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XS5 Wireless Stereo Headphones User Manual

XS5 Wireless Stereo Headphones User Manual


Note: For the best performance and to prevent any damage or misuse please read all of the information carefully prior to using the device.


Bluetooth solution: Bluetrum 5.0
RF range: 10 meters
Battery: 200 mAh
Speaker size: 40 mm
Playing time: 5-6 hours
Charging lime: 60 min.
Standby lime: 50 hours
Charging interface: Micro USB

How to use

-When charging, the LED will be solid red light.
-When charging is complete, LED will turn off.

Low Battery

-When battery is running low, a low battery alert will play.
-If the battery is not charged, the headset will turn off.


Before using the headset for the first time, you must pair it with the device.

Easy Pairing (First Time Pairing)

  1. Turn your headset on.
    Once the headset is on, it will automatically enter pairing mode.
    A blue and a red LED indicators will start flashing.
  2. On the device you wish to pair, find the list of Bluetooth devices and “Search for” or “Add” new devices. Select “XS5” from the list of devices. If asked for the Pass/Pin code, please enter 0000 (4 zeros).
    • Note: if your phone supports Secure Simple Pairing (SSP), you will not need to enter any code.
  3. Once the devices are paired, you will hear a message and only the blue LED will be on.
  4. Some phones might ask for permission to access the phone’s contact list. If you receive a message from your device, please select “OK” or “Allow access”.

Auto Reconnect

If the headset is turned off (either accidentally or intentionally) while connected to a phone, the headset and phone will reconnect when
the “XS5” headset is turned back on while in range.

Out of Range

-If the paired devices are separated by a range of 33 feet (1 0 Meters) or more, the headset and phone will disconnect.
-If the headset and phone do not automatically reconnect when
They are back within the required range, select “XS5” On the list of devices with Bluetooth® technology on your mobile phone to reconnect manually.
-It is possible to use these functions only when your phone supports them.
For further information about using these features, please consult your phone’s user manual.

TF Card Mode

Simply insert a TF card in the slot and it will automatically start playing, you can navigate your playlist using the buttons on the right side of the headphone.

FM Mode

Press the “Mode” button. To automatically search for frequencies press and hold the “ON/OFF” button. Using the “+” and “-” you can
navigate the frequencies manually.


C, Power on/off, accept/end phone calls, play/pause music
+ Previous track/Nolume up
– Next trackNolume down
M Modes

Answering a Call

-When there’s an incoming call, the headset will ring.
-Briefly press the “On/Off” button to answer the incoming call.
-You can also double press the “On/Off” button to decline the incoming call.

Ending Call

While in a call briefly press the “On/Off” button.

Last number Redial

Double press the “On/Off” button to redial the last number you called.

Audio Streaming

-Play: Briefly press the “On/Off” button.
-Pause: While playing music, briefly press the “On/Off” button.
-Next song: Briefly press the”-” button.
-Previous song: Briefly press the “+”button.
-Volume up: Press and hold the”+” button.
-Volume down: Press and hold the”-” button.


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