kogan Hollywood Makeup Mirror alakaʻi hoʻohana

Learn how to safely and correctly assemble and use your Kogan Hollywood Makeup Mirror with this user guide. Follow the provided instructions to ensure proper maintenance and care of your mirror, model number [insert model number]. Keep your mirror looking its best with the cleaning tips provided. Keep children away from packing materials and refer to the manual for future reference.

anko DP317 Manuahi Mea hoʻohana aniani Hollywood

Ensure safety and proper use of your Anko DP317 Hollywood Mirror with this comprehensive user manual. Keep the instruction manual for future reference and follow safety guidelines, including not using the mirror without all LED globes fitted and avoiding moisture. Refrain from misusing or mishandling the power supply or mirror. #Anko #DP317 #HollywoodMirror #UserManual #SafetyGuidelines