised, Switched the band around to make it more comfortable, all functions work !!! Fun to use, thanks for the technology!

  5. I had it for 3 days working just fine but l changed it to the latest version and it doesn’t work properly any more can you help me to get it back to factory version or is there anything l can do to make it work?

  6. Unfortunately I can’t see how many meters I’ve swum. When running, the distances / km are displayed.
    Leider kann ich nicht sehen wieviel Meter ich geschwommen bin. Beim laufen werden die Entfernungen/ km angezeigt.

  7. My HeroBandIII was doing great then suddenly it just stopped recording sleep. A couple of days later it starts recording my sleep again but incorrectly. It often says I have slept for 3 or more hours when I haven’t even been asleep. I have tried turning both my phone and watch off and back on, used online troubleshooting, have searched the app and website for information but nothing has helped. Anyone else having this problem or have the solution?

  8. Got the watch for my husband for Christmas and he receives texts from apple phones but not android. His phone IS and android as well.

  9. 2 things. First can not get the player to work cannot find anything on the app on phone yo turn or find or turn off player. 2nd kinda of funny but if I use them default whatch display it show the heart rate but the others doesn’t. Haven’t tread a few of them

  10. When listening through ear pods and a phone call comes in, I reject the call the but hear the audio of podcast start again in one ear and consistent phone ringing in other ear, is there a fix for this?

  11. Suddenly I’m unable to load new watch faces. At 99% it states unable to load. When I look through the loaded faces on band it shows the attempted load but distorted face option. Is there a possible software issue ? I’ve tried turning it off then on several times but no resolve. Thank you

  12. I have a Motorola device running Android 11. I installed the harobandIII app and set it up per the instructions provided. It definitely connected to the correct watch but no text message alerts show up on the watch – only the phone. Any ideas?

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